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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Maggie May
Owner: Umberstellar
Pet: _Magicspirit_
Breed: Meowclops

About Maggie May:

A Darigan moehog walks confidently onto the stage. Looking at the audience,

" 'scuse me a minute" he states, walking off stage for a brief moment. Returning he is carrying a small meowclops gently on his back.

"This isn't really necessary...err... me carrying Maggie I mean, I just like to, hero's deserve good treatment. I suppose I should tell you why she's a hero.

"It all started about a month ago, I had been wanting a petpet for a really long time, all of my siblings had one, and I would have too, but Zero offered me this really creepy looking petpet, a faerie harris, it was SO scary, I panicked and ran into one of the walls in our neohome... unfortunately it was the one wall made out of jelly, I went strait through the wall. Zero, was really mad at me for that she told me that I was never going to be responsible enough to own a petpet. So it was a big shock when I came home the next day. Zero apologized for getting mad at me, and said that I could get whatever petpet I wanted, 'after all' she said 'you didn't break the wall on purpose, and I promise I won't get you a harris'

So away we went, browsing through stores, I really wanted a meowclops, but I didn't think I would find one because they are retired. We searched everywhere, but I just couldn't see any petpet that caught my eye, oh sure there were nice petpets, but none with outstanding personalities. "We decided to call it a day and were just heading home when we heard the clattering of garbage cans and yelling. I decided to investigate. With Zero close behind, we peered around the corner of an alley, there was a really angry grarrl, kicking around a helpless... meowclops!!! What a find! I'd probably never see another one! I took the opportunity. "'Stupid meowclops' cried the grarrl 'I can't believe I paid for you! You can't do anything right!'

"Taking pity on the poor petpet I yelled out 'HEY! That's no way to treat a petpet! You leave it alone!'

"he didn't think I should have interfered, and, if it hadn't been that Zero came running up just then, things would have gotten ugly. 'You don't want this fine petpet?' asked Zero

'No, I don't' replied the shocked and angry grarrl. Zero asked the price of the petpet, and paid the grarrl what he was asking. As we were leaving his owner came appeared from behind a garbage can and started to yell at him... good, I thought you deserve it for being so mean to your petpet.

'Here' Zero said 'I know this is the petpet you have been wanting, so... what are you going to call it?'

'I'm going to call her Maggie May' I said, thinking back to the time I heard the song by that title. I asked Zero if I could go to the park for a little while with Maggie and be home later. She said I could.

"On my walk to the park I noticed a very strange thing: Maggie bumped into five trash cans, seven trees and two telephone poles. I began to think that something was wrong with my petpet. That was soon put out of my mind however, because just then, I noticed that grarrl from before walking toward me... carrying a formidable looking immense rubber axe of doom! I panicked, and in my panic, completely forgot about Maggie" at this point, the moehog takes a moment to hug his meowclops close before going on to finish the story "I looked for the nearest tree and quickly darted behind it. Not realizing that my posterior was sticking out from behind the tree like a large flag. The grarrl grabbed hold of my tail and started to yell at me


It suddenly dawned on me... that was why Maggie had been walking into things so much... she was blind! But, what use is a petpet who can't see? She can't help in the battle dome, she can't see who to attack, you can't play with her she can't see where your toys are... with my dreams of having the perfect meowclops now shattered, I was forced to do the only thing I could to try and maintain her dignity... which was to run away as fast as I could and take her with me... but the grarrl wasn't finished with me. He swung his battle axe high, ready to strike, but then, out of thin air WHOOSH Maggie came running! She jumped on the grarrl and firmly attached herself to his head so he couldn't reach her with his axe, but he threw her off with a flick of his head. Instead of running and hiding, Maggie did a strange thing, she ran back at him. Over and over she charged, fell and charged again, even though she couldn't see where her opponent was, she somehow sensed that I was in danger and needed her help. Before I even realized that she was saving me from a gruesome beating, it was over, the grarrl was running away, hands over head and screaming like a uni with a bad hair cut, it was a beautiful site. I wish that Maggie had been able to see it... but somehow, now, when I think back, I know she could.

"It's been a while now, since our run in with that grarrl, I haven't seen him since. Maggie still walks into things, I've took her to the petpet vet and he confirmed what I already knew; Maggie was blind. Still, it doesn't seem to bother her. She gets around okay, and..." _Magicspirit_ pulls out a frisbee, "she can play catch just like all petpets. I guess what they say is wrong about meowclopses, or.. mine at least; this friendly creature may not see all, but it sure knows what to do with it! Thank you, for listening to my story."

As he leaves, _Magicspirit_ throws the frisbee to Maggie, who catches it perfectly and trots obediently after him.

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