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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Maleficent
Owner: shadih_temporary
Pet: Anilyssia
Breed: Meepit

About Maleficent:

"Alright class, this week we're going to try something a little creative," Mrs. Gouldman, my Science teacher, spoke.

Anilyssia, a Grey Gelert with long, brown hair atop her head, slumped back into her chair and rolled her eyes. Every week, starting on Monday, Mrs. Gouldman gave the class a new "creative" project. It was always due exactly seven days later, and was always incredibly boring.

"We're each going to study and observe our petpets' behaviors this week," the Red Lupe continued lecturing her class. "We will keep a journal of our results and share them with the class next Monday. You are my advanced class, and I do expect you all to give 110 percent on this experiment!"

Anilyssia suddenly sat erect and stared with wide eyes at her teacher.

Not good, not good! The Gelert thought. I don't have a petpet! Oh man... I can't say anything because everyone else has a petpet. They'll laugh at me and say I'm too cheap to afford a simple petpet! Jerks.

The bell suddenly rang and students eagerly gathered their belongings and bolted out of the classroom, homeward bound. Anilyssia sighed and picked her backpack up off the tiled floor and headed towards the exit. She turned to look at Mrs. Gouldman, pondering whether or not she should tell her teacher before she leaves, but decided against it.

Maybe I can borrow my neighbor's Abominable Snowball? Anilyssia thought, with another sigh.

She shrugged and began to step through the doorway, when she heard a voice.

"Hey, Ani!"

Anilyssia, or Ani, turned around to see the one who had called her name was a Royal Acara named Alyssa. Alyssa was the classroom bully. She was a spoiled snob who only cared about herself and how amazingly beautiful she was. She picked on each and every one of her peers as much as possible.

Ani was just about to turn right back around and run out of the classroom door when she felt Alyssa's paw grasp hold of her arm. The Acara tugged Ani back into the classroom and slammed the door shut. Now she, Ani, and Mrs. Gouldman were the only ones left in the classroom.

"Let me go, you creep!" Ani exclaimed. "What do you want?!"

"My, someone's being a bit rude!" Alyssa cried. "I simply noticed your distressed expression when Mrs. Gouldman so kindly instructed us on how to do this week's creative project. And I was wondering... do you have a petpet?"

It's times like these I wish Alyssa were never born. Ani thought to herself. Why did she have to ask me that?!

"No. Okay? No. I don't have a petpet. Rub it in, why don't ya?" Ani pulled her arm away from Alyssa.

"Rub it in?" Alyssa echoed. "Whatever do you mean?! I only wanted to help!"


Alyssa twirled around and darted across the room. She bent down beside her desk and unzipped her backpack. Moments later, she removed something rather small and furry.

"Uh... what is that?" Ani pointed to the creature in Alyssa's arms.

The Acara approached Ani, the furry object hidden by her arms. Alyssa stopped before Ani and revealed to her the item in her arms: a Meepit. That's right. Alyssa had removed a Grey Meepit from her backpack.

"What is that?!" Ani nearly screamed. "A Meepit?! No! Alyssa, no! I refuse to take that from you! I know you've heard all the stories! Meepits are evil! Bent on world domination! I certainly am not taking that thing into my house and studying it!"

"Aww, but Ani, look at it!" Alyssa outstretched her arms, holding the Meepit in her face.

The Meepit looked up at Ani with sad, helpless eyes as it shivered due to the very cold temperature in the classroom. Alyssa then brought the Meepit to her face and looked at Ani with the same, helpless eyes.

"I found this Meepit on my way to school," Alyssa explained. "She was hiding under a bush, eating the leaves off of the plant and coughing violently. I just couldn't leave her there! So I stuck her in my backpack and gave her some crackers. I'd love to keep her, but I can't! My Angelpuss most certainly wouldn't get along with her. It's sad, but true."

"I've heard enough," came Mrs. Gouldman's voice.

Ani and Alyssa turned to face the Lupe, who was sitting behind her desk, eying the two pets.

"You were listening to us?" Ani questioned.

"Maybe." Mrs. Gouldman smiled. "Ani, you can't possibly deny that Meepit. Alyssa is being very thoughtful. Without a petpet you can't do my project! And if you don't do my project, you fail."

Ani blinked twice, and then groaned. "Fine! I'll take the Meepit! I won't like it, but I'll do it."

Ani snatched the Meepit out of Alyssa's hands and stared coldly into her eyes. "Thank you." She turned and departed.

Alyssa grinned evilly and sat down on a desktop.

"So, you really did find that Meepit outside in the bushes?" Mrs. Gouldman asked.

"No," Alyssa retorted. "I took it from my neighbor."


When I saw that Meepit in Alyssa's arms, I knew I was going to end up taking it. I didn't want to, but I knew it was just going to go down. I expected my time with the Meepit to be terrible. I had heard several stories of Meepits causing chaos and wreaking havoc.

Eh, I was pretty ignorant back then. A few weeks after I received the Meepit, I realized all the stories I had heard were just... stories. They were fiction. I grew to love my Meepit. And she grew to love me.

I wanted to name her something cute, and pondered names like Popcorn and Cookies. But when I suggested them to the Meepit, she turned her head in disgust. Though my Meepit grew to be a kind, loving Meepit who loved playing with me and wouldn't harm a fly, I could tell she wanted an evil name. So I flipped though a thesaurus and came across the word "maleficent".

"Harmful or evil in intect or effect," I read the definition of the word aloud, and looked to my Meepit, who was sitting on my desk. She smiled widely and nodded. And that's how she got her name.

Today, Maleficent and I are inseparable. I would never give her back to Alyssa, who demanded I return her neighbor's petpet. Apparently, she had borrowed it from him and promised to return it a week later, when the project was done with. But there was no way I was returning one of my greatest friends to the original owner.

Maleficent and I will stick together till the end.

With much love,

Anilyssia and Maleficent

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