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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Zetirauqalil
Owner: hamsterz_r_best
Pet: lilAquaritez
Breed: Snowbunny

About Zetirauqalil:

Hi! It's me, Aqua. I'm here to talk about my pet Snowbunny, Zetirauqalil. I didn't have my pet for a long time, like some pets do, but my story is heartwarming nevertheless. Let's Begin!

Ah, yes, I remember that very day - December the 7th - when I took a trip to the advent calendar and jumped in surprise when I saw a little fluffy Snowbunny in the corner there, along with all the other treats. It took only one second to have me describe the Snowbunny - hideous.

But nevertheless, I took all the treats - yes, including the Snowbunny - home, where Hammy and the others could see them. I grimaced; made a face as my sisters and brother went all goo goo ga ga over the little Snowbunny. I ran to my room and locked thhe door. I will never, ever go face to face with that thing again.

Late on during that day Hammy came to my room and what do you know, she gave me that Snowbunny!! And when she gave it to me, she said, "I figured that since you're the only one who doesn't have a petpet, I decided to give you this one. I hope you love it, cherish it, and look after it very well, like the others do with theirs." Then she left. Uggh, cherish a Snowbunny? No way.

My Snowbunny, what could I do with it? Before I started anything, I figured it would need a name. Apparently I was out of names to name it, so I spelt my name backwards and voila, it was named Zetirauqalil (Zeh-TEE-rah-kah-lil), a girl of course.

I knew that petpets don't talk, but Zetira was ridiculous. She didn't say her name like Pokemon do, she never twitches her nose like rabbits should, but she goes "Bllllrrrrrrpt". Oh, gosh. What is that supposed to mean?

Despite her looks and language, I loved the fact that it could play in the snow well. I never was surprised when I came home, and a snowman and Zetira were in the frontyard. Then she would hop right into my arms and go, "Blllllrrrrrpt". I had to admit THAT was kinda cute. I actually got into the habit of digging into the fridge and get a carrot for her.

However, I felt as if I was missing something... I decided to ponder it in my sleep...

...I woke up the next morning. Zetira wasn't there, so I figured that she was outside, making a snowman. When I pulled out a nice, juicy carrot Hammy joked, "What are you doing with that carrot? You never eat your vegetables!"

Thinking that she forgot about Zetira, I said, "Hammy, I'm feeding this to Zetira, remember?"

Then, Hammy said, "Aqua, get some sense into you! Zetira ran off last week, remember?"

I dropped the carrot. Zetira? Gone? How could it be? I ran outside, hoping that Hammy was joking once again, but alas, Zetira was truly gone. Then, like any good petpet owner, I started to look for her. "Zetira, Zetira come out wherever you are!" I called her name over and over again. I searched until dusk, but Zetira never came back no matter how many times I called her name...

I woke up. I looked to my left where Zetira was safe and sound, happy as can be, munching on a carrot. I smiled when she hopped into my arms, going "Bllllrrrrpt". When Zetira looked at me with those big, bubbly eyes, I figured it was the perfect time to say,

"I love you, Zetirauqalil."

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