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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Trincess
Owner: i_think_thr4_i_am
Pet: ExtremeGerlert126
Breed: Snowbunny

About Trincess:

"Trincess!! Come in the house it looks like a storm is brewing." ExtremeGerlert126, my owner looked up into the sky with her woeful eyes. She licked her finger and held it up, "Yup, the wind is getting stronger, and it's moving in a south east direction, probably a thunder storm, by the looks of it."

"Oohh goody!" I shouted, "I love lighting, its so dangerous and the thunder is soooo loud!" I always look forward to electric storms, because it makes me feel a little more happy in this dreary world.

I am a Grey Snowbunny if you have not figured out by now, but that doesn't mean I am always sad! I love everything, and my owner ExtremeGerlert126, Extreme for short, she is a Grey Grundo. We decided to get matching colors so we could both see the world the same way. It is allot easier when you have someone to relate everything to, she understands me.

Extreme motions me over to the window "Wow, you have to see this Trin." I hop over to the window and jump on the sill.

"I was just outside playing, and the sun was out warming up the grass, and heating the backs of Pteris as they flew overhead" I murmured.

"I know, it looks as though the storm is moving in quite a bit faster then I had foreseen. I hope everyone is going to come home safely. Where did they go again?" She looked at me quizzically.

I shrug, "Who knows!? They packed themselves up in the car and shouted goodbyes. I was busy watching the neogarden, and chasing all the Vespa and Mootix I could find."

"You know I have told you this before, if you keep chasing them around one day they are going to find a Zytch friend of theirs and make it jump on you!! You know what they do!?" She asks me, for the millionth time.

"I know, they suck my blood." I say while rolling my eyes and sitting in front of her trying to show as much indifference that I can.

A moment later I hear a loud crack in the sky, I jump in the air squeal and turn to look out the window as the flash is receding. "One One thousand. Two one thousand. Three-" Extreme gets all the way to twelve before we hear a slow moving noise, "The THUNDER!" I yell.

"Boooomm" It sounds as thought it is almost speaking to us and I jump in excitement. It fades away and I rush to the window to take a closer look at the storm. The clouds are a melancholy grey color, which then bleeds into the sky and makes it a dark grayish brown color.

"Get back from the window, you do not want to get hit by lightning." Extreme warned while gently picking me up and holding me in her arms and took a 'safe' distance of steps back from the window. She sat down and pulled her favorite blue starry blanket over both of us. I glared at her and tired not to look too sad that I could not watch the lightning scorch the earth, or zap a nearby Wither Tree.

I hear a loud crack followed almost instantly by thunder booming overhead. I hear a delayed snapping sound, I scramble away from Extreme and jump to the window in one hop. I watch in awe as the little Yellow Eesa Tree burns to the ground and is left in a sizzling pile of ash.

"Look at the Eesa tree!! It's gone, completely vanished!" I shout, my eyes are as wide as dubloons and I hop down and back up just for the mere excitement of such a huge event happening in my neogarden! All the neighborhood pets and petpets will be running over here to see our little Black Vanishing Eesa Tree!

"Now aren't you glad you were not over there when the lightning hit that tree?" Extreme seemed to be pleased with herself as she picked me back up and walked over to the rocking chair to wrap up in her favorite blue starry blanket, to wait out the storm.

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