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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Fluff
Owner: cruelly
Pet: Merrmeid
Breed: Angelpuss

About Fluff:

While walking down the street, you see a cute little angelpuss, sitting innocently. She stares at you, and you can't help but go over and pet her. As you pet her, you get an uneasy feeling that something isn't quite right, and that there is more to this angelpuss than what meets the eye.

She begins talking in a soft, sweet voice,

"Hello there. I am Fluff, a Plushie Angelpuss. I guess you could say I'm rather average, with a good owner, and treated very well. I spend most of the time chasing catnip and sleeping blissfully."

She continues for a bit, but you tuned her out. The feeling that something wasn't right passed, and you felt a bit bad about thinking something was weird. How could such an innocent creature be bad? You wave to her, saying goodbye. As you rounded on the corner, you hear a low, evil-like whisper. Straining your ears, you hear the following story...

"Hah, average, with a good owner? I am a turning a bit soft now. Average...sure. I'll get back to that later. Good owner? Pfft. I have a koi for an owner. Angelpi are supposed to eat kois. Good thing I'm not desperate, otherwise ... heh. I'll get my revenge on my so-called owner one day. She keeps staring at me, like I'm about to pounce. Well, you have no clue how much I wish I could do that. You have no clue...

Now, average...How many sickeningly sweet Plushie Angelpi do you see these days? Almost every one of them is. Me...well, I'm almost pure evil. I'm a very good actress though, smiling sweetly just when it's necessary. Nobody suspects a thing, heh. Good thing too, or else I wouldn't have time to plot. I dream of taking charge of my life, instead of being owned by, ugh, a KOI. It makes me so ashamed of myself.

Anyways. I guess I should mention that I absolutely despise catnip. There is no use for it. I'd much rather enjoy talking and plotting to myself, like what I'm doing right now. It provides endless hours of amusement, and nobody will ever find out. Secrets are nice for a petpet like me.

I remember, when I was an unpainted angelpuss, I had many friends, but none of who understood me. I think that was when I began talking to myself. I probably have so many secrets to the point that I don't even remember the majority of them. Maybe one day, I'll get rid of them and purge myself of anything bad. Hopefully that day will come soon."

She talks a bit more, but you're shocked at the hidden thoughts of this ... this innocent angelpuss? You shake your head, not sure of what to think anymore. Now confused, you walk away, trying to clear your thoughts and forget this once-sweet angelpuss, if she ever was...

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