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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Tamoshi
Owner: lolly_popp23
Pet: mistenda
Breed: Anubis

About Tamoshi:

His Story:The life of a Japenese Scientist

You see an Island Aisha down in the basement of a neohome. A Petpet is with her. A Cloud Anubis who looks just like the sky.

"Ok, Tam, I'll be right back." The Aisha tromps up the stairs. A happy little "ruff!" Answers the Aisha. Tam wags his tail until the last second of the open door.

He turns his head sharply towards you. "You're here again, I see. The petpet spotlight. Well, why are you staring at me? What, oh how did I know you were here? My scientist senses told me so."

He walks over to the fireplace, where a comfy little dog house awaits his return. But instead of going into the dog house he just stands in front of the fireplace. You take a step closer, hoping the animal was still alive. "Yes, I'm alive. I can read minds too." You look startled. He laughs, which sounds liek a sharp bark. "Don't be startled. You see, I am a Japenese Anubis. Not much different then the rest you say? Well, the difference is, I am a scientist. Not an evil scientist, but an ingenious scientist!"

With that he turns his back on you and tries to push in a certain brick. He's too short, jumping up an down. You walk over and push the brick in for him. "Thank you." He says, out of breath. You hold your lungs shut, waiting to see the magnificent room before you.

"Oh, wait! I forgot to introduce myself. I am Tamoshi, Japenese Scientist!" You stare at him. Why now? "Ok, let's go on." His little paws pad softly across the cement floor, while your running shoes (or whatever shoes you have on) make a large clanging sound. "Don't worry, no one can hear. No one evenknows I have a secret lab."

Before you stands a simple table with a baby high chair. On it stands a few simple beakers and test tubes with different colour liquids in them. This was it? No swirly, transparent tubes that you can see the liqquid bubbling in, landing in a beaker and making an explosion? You can't help but let out a snort. He stares at you. "This isn't half of it." You don't understand.

He hops up onto the baby chair and opens a book, which is really filled with small buttons. He presses a few and the simple cement table flipped around. You gasped. Now this is what you had been expecting. There were swirly tubes with liquid spnning in them, test tubes and beakers on stand with little bubbles forming into letters or pictures. All different colours of chemical. There were so many things!

"Yes, only I can understand them. Someone as foolish as you would just ruin it." You are about to comment on his rudeness when you realize, it's true. He really knows how to manipulate you (or make you think, whichever one you prefer.)

But before you can gaze upon the many experiments, or ask questions or speak word, you hear calling. "Oh that is Mistenda, my owner. You must leave now." He pours some purple liquid from a beaker over your head. You're ivisible! You quickly run out of the lab, with Tam behind you. He shuts the door just as the Island Aisha comes down the stairs. Tam barks and wags his tail, and you smile. You know that soon he will be back in his lab.

But before you leave, he turns to you and whispers "That was the life of a Japenese Scientist."

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