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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Tigerlily
Owner: mizz_bunnie13
Pet: ka_chunk13
Breed: Alkenore

About Tigerlily:

No one ever really noticed her. She was just... there. Alone in the deep forests of Mystery Island she fended for her dear life, finding shelter from the the storms and eating just to live. If she happened to pass by Island Natives they would take no notice to her. But she believed. She believed there was a way to find a good life, possibly with the Natives. Deprived of friends or family, she slept alone under a palm tree.

The little alkenore woke up from her deep sleep under her usual palm tree. She trudged over to a patch of dirt, digging for roots to eat. Suddenly her ears perked up. Her eyes widened with fear. Something was wrong. She dazed up at the once blue sky. Its was dark and grey with huge clouds circling overhead her. Thunder crashed and lightning bolted. The helpless alkenore quickly covered herself with her hooves. What could she do now?

"Hurricane!" shouted the Island Elder at the village near the alkenore. Neopet Natives scurried with fear gathering supplies and building shelters. The wind was picking up and the rain poured harder. The villager's tiny huts blew over slightly.

"Oh, Pango Pango, save us!" cried a uni to the sky.

She glanced over to the Town Hall. The Elders were having a brief meeting in the town hall about the horrible fate that would await these poor villagers.

"Let us build a shelter, strong enough that winds will admit defeat against us," remarked an old cybunny.

"But how?" asked a kougra. "We have not anything but our leaves and straw, and it is too late to order any metal from Kredulor!"

The elders sighed and waited. Just waited. Out of nowhere a sobbing kacheek burst open the doors of the Town Hall. "Where is my son?" she pleaded.

Her son was indeed in trouble. Little Kachunk was very clever, but did not handle these kinds of situations under pressure very well. He was picking fruit in the forest when he saw the clouds, sky, and wind. He knew these were all signs. He panicked. His thoughts were racing through his head like a space ship. What if I get blown away to Krawk Island? What will happen to our village? Will I ever see my mother again?

It was all too much to bear. But Kachunk realized. He had to find shelter. The village was too far. But the forest was full of scary creatures. But again, the village was too far. What would become of him? Breathing heavily, Kachunk raced through trees and shrubs, finding the perfect shelter. He stopped to catch his breath. He looked up to the sky and gasped! the sky had lightning and dark clouds, and he could even hear the waves crashing against the mighty cliffs of Mystery Island. Helpless, scared, no, terrified, Kachunk hid beneath one of the biggest trees of the forest. Not very smart though... Kachunk heard a crack! noise above him. The tree had been struck by lightning.

"Ahhhhhh!" Kachunk screamed with horror! Quickly branches started to fall to the ground, some like twigs and some huge! He was way too scared to move. How did I get my self into this? he thought. Petrified, all Kachunk could do was cry. Cry because he missed his mother. Cry because of the thought of never beng found. This couldn't all stop in a snap, it was a storm! Rain whipped his face and wind gave him the chills. Then, a branch fell, knocking him unconcious.

The little alkenore just happened to hear the screaming despite the rain and wind. Should I help them? she thought in her mind. She ran once more looking for a better shelter. The little kacheek lying on the ground caught he eye. Her mouth opened in surprise. I really have to help him! Bravely, the alkenore dodged the falling branches and ran up to the kacheek. She carefully but quickly dragged him by his little vest he was wearing. The alkenore ran like she had never run before. After about 20 minutes, she saw a cave. Thank goodness! She lay the kacheek on the hard floor of the cave. Its looked abandoned, so at least they were safe from the storm. But there was nothing they could do about the hurricane. All they could do was wait out the storm. Tired, the little alkenore snuggled next to the kacheek.

The next morning the storm was gone. Kachunk woke up with his head pounding, but hey, he was okay! He saw the alkenore gathering roots and berries for him to eat.

"Did you - no, you couldn't have!" Kachunk stared at the alkenore with awe. But then, he swooped her up and gave her a hug. "Thank you," he said gratefully and carried her back to the village.

The village was torn to shreds, but the hard working villagers rebuilt it in a week or so. Kachunk was reunited with his mother. He got to keep the alkenore, and named it Tigerlily. But the happiest one was Tigerlily. She finally got what she believed in - a home.

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