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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Grumpyface
Owner: clytemnestra2344
Pet: Bartecko23
Breed: Puppyblew

About Grumpyface:

Bartecko, a playful blue Meerca, bounced into the kitchen where her owner was making dinner for the family.

"Whatcha makin' for dinner?" she asked, bouncing up and down on her tail to try and see what was on the stove.

"Omelettes and Jelly for dessert."

"Omelettes and Jelly again!! I don't think I could eat another!"

"Don't be so dramatic. Omelettes and Jelly are cheap and we all have to do our part for the war effort."

"Yes, ma'am," the little Meerca pouted.

"Now what is it you need, sweetheart," the owner smiled softly at her eldest pet.

"I wrote a story about Grumpyface and I wanted to read it to you."

"Well isn't that sweet. He should be in here to hear it too. Grumpyface!" the owner called. A few moments later, the sound of click, click, click, CLUNK came down the hall. It was the sound that three tiny clawed paws and a peg-leg made. When the Puppyblew dressed in pirate clothing entered the room, he was dragging a 'Rebuild Maraqua' flag in his mouth. He'd almost torn it to shreds.

"Oh where did you get that? Give that to me!" the owner tried to pull the flag out of his mouth, but the puppyblew growled and held tight.

"Fine, keep it, at least he isn't chewing on the furniture this way. Go ahead, Bartecko, read your story."

"Ahem," the Meerca cleared her throat. "'A Day in the Life of Grumpyface, my Pirate Puppyblew. When I was very little my owner bought me a Puppyblew. We got along immediately because he was bright blue, just like me. He and I would run around the house and chase my sister all the time. One day, when we were at the park, Grumpyface met some pirate petpets and started to play Pirate Ship with them. He had so much fun with them that we decided to spend a vacation at Krawk Island. Grumpyface took to Pirate life so quickly that we decided to make him a full Pirate. It was the happiest day of his life. One day he got into an accident on a ship and he had to get a peg-leg, but I don't think he minds because it makes him look even more like a pirate.

"Grumpyface lives in our Neohome with our owner, me, my two sisters, my brother, and their petpets. We named him Grumpyface because he is mean to everyone, except for me of course. He's always biting my sister's dragoyle's tail and wrestling with my brother's snicklebeast. My youngest sister has a slorg but he is mean too. Mostly he and Grumpyface just ignore each other.

"Grumpyface is never mean to me and he never chews my stuff. We run and play all the time. I bounce too fast for my brother and sisters but Grumpyface can keep up with me, even with his peg-leg. We play all day even when everyone else gets too worn out.

"Because Grumpyface became a pirate, we decided to support the Pirates in the war with Maraqua. We buy them supplies since our owner won't let us fight. Grumpyface still tries to fight, though, by chewing up every Maraquan thing he finds. Yesterday he chewed up my sister's King Kelpbeard plushie, but I have told her that yet. I don't care that he's kinda grumpy and naughty, I love my Puppyblew! The End.' Well, what do you think?"

"I love it, sweetie. What do you think of Bartecko's story, Grumpyface?" the owner smiled.

Grumpyface had started chewing up his flag again, but looked up, cocked his head, and blinked at the sound of his name.

"AIEEEE!" the puppyblew squeeled, then wagged his tail furiously.

"I think that means he likes it," the owner said. "Give it to me and I'll put it on the fridge. Now how about you two go play outside until I've finished dinner. But stay out of the Vegetable Garden!"

"Yes, ma'am," the Meerca started to bounce on her tail out the door. "Come on, Grumpyface!" The little puppyblew got up and chased after her, making his usual click, click, click, CLUNK sound as he went.

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