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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Luath
Owner: sgpgirl
Pet: spangler733
Breed: Spardel

About Luath:

You see a Starry Gelert in a lab coat and spiffy glasses leading a Spardel through the school hallways.

"Spangler, do I have to go up and be on display for all of you Science Club people?" asked the Spardel in a robotic voice.

"Luath, it's fine! I just want to show them my best friend in all of Neopia. And, they haven't seen you since I made the PTD!" said the Gelert, giggling.

Spangler, the Gelert, loved science and inventing. Since she didn't have a talent for talking to other pets, she decided that it was best to stay away. When she bought Luath, she was happy for the companionship, but she wanted something more. She wanted a companion that could speak to her in a spoken language instead of with the body language that her owner, SGP, had taught her to read. She set out to invent something that would change Neopia forever--something that would bridge the gap between Neopet and Petpet. She made what she called a Petpet Translating Device.

"But they're going to poke at me and make all those silly "oooh" and "ahhhh" noises. It's silly! Or, if they don't do that, then you're going to do something that will cause that vial of Chemical X you have in your pocket to explode. You alway do." said Luath.

"It only exploded that ONE time, when someone slammed the door!" said Spangler, defending herself.

"Haha, okay. But I do get extra Spardel treats tonight, right?" asked Luath. Luath ate quite a bit for such a small Spardel.

"Sure. Well, they can't be as bad as SGP is. You know how she gets when she sees you." said Spangler, jokingly, as she opened the door into the science room.

"Did someone mention me?" asked SGP. She was sitting on the desk, twirling a thermometer between her fingers.

"Umm...yes..." said Spangler. She started to get nervous.

"Is Luath here?" asked SGP. She was beginning to get an excited glimmer in her eye.

"No, no one's here except for Spangler." said Luath from behind the door.

"I see a Spardel! Ooooooooh! Mine mine mine! COME HERE YOU ADORABLE THING!" shouted SGP, dashing after Luath down the hall.

"SGP! Don't hurt my Spardel! He's cute and all, but... Let him go! Hey! Don't break his glasses! They're brand-new! He can't breathe! Stop hugging him so tight!" shouted Spangler, taking off after the fleeing Spardel and the crazed girl chasing him.

Suddenly, Spangler realized what she had done. The vial of Chemical X bubbled in her pocket, and it trembled. The rest of the science club had just arrived when they realized what was about to happen. The small group of pets took shelter in a nearby classroom, where they slammed and locked the door. They had seen a sample of Chemical X explode before, and they knew that it wasn't pretty...

A loud boom shook the school, and Luath wriggled free from SGP's arms. Spangler skidded to a stop in front of Luath after being covered in a green goo--the remains of the Chemical X after its reaction.

"Told you that you'd make it blow up." said Luath, giggling insanely.

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