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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Toulouse LeStego
Owner: blademalfoy
Pet: DracoSaber
Breed: Stego

About Toulouse LeStego:

A blue faerie ixi trots up on stage, looking a little exasperated and tugging on a leash. Whatever's at the end of the leash is still out of sight, behind the curtains... and apparently too heavy for the ixi to move. After a few more futile yanks he lets the leash go and stumbles up to the podium.

"Sorry, ladies and gentlemen... I know you were expecting to see a petpet here tonight, but mine seems to have a case of stage fright..." He glances off in the direction of the leash and scowls at whatever's there before turning back to the audience with an embarrased smile. "I can tell you about him anyway, if you'd like."

When most of the audience remains where they are (after all, who wouldn't want to listen to such a charming ixi?), he grins with relief. "Oh, great! I'm DracoSaber, by the way... Toulouse's owner. He's the stego behind the curtain. He's a cute little fella, sure, but he eats enough for a dozen skeiths! And you wouldn't think something that small could weigh that much, but even my brother Theomi has a tough time lifting him, and he IS a skeith!"

"I suppose I should tell you how I met him," Draco continues, looking a little more confidant now. "I'd just been adopted myself... I remember being pretty nervous around my new family, so my mum thought it'd be nice to get me a petpet to take care of. She brought me down to the Tyrannian petpet store to browse around, and lo and behold, there was the cutest little stego sitting there! He looked kind of like a yellow potato sack with ears and a tail, but I liked him, so mum bought him for me. I named him Toulouse LeStego after one of my favorite painters, Toulouse Lautrec. My brothers thought it was a weird name, but I liked it, and it stuck."

"I've had Toulouse for a long time, and over the years we've gotten really close, which is why I don't have the heart to refuse him that little extra kiko cake at dinner, or a refill on his Salmon Sherbert smoothie. There was one time he volunteered to get his own exercise though... see, Toulouse kind of has a height complex. He hates being... short. So one day, I made him a pair of stilts to try out. He was so happy with them! He started jumping around my ankles, trilling... he was more active than I've ever seen him! Unfortunately, he didn't quite have the balance to walk on them. It was a nice try, though."

DracoSaber looks about ready to wrap up his stories and leave when what looks like a yellow beanbag with a tail and ears waddles up on stage with a piece of the curtain sticking out of his mouth. Draco grins and picks him up, going a little red in the face as he hefts the stego up onto the podium. "And this is Toulouse himself!" he says triumphantly. Toulouse just smiles and wags his tail, and chews on the curtain a bit more. You have to admit, he is cute... in a rotund sort of way.

"Well, thanks for hearing me out," Draco smiles as he scratches the stego behind one ear. "I really appreciate it, and I'm sure Toulouse does to. Feel free to pay us a visit anytime! Just bring food, if you do... Toulouse will love you forever if you feed him."

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