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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Kai
Owner: slinkee
Pet: Laveska
Breed: Doglefox

About Kai: name be Kai and I be a pirate doglefox. I be in the PetPet Witness Protection Program, so I don't be thinkin' that the PPL will be lettin' me tell yar me story. But, I'll be writin' it anyway so's me owner won't be gettin' no more nasty neomails!!

Me Da were a pirate in Scarblade's army, but he were sent to Davy Jones locker for mutany against that horrible man! After he made me poor Da walk the plank he sent for me. I was just a wee pup then, but Scarblade cared not, I was forced to serve in his army of thieves. It were 'Kai fetch me boots' and 'Kai polish me eye patch' and 'Kai floss me wooden teeth' fer years. I grew bloody tired of it so when I saw me chanceI snatched 'er up. When Garin started chattin' up that Maraquan girl, well, I went to King Kelpbeard meself. Told all about Scarblade's plans me did. No, yar won't be see'n that in the plot, but as I already said I be in thar PetPet Witness Protection Program now.

Since ye be knowin' all 'bout the bloody war we fought I sees no point to tellin' ya just how awful it be. All's the time me be hopin' that the Maraquan's win lest I be walkin' Scarblade's plank just like me Da did. Great was me joy when I saw the mighty King Kelpbeard strike that final blow against me awful Captain! But it were short lived. The crew took for high ground, painted themselves up all respectable; baby, faerie, Tyrannian and some even be Maraquans themselves now. But what were I to do with meself? Me Ma, well she died of a broken heart the day the Captain took me from her. I were all she had after me Da ran off to be a pirate. I t'aint much for swimming, although I be lovin' the ocean, so I couldn't just move in to Maraqua. Even'o the great King, he offered me a place in his court!

So's me asked King Kelpbeard to be finding me a new place to stay. A nice place where's maybe I might be havin' some pups of me own one day. That's when me brave new owner Laveska stood up and he says, "I'll take him. I have a huge mansion and I would be honored to have such brave pet for myself." Why it nearly brought a tear to me eye! He says he be HONORED to have me as a pet he did! Why, I'd fetch his boots and polish his eye patch gladly, me would. Of course, Laveska has not an eyepatch...and don't wear no boots niether...says he likes the feel of the sand in his toes he does.

'Course, the PPL came to witness all thar legal business of Laveska adoptin' me and makin' it all official-like. But since they be afraid of some pirates comin' after me, to string me up by my ears they would, they put me in the PetPet Witness Protection Program. Bloody awful it be! I weren't allowed to be leaving the mansion for months, even though we be in the middle of the desert.

So's anyway, the reason I be wantin' my story out is me owner Laveska, well we've been getting some less than friendly fan-mail about a Maraquan warrior keepin' the likes of me as a pet! I want all ye bloody land-lubbers to know that me owner fought most fiercely in war for the freedom of the Maraquans! He be no traitor and he be deservin' no less than yar praises. If it be not for him then I surely woulda been walkin' the plank, for I may be a pirate...but I be a pirate with a heart of gold.

As far as me looks are concerned, well me owner be wantin' to paint me Maraquan but we doglefox's...well they just won't allow it yet! I be havin' a lovin' new family now, and even a beautiful faerie doglefox to be sharin' the mansion with, and I shar' wish that me story could be told so as to make people understand me owner be no traitor to the Maraquans.

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