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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Melting
Owner: silveredheather
Pet: Petey7769
Breed: abominable snowball

About Melting:

::Enter, stage left, a rather dignified looking fire shoyru carrying a somewhat unusual abominable snowball.::

"Ahem. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen of the jury - err - judging panel - my name is Petey7769, or as my guardian Silvered calls me, just Petey, and this is my petpet, Melting. I would like to present him for your approval for the petpet spotlight."
::Laughter ripples through the crowd::

"Please no laughing...I know it seems funny. A fire pet having a snowball for a petpet. And you know what? I uh...wasn't always a fan of him myself."
::Melting starts growling and his eyes turn purple; Petey absently hugs him::

"He's a brat, you know. He chases my sister Roxy sometimes, and scares her (babies are cranky, y'know). He tries to eat my brother Buddy's Nuranna. He even bit Silvered once."
::The audience gasps::

"But even with that...even though snowballs may be the most common petpet around...even though he does have weird fashion sense (he hates the typical red/green combo most snowballs wear; he made me *knit* him his own blue/red scarf and hat)...even though he isn't even painted...he still deserves the petpet spotlight. And I'll tell you why."

"Shoyru day is coming up. It's almost here. That means a lot of food, new books, new weapons I can use...even free training for me. I like to train, even though I don't like to battle (neither does Silvered). But shoyru day also is a day of's a reminder of what I gave up to come live with Silvered. Not that I had a choice...but I'll get into that."

"Silveredheather, you see...isn't my first guardian. The account I live on now, with my nice neohome, isn't the one I was born on...but my old guardian didn't give me up because she was cruel. I wasn't abandoned. She loved me, and I loved her. Love her. When I was less than a year old, she even gave me Melting. Which is part of why he's so special to me...I'll tell you more in a second. But I knew then, and know even more now, that it was hard on her, taking care of me and Buddy and Roxy and Liliana. That it was hard for her to find time to go into Neopia to feed us and play with us and train us. We all knew it was almost over - that she had to leave. But she didn't want to just abandon us to starve on her old account - she wanted to find someone who would care for us. And she did. Liliana was adopted first - she found a wonderful home. But the problem with Buddy and me and Roxy - we were scared. We weren't a brave as Lily. We wanted to go together. And so my old owner found Silvered - and one by one, we went to the pound, where Silvered was always anxiously waiting for us. It was risky, you know. Somebody could have adopted us first and we wouldn't have had anything to say about it. But Silvered was always there."

"I went last...I wanted to stay with her longest. I had the longest time to say good-bye and gather my thoughts. Each day as I was getting ready to leave to go live with Silvered and my brothers and sisters...I thought of the Shoyru days we had shared. I thought of her training with me and playing with me and Melting. I thought of Melting chasing her and I thought of the day she gave him to me, how surprised and confused I had been. I thought of this...and stepped into the care of Dr. Death, and he put me up for adoption, and Silvered adopted me right away...and I kept thinking of her. I cried a little. I know. Fire pets shouldn't cry. But I did, even if it looked more like steam. And something happened as I held Melting tight and walked home to Neopia Central with Silvered - Melting started shaking and moaning. It wasn't particularly unusual...but...something was different.."

"When I arrived at my new neohome, I went into my room and put Melting down - and yelped in surprise, so loudly all my siblings and Silvered ran into the room. And we all stared. Because Melting, too, had something to say about us all leaving her behind... because he knew what he was to me. He was a gift of love from my old guardian to me. And he wanted to show it. So on his stomach, then and now and forever, is a big, red heart. And that's why he's special. And with Shoyru day coming's even more important for everyone in Neopia to see her gift of love to me.

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