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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: bacon
Owner: silbers_girl
Pet: skrambuld
Breed: Rock

About bacon:

Hello all! My name is bacon and yes, I'm a rock. Don't be fooled by my hard rocky exterior. I am full of excitement and joy! That is...well...until just recently. *sulks across the page* You see just a while ago in the news TNT was boasting about this wonderful new custard petpet paint brush! *cue hymns from the heavens* My heart leapt with excitement. Yes, my heart! *shifty eyes* Anywho...I finally felt my day had come. I finally felt that I would belong. That I would fit in. That I would be the absolute perfect companion for my dear buddy, skrambuld, the baby pteri. You see our owner, silbers_girl, is always poking fun at dear skrambuld, using her obsession with scrambled eggs to fuel her foolish acts. It's all harmless and in good humor, yes, but it still hurts skrambuld's feelings on those cold rainy days. Silbers_girl is always skipping around the neohome chanting:

Eggs are good.
Eggs are great.
I like eggs on my plate.
(Followed by heinous evil cackling)

Cute poem, right? But when you're an's a little bit harder to take in. Skrambuld can often be found rolling through busy intersections or attempting to climb towering trees on these fateful days of poem reciting.

So you see, as skrambuld's petpet I feel something needs to be done. If someone is going to save the day why not a pet rock, right? It sounds logical enough. So when I saw the custard petpet paintbrush in the news I really felt our luck was changing. I mean what if I was to be painted custard? Then skrambuld and I would be two peas in a pod! We'd be like the meerca henchmen! We'd be like Sloth and his minions! I've lost you haven't I? Okay...okay...I'll try and explain. Skrambuld just may have ooey gooey squishy inside resembling scrambled eggs beneath his shell right? Well if I were custard would I not resemble our fellow egg friend in more ways than one? I mean we'd both be yellowish-golden, both have ooey gooey squishy insides, and both be edible, right? So maybe just maybe...skrambuld wouldn't feel so attacked or alone when silbers_girl feels the need to rant all day about breakfast foods.

So now you may be wandering why I entered the petpet spotlight, well I'll tell ya. Our dear owner, silbers_girl, well she also happens to be a penny...erm...neopoint pincher. She won't get me one! She says the prices are constantly going down on them because they just came out and more and more are being available and to just wait a bit longer and then we'll get you one and then you'll be happy and then you'll shut your big rocky head up and quit pestering really didn't say all of that, but I'm just trying to win your sympathy. So this spotlight is really an attempt to persuade silbers_girl to get me the paintbrush. I figure if she sees how popular and how loved I am by winning then maybe...just maybe...she'll feel I am worthy of a custard petpet paint brush, and then Neopia will be a happier place, and skrambuld will most definitely be a happier egg!

I mean don't we just look so happy together? *pokes image at top of page* Simply irresistible, right!?

Cheers! :o)

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