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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Angels Songbird
Owner: nut862
Pet: Sparkler943
Breed: Angelpuss

About Angels Songbird:

Hello. My name is Sparkler943, and this is my sweet little Angelpuss, Angel's Songbird. She is a true Angelpuss who lives up to her name, and then some. In this day and age, it is hard to find a truly good Angelpuss, as many of them have, to my horror, turned to evil. This all-too-common corruption of Angelpi continues across Neopia to this day. Songbird is one of the few good Angelpuss left in the world, and I am grateful to own her. Why is she named Songbird, and what is her story? I have written it out here, but I suggest that you find a comfortable chair before you begin, as this story is a very long one. Read on, and discover Songbird's tale...

It was over a year ago. My owner, Nut, was a newbie and struggling to make ends meet with four pets to feed. She didn't have enough Neopoints to buy me a Petpet, but I didn't care. I am a solitary Shoyru, and I am happiest alone. I didn't want to have a Petpet to take care of yet. I figured that I would get one later. Much later. Having a Petpet seemed far off in the future, something I didn't need to think about. I certainly wasn't thinking about it that day.

It was early in the afternoon, and I was deep in a jungle on Mystery Island. I explore jungles for the fun of it. Today I had entered a very large jungle that I had never been to before, just to see what was there. It was the same as any jungle, wonderfully peaceful and isolated inside.

I tramped through the jungle, forging my own trail through the dense undergrowth. The jungle was pretty dark for the most part (most jungles are) but here and there a thin ray of sunlight would make its way through the canopy of leaves above me. The dirt was soft underfoot from a rainstorm from the previous evening. Leaves rustled around me, marking the passage of another being. I was not the only one in the jungle, but that was to be expected. Creatures of all kinds make their homes in the area. I could hear faint birdcalls coming from above me. Everything was perfect and peaceful around me.

Suddenly, an unearthly yowl shattered the silence, the most terrible sound I'd ever heard. It seemed like it was coming from a long way off, but it still pierced my eardrums at that distance. I stopped in my tracks and looked around me, nervous. I was shaken. I'd never heard anything like that in a jungle before. What had caused the sound? Was it dangerous? Was someone else in the jungle with me, and what was happening to them if they were? The sound could not indicate anything pleasant, that was certain. I waited for a minute or two and then continued on uncertainly. After I had been walking for about thirty minutes, I began to think that all was safe and well again and that I could continue on my path without worrying.

Then the sound came again, just as loud and shrill as before. It was horrible. My ears were ringing even after it faded away. I considered turning back, but I didn't want to simply leave the cry a mystery. Besides, it had seemed a bit strained and even distressed. Perhaps someone was in need of help? If that was true, I couldn't just leave. I turned in the direction of the sound and hurried through the jungle, determined to find its origin.

The shriek was repeated several times as I went. It was irregular, sometimes waiting a long time between screams, sometimes sounding a few times in a row. Each time, it was louder and more distressed-sounding and terrible. I followed the sound, knowing that I was growing closer to it every time I heard it. After several hours of walking, I felt that I was standing right on top of it, but I couldn't see the cause. I looked all around me. Bushes covered the ground on every side. Thin branches dangled from a tall tree in front of me, creating a screen of leaves. Nothing was moving anywhere, except for the leaves rustling in the wind. I listened for the scream. It wasn't coming. Where was it? I was sure I was in the right place.

Then, it came. Seemingly blasting right through my ears, the awful yowl made my skin tingle, but I tried to collect my senses and find out where it was coming from. It had to be from behind this screen of leaves. I pushed the branches aside and found myself in a small clearing in the jungle, with a large, weather-beaten old tree standing in the center of the clearing. On the ground was a fallen tree branch, and under the branch I saw a flash of white. I looked closer, and I saw an Angelpuss.

The poor creature was trapped beneath the heavy branch. She was a runt of an Angelpuss, smaller than any I'd ever seen in the Neopia Central Petpet Shop. The heavy tree branch was crushing most of her body, and only her head was showing. She looked exhausted and distressed and terrified all at once, and when she saw me, she let out the most shrill and pitiful yowl yet. I cringed, but I kept moving forward. I couldn't let her stay there screaming. I had to get her out of her predicament.

Shrieking with fear as I approached, the Angelpuss began to struggle, flailing with her tiny arms. She didn't move the tree branch one bit, only succeeded in bruising herself. I tried to talk soothingly to her. I'd never really conversed with a Petpet before, but I said softly, "Ssh, little Angelpuss, it's all right. I'm not going to hurt you. Lay still, and be quiet."

The Angelpuss relaxed slightly, looking at me with mournful eyes that reflected the pain she was no doubt in. I stepped over, took hold of the tree branch, and lifted it up so that the Angelpuss could escape. But the little creature didn't move, though she struggled, and I saw that she was badly hurt. Her legs were almost crushed, and would have been completely so if not for a small hollow in the ground. Her wings were the worst mess I'd ever seen, twisted and battered. The sight of her made my heart ache. I rolled the tree branch aside and gently picked up the Angelpuss.

The Angelpuss let out a shrill cry of pain when I touched her. I knew I was probably hurting her by touching her wounded legs and wings, but I couldn't just leave her there to her doom. If I hadn't followed the cries, or had been a little later in reaching her, she would have surely died under that tree branch. She had little life left in her, I could see.

I carried her as gently as I could as I flew through the jungle. My heart was pounding. I had walked to the Angelpuss, but now I needed speed. So on I flew, knowing that every second was precious in saving this Angelpuss. It had taken me hours to get to that spot deep in the jungle. How long would it take me to get out? I increased my speed, panting, but determined not to slow down.

The Angelpuss eventually stopped yowling. I looked down and saw that she had fallen unconscious. I willed myself to fly faster. Already I was exhausted from the effort, but I couldn't stop. All I wanted now was for the Angelpuss to live.

When I finally broke through the plants out into the sunlight, I felt tremendous relief wash over me. I flew high into the air and soared as fast as I could to the hospital in Neopia Central.

The doctors looked surprised when I burst in. "Do you have an appointment, miss?"

"This is an emergency," I cried urgently. "This Angelpuss is dying."

"We don't normally handle Petpets," said a nurse.

"Then tell me where I can go to save her," I said desperately.

The nurse glanced at the other doctors. "I suppose...we can make an exception."

A doctor whisked away the Angelpuss. I followed him, but he told me to wait outside. I sat there, nervously waiting for what felt like an eternity. The Angelpuss had to live. She had to. I would never forgive myself if she didn't.

After what seemed like hours, the doctor walked out, smiling. He was carrying the Angelpuss, wrapped up in bandages. I jumped up and ran over to them.

"She will definitely live," the doctor said.

I was overjoyed. I carried the Angelpuss home very carefully, but inside I was dancing with happiness. The Angelpuss made no sound at all on the way home. I made a bed for her at home out of a box, and we fed her and cared for her over many weeks.

Slowly, the Angelpuss grew stronger. When we removed the bandages, her body was whole and white underneath. I carried her everywhere with me. The Angelpuss loved it when I flew with her in my arms. But there was one problem.

Her wings.

The Angelpuss's wings had never healed. They were still a twisted, scraggly mess. One day, I brought the Angelpuss back to the hospital and asked why her wings weren't healing as normal.

"Oh," said a doctor, "Her wings will never heal. She'll never fly again."

His words struck me like a lead weight. "What? Why didn't you tell me this before?"

"She's alive, and that's all that matters," he replied. "She can live without wings."

I stumbled out of the hospital in shock. I couldn't believe it. No. This couldn't happen to my Angelpuss, the creature I had rescued from the jungle so long ago. I had been so happy that she was alive, but to not be able to fly was a fate worse than death. I couldn't let her live with this affliction. But what could I do? I was powerless.

For days, I was depressed. My Angelpuss watched me with concern, not saying anything. She never made a sound. I hadn't heard her utter even a squeak since I had found her in the jungle.

Then one bright morning, I woke to the sound of clear, sweet singing, the most beautiful I'd ever heard. It had no words, but it sounded like an angel's song, full of joy and hope and light. I couldn't imagine what creature was making such a beautiful song, but I thought that it had to be a bird outside my window. I looked out my window and realized that it was open.

The song poured through my ears and washed over my heart. The sweet, clear notes of music rang through my room, singing of peace and happiness, of healing and love. I looked out my window again, and then I saw her. My Angelpuss, floating outside my window as if on air, with music ringing from her lips. She was the singer. I stood there, transfixed by her song, until the last crystal note rang off on the breeze, and the Angelpuss flew into my room.

Her wings were completely healed, with not a scratch on them. She was flapping them. She was in the air. She could fly!

I almost cried for joy. My greatest wish had been granted overnight. I could hardly think but that her beautiful song had been involved with the healing of her wings.

"You are the most special Angelpuss I've ever met," I whispered to her. "Your name is Angel's Songbird."

...And that is the story of my Angelpuss. I love Angel's Songbird dearly, and she flies with me faithfully everywhere I go. Her wings carry her through the air as if they had never been damaged, and often Songbird will begin to sing, though never as beautifully as she did on that day when her wings were healed. Still, I love to listen. She is still the most special Angelpuss I've ever seen, and I am glad to have been able to share her story in this Petpet Spotlight. Songbird will sing forever, spreading the light and gentleness within her to the entire world.

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