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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Eddie
Owner: tdyans
Pet: MaxKanine
Breed: Magaral

About Eddie:

Judges, please see MaxKanine's pet page for a better quality picture. It meets your requirements as far as I can tell, but the form won't accept it for some reason.

What a family I have! A self-described "very literary" cloud gelert, a faerie moehog who likes to pretend he's a lupe, and a mutant cybunny who wants to fly! And then there's Eddie....

When I first got Eddie, he seemed like a perfect match for me-- a little ball of fluff who sat quietly in the window of the Faerie Petpets shop while the other pets fluttered around excitedly. I am perhaps the most "normal" (or "boring" depending on your point of view) pet in my family-- just a plain green lupe who enjoys the simple pleasures in life, my favorite activities being cooking and gardening. So this calm little magaral seemed like he would fit into my lifestyle just fine, and I snatched him up quickly. I even gave him a nice, simple, normal (or boring) name, much like my own.

For a while, things worked out fine. But it seems that my quiet little magaral always harbored a longing for adventure deep down, one that might have stayed dormant forever had it not been for one fateful evening....

I was reading to my younger brothers from a book about adventures on the high seas. Eddie was perched on my shoulder, lightly dozing as he often did. Then we came to a story about the infamous pirate, Captain Scarblade, complete with pictures. Suddenly, I felt Eddie jerk to full wakefulness, and then he began hopping up and down and squeaking excitedly. I couldn't figure out what was agitating him until I turned the page. Immediately, he quieted, but jumped down into my lap, grabbed the page in his mouth and flipped it back over to the picture of Scarblade. He stared at the picture, making happy burbling noises and looking back and forth between it and me. All that I could think of to explain his strange behavior was that he thought that it was a picture of me! I suppose that one green lupe looks much like any other to a petpet.

I had thought that would be the end of it, but apparently this incident had changed dear Eddie forever. Long after Moeioe and Rooruon grew tired of the pirate stories, Eddie still fetched the book and begged me to read from it every night. He would look at the pictures and listen intently to the stories and then spend the rest of the evening hopping around the living room as if reenacting them. His obvious adoration for Scarblade started to cause a bit of tension in our household, since Achilles signed up to defend Maraqua against the pirate and his crew.

Perhaps I was being silly, but I even began to get the sense as I tended to my garden or cooked dinner each day with Eddie watching-- as he always had before-- that he was now watching expectantly, waiting for me to don my captain's hat, whip out my sword and go charging outside to pillage the neighborhood. I began to worry that my adventurous little petpet was no longer content with his boring homebody owner.

It took me a while, but finally I decided to stop pretending that Eddie was just going through a strange "phase". So, one day, I took him for a walk. No, not to the Petpet Pound or the Magartery-- to the Petpet Puddle. And there I surprised him with a pirate petpet paint brush, and well, let's just say that I never would have guessed that anyone could be so happy about losing an eye and a leg!

So I've come to realize that Eddie, now my pirate magaral, is not the quiet, mundane little petpet that I thought he was. So what? I think he's come to realize that I'm not a daring pirate captain either, but he still cuddles up on my shoulder, purring and licking my cheek, each night when I sit down to read him his pirate stories-- something that we can both enjoy. See, Eddie's reminded me of something that I've learned time and time again from my family: You don't have to be like each other in order to love each other.

--MaxKanine (Max)

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