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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Darth Babaa
Owner: too_kule
Pet: GoldenRhino
Breed: Babaa

About Darth Babaa:

Pah, look at all of the Babaas that win the Petpet Spotlight. They're little powder puffs that come up, wagging their tails and looking up with big eyes and a smile. It makes me sick. I, GoldenRhino the Tonu, Neopia's worstest stuper villain needs not just any Petpet. They have to me strong, courageous and most of all evil. Darth Babaa, my Halloween Babaa, is all of those things and more. Here he is now.

*an adorable Halloween Babaa comes running up and leaps onto GoldenRhino's lap and continues to lick his face*

Can you not see the evil vibes pulsating from Darth Babaa. He may be a Babaa, but beneath that black mask lies the heart of a rebel. Darth Babaa, show everybody your most evil face!

*Darth Babaa yawns, curls up into a little ball and starts to sleep*

See, I can tell fear was struck into your heart by that demonstration! But Darth Babaa was not always the slothful Petpet he is today, I had to mold that fluffball into the epitome of evil!

It all started many moons ago. I had decided to become an stuper villain and needed a minion. Well, I already had a Babaa, but his name was Cherrific and he was all red. I knew he needed a makeover. With the help of a Halloween Petpet Paint Brush and an old handkerchief, I painted him and gave him that awesome mask.

It took hours of training, but I finally molded that wimpy Petpet into the warrior he is today! Isn't that right Darth Babaa.

*Darth Babaa wakes up, yawns, jumps up and licks GoldenRhino's face and trots off*

We do all of our crime together. Robbing banks, taking over know, the usual. Without him as my minion, I'd be nowhere. I owe all of my success to him! What success you may say? Er...not much...but whatever there is, it's thanks to him!

Well, I'd best be going. I've got to take over Neopia with Darth Babaa! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh yeah, after nap time.

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