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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Jackie
Owner: _lordofthefrogs_
Pet: homestarthefourth
Breed: Anubis

About Jackie:

"OK, let's take a look at our next Petpet spotlight entry," the contest judge calls.

A hooded figure wearing white robes and holding a long black staff tipped with a blue symbol walks onto the stage. He lowers his hood and reveals himself to be a Red Nimmo.

"Come on, Jackie, no one's gonna hurt you," he calls, and a timid-looking plain blue Anubis walks nervously onto the stage, not looking up at the audience or his owner.

The Nimmo smiles. "Hey, everybody. I'm Homestar IV, but you can just call me Homestar. This is Jackie, my Anubis. Sorry about the way he's acting... he's really jittery around strangers. Come to think of it, he's jittery around me, too."

"Well, anyway, I guess you're wondering what makes him so special. Well, as you might have guessed from the staff, I'm a mage, and I specialize in healing. I've read a bunch of books on magic and had a few Faerie blessings, and now I'm a magic freak. Jackie, here, is the best Petpet I could ever ask for, because he puts up with my spells in a way no one else would."

"When I first got Jackie, he was just like any other Anubis you might meet... well maybe not. He was a lot more outgoing than any other Petpet I'd ever seen, and a much bigger handful. He constantly bit up the carpet and gnawed on just about anything within reach. Still, I was really excited to get him."

"Then I started taking an interest in magic, and, well, anyone can tell you that it takes a lot of practice to get just right. I really needed someone to test some of my new spells on."

The audience is totally silent, staring up at this Nimmo like he's totally insane. Homestar quickly realizes what he's saying and quickly adds, "But don't think I'm abusing him! No, no, I would never do something like that! I make sure that all of my spells are 100% safe by using plushies first. The spells never do anything harmful to Jackie. In fact, there's been a lot of side-effects that are definitely beneficial. Watch this."

He bends down and whispers a few words to Jackie, who responds with a quick "Rrrrrriop!" and trots to the edge of the stage. With a swift breath, he spouts fire from his mouth in a jet that arcs right over the audience, who responds with "oooh"s and "aaah"s.

Homestar picks up Jackie and cradles him in his arms like a baby. "Although he has changed a lot because of the effects," he says as Jackie's eyes glow green, "he's still the best Petpet I could ask for, and I wouldn't trade him for anything. After all, there aren't a lot of people who would willingly let me cast random spells on them."

The audience claps as Homestar and Jackie exit the stage. "Do you think we'll make it?" Homestar whispers to Jackie, who looks up at Homestar and stomps up and down with a grin on his face.

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