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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Dimwit
Owner: Twiggy_Trace
Pet: Hayama_Monster
Breed: Meowclops

About Dimwit:

I got this petpet. The thing is, I didn't want a petpet when I got her. I was just sitting in my room one day when Twiggy_Trace came in with the stupidest grin pasted on her face. She was carrying this box with holes punched in it. The box was yowling.

"I've got a suprise for you, Hayama," she said, her stupid smile getting stupider. "It's a..."

Just then the side of the box closest to me was shredded in two and a hissing, spitting, meowing, whirlwind of fur came flying out and landed on the floor about three feet from me.

"A petpet..." I said, not feeling at all enthused. I probably looked even less enthused than I sounded.

"Yeah," said Trace. "Don't you want it?"

I shurgged. I didn't want it, really. I looked at the petpet. It came up to my knees and was covered with dull, shaggy gray fur. In the middle of the head was one large yellow eye, and below the eye was a small pink nose and a mouth that was still emitting random hisses and growls. It was a Meowclops.

"I'll take it," I said grudgingly, not wanting to hurt my owner's feelings. Then I thought, "I just don't know what I'll do with it."

Trace left the room and I was left alone with the bundle of misery, which by this time had shredded a hole in the carpet.

After about five minutes Belledandy81, the rainbow Acara, barged in.

"Where's your petpet?" she asked. "Can I see it?"

I nodded and pointed a cloven hoof at the angry Meowclops.

She looked at it and it looked at her and made a gurgling-spitting sound.

"Eew," she said with a scowl. "It's kind of weird. Whatcha gonna name it?"

"I don't know," I replied.

"It has to have a name."

"Fine," I said, getting irritated. "It's name is Dimwit."

"Dimwit?!" Belledandy81 shrieked. "You can't name a petpet Dimwit!"

"Can and will," I said. "Now leave."



I decided to try to be a good owner and play with my new pet. The result was Dimwit affixing herself onto my ear and not budging, no matter how much I threatened her or how much I tugged. Finally I found a sure way to get her off.

I took her into Belledandy's room, hoping there would be some strange grooming item that I could pry my living earring off with. I had no more than stepped into the room when Dimwit let go of my ear and placed herself by the tank that housed Belledandy's beloved Primella. Dimwit fished around for the aquatic petpet, hoping for a snack. I left her there, happy that she was off my ear and being entertained at the same time.

Now I'm used to my growling bundle of fur. She still hisses and spits and bites my ear, but I'm thinking that having her as a pet isn't a bad thing. After all, there's nothing more satisfying for me than to hear Belledandy shriek in horror as my petpet tries to eat hers. Maybe having a petpet isn't so bad after all!

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