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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Bloopernorken
Owner: Gottomi
Pet: Dragonixen
Breed: Slorg

About Bloopernorken:

I am Bloopernorken, Slorg of darkness. I am here to teach you the ways of the dark Slorg! Because I cannot speak I have decided to tell you through this message. Listen closely and pay attention! I will only teach you once.

As a dark Slorg I am forced to have no friends. My owner Dragonixen doesn't understand that. He continues to talk to me and play with me! Does he not understand what he is doing! A dark Slorg must stay independent. Don't try peek-a-boo with me! I wish to be left alone. Because I cannot talk it is hard to keep him away but I bet if I bite him he will learn.

I also have no interest in other PetPets. I do not wish to play with them. I do not wish to be around them. I don't even like it when I can see them! I would much rather stay in the shadows my entire life. Well, at least until my plan is finished.

You see, one day I plan to rule Neopia! Awhile back I almost took over but then that idiotic Dr.Sloth had to interrupt. This time Sloth can't stop me! He will be no match to my new invention! If I ever see Dr.Sloth again I should bite him! He can't hurt me! Nobody can match the power of the great dark Slorg Bloopernorken! Not even the strongest Neopet in Neopia! Just try to stop me! Lets get back to my message.

Here is my invention. It will all start in Terror Mountain. After finding an abandoned army of rabid Bruce I will fight my way to the tip of the mountain where I will hopefully find a giant stove. By using this stove I will melt all the snow on Terror Mountain causing Neopia to flood. With Neopia under water I will luckily find a big mutant Koi and ride it to where the little Tombola stand used to be. When I get there I will steal all bottled faeries. Then I will sail around Neopia 2 times on my giant Koi hopefully attracting Bathazar the faerie bottler. I will make him lead me to where he finds faeries and give him my bottled faeries. Then I will scare all fire faeries into becoming my servants! I will take my fire faeries to Haunted Woods where I will burn down the forest forcing all mutant Neopets to go crazy and attack everything while under water! After that I will tell all of Neopia that I can stop the mutant Neopets if I can be their leader. They WILL say yes. Then I will send my army of rabid Bruce to stop the mutant Neopets and everyone will listen and obey me! Oh yes, I will also send my enslaved fire faeries to burn down wherever that barbarian Dr.Sloth lives. As you can see, I have the perfect plan to taking over Neopia!

It would help if I could talk and walk faster than I do. It could also help if I was sure the rabid Bruce army was going to meet me at Terror Mountain. It could also help if I was sure that that giant mutant Koi was going to meet me at flooded Neopia. It could also help...(carries on with things that could help him take over Neopia). Never mind all that. I'm sure my plan will work!

Now you see why I am the way I am. I don't need friends. I don't need an owner. All I need is a few rabid Bruce, a giant Koi and fire faeries! I have no more time to be telling you my plans. I'll see you as my servant in the near future. Good Bye.

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