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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Hattie
Owner: edieth
Pet: amyusa
Breed: Polarchuck

About Hattie:

I am Hattie the polarchuck, you may think I am exactly the same as any old polarchuck but you would definitely be wrong!

I was once a thing in the human world, a polar bear I think. I was a little cub and I lived in the south pole! One day there was a great storm, my family became separated, ice cracked and the wind whipped my face and sides. I saw the rest of my family find each other, they all huddled together. They shouted for me over and over, but they couldn't see me. Then suddenly there was a flash of lightning (like the neopets labray) everything then went dark.

I awoke slowly in a strange place, there was a big bird like a penguin talking to normal humans, the humans had strange animals that I had never seen before. I gazed around and saw that I was in a cage. I looked to my left and a strange yellow and green mouse looked back at me and grinned. I gazed around a bit longer then looked at myself. I had shrunk! And I had two teeth that looked like they belonged to a rabbit and I had pink cheeks AND I was yellow and white!

Then another human came in, an eager young boy with a fierce looking wolf type creature, I learned later that it was a lupe, the boy looked into all the cages and decided to purchase me and the funny mouse. I was put into a box with the mouse and we travelled to the boys shop. He put me and the mouse onto a table and put price tags on us. The mouse and me quickly became best friends, and she explained to me about neopia and neopets. I soon understood and we both waited eagerly for someone to buy us.

One day a young girl came in with a bouncy green gelert (see I know what they are now!) and a very poetic yellow kacheek, who pranced around talking about buying a baabaa. The girl shook her head and bent down and looked at my new friend and me (who I found out was a yullie!) she picked me up and then paid quite a lot for me. She didn't pick up my friend the yullie though, she carried me out of the shop and then handed me to the yellow kacheek who started making up a poem about how she wished I were a babaa! I looked sadly at the young girl, she must have realised what I meant because she started asking the gelert which petpet she wanted. We walked back into the shop and picked up the yullie and paid for her! When the owner gave the yullie to the gelert, she looked at me and decided to call me Hattie, after one of her best friends. Then she looked at the yullie and decided to call her Rachel after her cousin!

She took me back to her shop and explained to all of us that she didn't have a neohome but we lived in the top floor of her shop instead. I looked around the shop and saw loads of dolphin posters on the walls, and in the shop there was loads of organic yummy food and rare stuff!

So far I have learnt that Rachel and her owner the gelert are masters at cheat, and I am not to bad at the Wheel of Excitement! I hope that my life stays this way! Neomail my owner to see how I'm getting on. Anyway have a nice day, POLARCHUCKS RULE!

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