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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: War
Owner: arc_angemon
Pet: ares_sama
Breed: Gruslen

About War:

War, the gruslen, had always been by Ares' side. When Ares was painted shadow, War was painted shadow as well. Whenever Ares would go into battle, War wouldn't be far behind. One might say they where lennies of a feather.

It was no surprise when Ares became Tyrannian that War was painted to match. Unfortunately, it was mutant.

At first War had no idea that his new color was something he might be ashamed of. It wasn't until Ares' coming out party that he got the surprise of his furry, little life.

The night had dragged on, and most of the guests had seen Ares' new look. It was nothing new to him. Things had gone just the same when Ares was painted shadow.

When Ares approached Mana, a blue uni, War hopped forward to show his new paint job off. Immediately, the uni flinched and wrinkled his nose. He eyed Ares for a moment before starting with his shrill voice.

"Ares, couldn't you have found a less hideous color for your little beast? Mutant is such a horrid look."

Ares lowered his ears, "Hey Mana, that's War you're talking about. He can still hear you."

"Look at him; he's got a third leg! That is both gruesome and disgusting."

War whimpered at those harsh words. He may not have been the smartest of petpets, but he knew when he was being insulted. Without another word, War fled as fast his little legs would take him.

"Now look at what you've done!" growled Ares.

War hid himself in an old bori borrow. His soft sobs carried into the night, attracting the attention of small fire faeries.

Ares wasn't far behind. His nose remained to the ground, tracking his little friend. When he found the burrow, he lay like a large sphinx at the entrance. He poked his nuzzle into it, taking a sniff of the burrow. War was in there.

"War..." he started gently, "come on out."

No response.

"Come on War, don't let that bubble head of a uni tell you what you should look like."

Ares waited, hearing his little friend whimper inside.

"I don't care what you look like, and it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Come on out War... please? You're the best friend I've ever had."

War slowly came out with tears rolling down his fluffy cheeks. He eyed Ares and gleefully hopped onto his back.

One year had passed and once again Ares had found himself at the Rainbow Pool. This time, his color change was for good.

"Whoa, you look awesome Ares!"

Ares chuckled at his owner, pulling her into a tight hug.

"Thank you for painting me royal."

"Oh, you know I do what I must for you and the others. Well, I'm going to guess you want to see some of your friends before your coming out party. Just be at the Neohome before sundown."

As Arc walked away, Ares eyed at his feet and found the space around him unusually empty.

"Hey Arc, have you seen War? I have something to give him."

Arc shook her head, shrugging her shoulders.

"I haven't seen him since this morning. He's probably with Valiant."

Ares thought for a moment, wondering what could possess War to run off. War was never the sort of petpet to go out of sight for long. Confused, Ares headed towards their favorite napping spot.

On the way, Ares found his brother's plushie gallion resting under a tree. He stopped and gently nudged Valiant with his staff.

"Hey Val, have you seen War anywhere?"

Valiant snorted, letting his eyelids close to send him back into a light slumber. He muttered in a half-asleep daze.

"Said something about being too ugly for a royal... went somewhere. ...said you'd get a new friend."

Ares had suddenly felt horrible. He had gone on and on about going to be painted royal that he completely forgot to let War know he still wanted him. How could he have been so selfish?

Suddenly, Ares knew exactly where to find War. That's if, he knew his friend well enough.

He sat by the entrance of the old Bori burrow. A year's worth of weather had left it nearly covered over, but a fresh pile of dirt let Ares know he was there. For a long moment he didn't say a word. He simply let his mind wander about what to say. Finally, it came to him.

"War I would never abandon you for a nicer looking petpet. Come on out. I have a surprise for you."

There was a huff from within the burrow, but the small gruslen made no more to come out.

With a sigh, Ares gently set his gift onto the ground. He knew his friend could easily see it from where he lay inside the burrow.

"I... didn't say anything about it because I wanted it to be a surprise. In trying to keep it a surprise I hurt your feelings. I'm sorry War."

War poked his nose out of the burrow, eyeing the Blue Petpet Paint Brush.

"I bought it with my own neopoints. I knew it'd be perfect because we've always matched. Like when we were both shadow. Remember that?"

Before Ares could say anything else, War hopped into his arms with tears rolling down his little cheeks.

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