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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: purrit
Owner: cadyoo
Pet: Purrykour
Breed: Feepit

About purrit:

It was my petpet's, Purrit, first day in the PetpetSchool. I bathed him in his little bathtub and groomed him. I was looking back when I first got him...when he was still a baby furrit. I fed him some neocrackers and guided him to his school. I kissed him on his warm cheeks and waved good-bye. He kissed me back and ran into his class while waving at me. I was alone in our neohome because all the rest was still sleeping. I was so curios about my lil Purrit. I went to some shops to make the time go by fast. I kept on looking at my watch until it was 12:30. I quickly ran to the Petpetschool and went looking for my purrit outside. While lil petpets started walking out,I saw cutie Petpets with their lil backpacks and some artworks. I saw my Purrit behind his new Kadoatie friend. He ran to me and kissed me hello. I asked him things they did while walking back home. When we got home, he then said something about a petpet named Kroo. He said that he was fresh and got spunked by their teacher by throwing clay across the room. I got worried of how it would influence my lil purrit.

The next day, he came home messy and stinky. He told me that they played outside for recess. He then said that Kroo got in trouble again. This time, he made a sweet lil babaa say a bad word. I got really worried this time. Purrit keeps on talking about Kroo every afternoon after school. Even the name Kroo became a wod that represents being bad. I got used saying the name Kroo when someone does something bad. Later days, my Purrit came home. I asked about what Kroo did this time. He said that he became the teacher's helper! He passed crayons and erasers! I was really glad to hear that news!

Two weeks later, I got a call from Purrit's teacher that there is an open house tonight and talk about Purrit's behavior. I got dressed and went to the open house with my Purrit thinking of getting a good news from the teacher. When we got there my Purrit didn't have anyone to play with. Petpets looked so scared when Purrit looks at them. I looked for someone that could be Kroo's parent but nobody looks like Kroo's Parent! I waited for someone to say the name Kroo but nobody did. When it was my turn to talk to the teacher, the first thing she said was,

"Purrit had a hard time adjusting. I was really glad when he started helping me. He passed out crayons, papers, and some erasers!"

Then I said, " I am so glad, he sure is a nice petpet! You really need it since you got your hands full because of Kroo."

She then said confusingly, "Kroo?"

"You know, the kid you have that gets in trouble?", I said.

She then said,"But I don't have any Kroos here!"

A thought quickly came to my mind.."oh, my goodness", I said.

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