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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Savvy
Owner: neo_star_queen
Pet: NeoFaerie_1
Breed: Doglefox

About Savvy:

BAM! The trap had been sprung. Water immediately began to rush in from holes in the walls. The small chamber was flooding fast, and Savvy was not exactly tall. But he merely laughed. This was an easy job for him! Flicking his handsome auburn tail almost lazily, he crouched and then leaped. He soared through the air, paws reaching for the tile in the wall that would turn off the water...

Water stopped rushing out the holes. Savvy landed back on the ground with a loud splash. He frowned. What? But he hadn't even pressed the tile!


Ohhh... so that's what it was.

The green Kougra who had shouted Savvy's name was standing on the tiled floor, paw-deep in water. "What are you DOING? You flooded the entire bathroom! You know my owner is going to explode when she sees this, right? Get out of here, I need to clean this up before she gets home!"

Defeated, Savvy hopped out of the bathtub and limped slowly past his owner. The little pirate Doglefox shook off his brown fur, and then trudged out dejectedly, leaving wet footprints on the carpet. Sheesh. One would think that he had done something irresponsible, instead of saving the world. Or at least saving a few innocent bugs.

Savvy wandered into the kitchen and gazed up at the cupboard. He was very hungry after that fast-paced adventure. But the cupboard was awfully high.

Still, hadn't he just leapt across a wide chamber? (It had seemed small before, but that was beside the point.) This jump would be a piece of cake. A piece of mouth-watering chocolate cake, which he was sure to find in the cupboard...

He pounced. His target was the cupboard door handle, but he was just a little bit off in his calculations, and ended up slamming into the wall. He bounced right off, the gold medal around his neck flying through the air, and he landed on the floor, four feet down. Amazing! What an acrobat he was! What a feat he had completed! What a-

CRASH! The gold medal had other plans. It smashed into a stack of dirty plates, shattering them at once. Savvy gasped as the medal cackled malevolently and said, "You have met your match!"

A possessed medal! His very own neck-gear had been possessed! Savvy began to race about the kitchen, barking loudly and banging into the walls. Something had to be done about this! He couldn't handle this on his own! He needed a medal-cleanser, a purifier, maybe a magician!

"SAVVY!" The green Kougra appeared again, looking livid. "What did you do to those plates!? I can't believe it! You know I'm going to get blamed for this, right?" He grabbed our hero roughly by the scruff of his neck and tossed him unceremoniously out the door. "You're staying out here tonight," growled the Kougra. "No dinner! Don't even think about pulling out the plants, or something crazy like that!"

Savvy howled and scratched at the closed door. His owner was in danger! The cursed medal was still inside the house. And what would happen if that Kougra were injured? Who would feed Savvy!?

Savvy sat back on his haunches, his tail wagging furiously. He needed to calm down. He needed to think. No one would believe him if he told them about the possessed medal. This was something that he would have to do on his own!

It was a good thing that he had spent years training for an incident just like this. Well, last week he had been training to become the fastest ice-skater in Neopia, but that was beside the point again!

Savvy crawled across the backyard, his belly low to the earthy ground. He was a genius among petpets, so instead of attempting to perform another high leap, he devised a complex plan in which he hopped onto a flowerpot and used a slightly protruding brick in order to reach a windowsill. Pure genius. He considered the idea of inviting people to watch him perform these dangerous stunts. He could be the most famous Doglefox in all of Neopia...

But that was for another time! His owner needed him! Savvy raced to the kitchen and began running circles around the Kougra's feet. He leaped onto a chair and howled.

"Woah! Savvy, how'd you get in here?" asked the pet angrily. "Look... the dishes are all cleaned up, so I guess you can stay, but you have to calm down!"

Savvy watched helplessly as his owner fixed himself a sandwich. Where was the medal? Had his owner found it? Or... had the medal already taken over his owner's body!? Savvy yelped at this idea, but the Kougra glared at him while he was spreading butter and the mini-Pirate quieted. Savvy took in every detail of the kitchen, his gaze roving over its surface. Where was the medal...? The sink was empty. The table was bare, except for a vase of flowers and a box of napkins. His owner sat down and took a big bite of his sandwich.

Savvy watched closely. And then it hit him. The medal had to be inside the sandwich! Savvy had promised to be calm, but this was not the time to be thinking about his privileges to stay inside the house! He crouched, his ears flattened and his eyes squinted, and dove for the sandwich. He knocked it out of the Kougra's paws. Success!

"Savvy!" His owner stood up irritably. "What has gotten into-?" He paused, as the sandwich fell to the floor, the slices of bread separating and landing right-side up, the way toast never does. Sitting on top of a slice of cheese was the shiny gold medal.

The Kougra bent down and picked up the medal. "Isn't this yours?" he asked, turning around and looking down at the Doglefox.

Savvy waved his tail happily. He'd saved the day! He'd defeated the villain! What a hero he was! Between panting, he barked loudly.

The Kougra sighed. "You're so troublesome, Savvy. What a waste of food. My owner is gonna freak out when she gets back, with all the trouble you've managed to cause in less than an hour."

He stomped to the kitchen door. "Go on, eat that," he ordered. "And make sure you lick up all the crumbs. I'm not cleaning up after your messes anymore."

Savvy tilted his head. He couldn't believe what he was hearing! A feast had been prepared, just for him! A celebratory feast, worthy of a hero like himself. He bounded up to the sandwich and began to gobble it down. Finally, he was getting some recognition around here.

The medal sighed. Being evil was really tough work.

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