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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Chewy
Owner: cerbekus
Pet: Maiferro
Breed: Yullie

About Chewy:

A small Yullie walks onto the stage. Instead of being nervous like most would expect of such a little creature, the yullie strides up to the microphone with a determined look on his face.

"Ahem... testing." He taps it with his tail. The crowd waits in silence as he clears his throat once more. "I'm Chewy, a yullie as you can see. I have an important message for all of you. I have come to warn you about one of the most vile creations ever. It smells horrible, it can be moldy and even blue, it finds it's way into our mouths when we least expect it, and worst yet, it's hard to control... Ladies and gentlemen, I'm talking about...." Several people gasp as they wait for him to continue. "CHEESE!" Everyone breaks into laughter, some members of the audience even leave. "Please people, I am being totally serious! It sneaks into our groceries at the store, hides in the fridge and then BAM!! It enters our stomachs and takes control of us from the inside. It turns us into zombies!"

"It doesn't sneak into our groceries! We buy it, duh!" Several people call out. "Yeah, I eat it all the time and I'm just fine!"

"Then it's worse then I thought... You are all truely enslaved by it's evil powers already! You buy it willingly, you invite it into your homes! Can you not all see? The cheese is moving rapidly through the population! Most of you are already infected! But don't fear, there is a cure!" The audience shifts uneasily. "First, you must avoid eating cheese at all costs."

"Many of you are probably wondering 'Aren't there any safe cheeses?' and my reply to that would be most certianly not!" The yullie continues. "Evil cheese can take many forms; there's swiss, fetta, colby... The list is endless! Cheese can also find its way into other foods, like cheese burgers and Omelettes, so stick to a diet of fruits (Except grapes, they're allies with the cheese)."

"Why weren't we warned of this before?" One of the few still skeptical people question.

"Many have tried, I assure you, but none have made it except me. Before now, yullies like myself were the only ones who knew of the cheese's plans. Countless yullies have tried to find a way to warn the innocent pets and petpets of Neopia, but due to our size it's hard. Until one day, a brilliant idea dawned upon me, I understood what I must do. I traveled here from Terror Mountain, I decided I must win petpet spotlight to deliver the warning about this terrible item that calls itself food, before it was too late. So here I am, it seems I have just barely made it in time."

"But who would create such and evil thing?"

"There are several rumors about who created the foul cheese; Some say Dr.Sloth, others say the Pant Devil. Personally I believe it was none other then that goopy slug creature who lurks in the shadows of the ruins of Maraqua" A few screams erupted from the crowd. "Calm down people, please."

"How are we to dispose of th-this cheese?!" Many worried people ask.

"Because cheese is stealthy and could easily creep back into your homes, there is only one way to destroy it. Someone brave, someone kind and strong... must eat it." Chewy drops his head, in fake sadness. The audience screams. "I'm willing to devour the cheese to save you. I know I am small, but I'll try to pull all of my strength together to rid Neopia of this most horrid evil." He sighs.

"Chewy! There you are!" A young girl comes rushing into the auditorium and onto the stage. "What're you doing here?" She picks up Chewy and faces the audience. After a moment of seeing the worried faces of the crowd she understands. "You weren't trying to trick people into giving you and Maiferro cheese again... were you?" Chewy nods and looks to the side of the stage where Maiferro the orange aisha was standing. Maiferro shakes his head, his plan had failed. The girl reaches the microphone and speaks to the confused people. "Im sorry about all of this. My aisha Maiferro and his petpet Chewy are always trying to trick people into giving them food. They're really nice once you get to know them, but they don't realise that their silly little pranks waste people's time." She puts Chewy back onto the stage. "Now shoo you two while I try to clean up your mess." She whispers as she covers the microphone with her hand.

"Like I said, I'm really sorry. I hope you can forgive them, they're very young still and don't know any better. If there's anything I can do to make it up to you all, please let me know." She goes to leave the stage, expecting her exit to be followed by angry shouting. To her surprise the crowd begins the laugh.

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