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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: pubu
Owner: snowmilk
Pet: snowchili
Breed: floud

About pubu:

Hello all!! My name is pubu!!! *waves fin \(^_^) ! Don't you think I look cute, or at least should win the petpet spotlight?? Why you ask?? How can you ask such a question! Isn't it obvious that it's simply because I'm the cutest and buffest petpet in all of Neopia!!! What?!?!? You don't believe me?? Well, let me tell you a little something 'bout me! Ages ago I was called the "Terror of the Sea," but that's just my formal name. You can call me pubu for short! Not only do Neopians call me the "Terror of the Sea," but also my very own pet (snowchili)! Yes, I mean MY pet! That's exactly how buff and terrifying I can be at times * think you're tough with your "too high to count" level Neopet with his 9,999 strength, movement, and defense...well you ain't seen nothin' yet!

I work out everyday with my pet Snowchili (who cowers at my show of strength *flex*) at Grundo's Gym, and also make use of my spare time at the petpet battledome. Now, I'm an EXTREMELY buff and cut [*wink at all the lady petpets ;)] Floud...and yes I know I'm not painted but NEVER judge a book by it's cover! I am stronger than any pet you challenge me with...afterall, I am a level 5 petpet [*wink again ;)]

Other than battling, I love to play pranks on unsuspecting Neopians everywhere! Just as a warning, if you go swimming in the ocean, you might just feel a little nip on your leg, don't worry, it's not a shark, it's probably just little old me playing a little prank! That reminds me of how snowchili and I met. It all started about a month ago when I was out playing my usual pranks and nipping at every wiggly toe in the sea and someone screamed the usual "SHARK!!!" followed by the lifeguard's whistle. By that time, I was chuckling my heart out! Boy I had good times! Anyways, little did I know, there WAS a shark in the sea! I thought I was a goner! So I swam as fast as my little fins would take me and found myself face to face with a shark with it's jaw open and ready for dinner (me!!!) and I just froze as I felt the jaws of life closing in on me. As I saw my life flash before my eyes, I realized there was an itch on my back and as I used my last bit of strength to aim for that itch, I realized it was snowchili the baby jetsam's teeth trying to take a bite out of me! Well, I just burst out laughing by that time, and to my amazement the poor baby jetsam started crying and mumbling about how weak and little he was. Well, being the sympathetic fool I was, I patted the poor jetsam on the back with my little fins and said "How 'bout we become friends and train together in the battledome and Grundo's gym until we become big and strong??" At the sight of my kind gesture, the baby jetsam broke out in more tears: happy ones! From then on, we have become the best of buds training hard to become the best of the best and when we reach the top, we will still be friends 'till the end of our battling days!

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