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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Joe
Owner: lissy_chan
Pet: QueenCleopawtra
Breed: Apis

About Joe:

Hi my name is Joe. I'm an apis :) My owner, QueenCleopawtra, tells me that apis' are the cutest desert petpets ever. I guess I should feel honored or something. My owner? Well, she's a desert aisha named QueenCleopawtra. Her owner, lissy_chan, named her after an ancient Egyptian Queen. She must also feel honored. Anyways... she has this weird habit of treating my like a dog. She tells me to roll over, sit, beg, heel, and fetch. I have the sitting and begging part down, but what's with this 'fetch' thing? she expects me to run after a bone or stick she throws and bring it back to her just so she can throw it again? What's the point?! She is such a kind aisha though, I can't help but pretend to like 'fetching'. Sometimes when I'm not feeling up to it I'll say something weird like "a curse on you!" or sometimes I just blink. That leaves her a bit confused so she decides to just pet me and give me a treat. I guess my main point was something like...I'm not a dog! I confuse myself a lot. Straying from topics like a lost puppy--wait I'm not a dog!! I better change the subject.

Cleo is the best though! Cleo is what I call her for short :) Every time we visit the Lost Desert she shows me all the newest games and even taught me how to play pyramids. I can rarely clear the pyramid, but Tehuti has given me a silver trophy for clearing it a few times so far. I get to display it next to Cleo's trophies... she beat up punchbag bob you know. That was neat! Anyways... this is about me not her, ne? I love to eat scarab cookies and Tchea fruits. They're sweet but not too sweet, and are good for my fur... or so I've heard. Oh that reminds me of the time I ate Cleo's Hand Painted Scarab. It looked so yummy!! Just like a scarab cookie only colorful and shiny. But it didn't taste as good as it looked and Cleo was quite angry. She said something like it was a powerful weapon and she paid many neopoints for it. I've made it a point not to eat anything of hers again. Not only would it taste horrible, but she would be very angry.

Since I've mentioned my owner quite a bit in my little biography, maybe I should tell of how we met. It's not the typical 'owner buys their pet a petpet' bit. No...nothing like that. in fact, we really brightened each other's lives. I used to be owned by an avacodo chia named...umm...something. Yeah we weren't really that close you see. He talked to me once in a while and gave me food but that's about it. Well to make a long story short he had a not so wonderful run-in with a starry lupe. If I were to explain what happened next in fine detail, some people might lose their lunch. So I will just say that mister chia was mister lupe's lunch. I was homeless and alone for months after that. I wandered around neopia worn out, hungry, dirty, and alone. Other neopets wouldn't take me in because they either already had a petpet, or they didn't like the fact that I was a stray. That's when I met Cleo.

Sitting outside the petpet stall in Meridell, the young desert aisha had her head in her paws, sobbing. I walked up to her and asked her if she was okay. She looked down at me and through her tears she told me what had happened. She had recently visited the Turmaculus, and she had taken her level four Khnum to him to try and wake him up. Hoping to gain him another level, she witnessed the worst thing she'd ever seen. Turmaculus ATE her petpet!! Then with little compassion at all, he plopped back to the ground and went to sleep again. She was devastated. She loved and cared for her Khnum for a long time for it to be devoured by a giant good-for-nothing...PIG! I told her about my chia situation after that, and how lonely I had been the last few months. It was at that moment that she took me in to be her new petpet. She cleaned me and hugged me and never took me anywhere near Turmaculus. It's remembering back on this, that makes me kind of happy that Darigan rampaged Meridell. That among other reasons...

I hoped you enjoyed my little auto-biography. I would write more, but Cleo is taking me to the poogle races soon and I don't want to miss out on the betting. If you ever feel sad or alone come talk to us. We can help, because we've both been there.

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