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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Oathkeeper
Owner: furbylover242
Pet: furby_dude190
Breed: Walking Carpet

About Oathkeeper:

A faint breeze skimmed along a dank, lonely lane as a pair of shadows reluctantly tramped down the cobbled path. "Are you...s.s.sure this is...the right place, furbylover?" exclaimed a small pteri walking beside a tall figure. The figure stuttered as he said "well, I'm pret...t...t....ty s...sure furbydude" A gust of wind blasted down the narrow street and a cluster of newspapers were swept with a breath of life as they twirled around in a hypnotising, almost magical fashion. The pair trudged on through the sub-urban, built in year 1, section of the haunted woods. They approached a run down shop that looked like it was made before neopia itself. "Maybe we should go," squawked the small pteri "NOW", as another blast of wind slithered down the alleyway, but his owner paid no attention, as though he was entranced, as he approached the small shop's door.

A tinkling bell rang as the pair of neopians wandered into the shop, and as the two cast their views around the shop they saw an array of oddities and curiousities. Among these were a jar of blue eyeballs, a salamander bathing in fire, and a curious ball of hair or something. These were just a few of the strange objects stacked up around the place. "Wow" said the person, unable to say any more. A strange little man had appeared from around the back of the shop somewhere, and tapped the person on the shoulder. Startled, the person turned around quickly as his pulse raced like a horse on fire running on coals. "May I help you at all?' The huddled little man said in a strange accent, there was a few seconds of silence until the pteri suddunly exclaimed "Uh, yeah, is this Jardyn's shop of strange things?" the shop owner suddenly brightened up a little and said "why of course, and are you the people who reserved, little Oathy?"

"Yeah, we are, but I was just wondering, uh..... what type of petpet is he?" said the guy

"He is a special breed," said the little man, "he is a walking carpet......... who is CURSED!"

"Cursed?" cried the pteri

"Yes, he is cursed, but the problem is........ we don't exactly know what the curse is"

"How can you [u]not[/u] know what the curse is!" the pteri yelled.

"Well, we received this specimen from an ancient neopian island god while aventuring mystery island before it was populated and utterly tacky, as it is now, and he told us of an ancient curse which it was bequeathed with, but he didn't tell us exactly what the curse was. All he mentioned was 'Juangia Mesciu Jeadal'"

"And whats that?" the pteri said, eyes round as the moon,

"Well, thats the name of this [i]ancient curse[/i]"

At last, the person who owned the pteri spoke out and said "Has this, uh, petpet thing, had any previous owners?"

"No, none to speak of, but, because of this unknown curse thingamajig, I shall offer him to you at exactly one-third the price"

"SOLD" said the pteri's owner

"What!!," the pteri shouted," How can I live with a haunted..... uh, cursed petpet?!?"

"At one-third the price, we don't have to worry about [i]any[/i] curse!" the person said to the pteri, then turned to the shop-man and said "you got yourself a deal, strange, uh......... normal shop owner man thing."

"Good, good, now how shall you be paying, paper or.........." the shop owner said as he and the owner of the pteri delved into the depths of the shop, towards the back desk. "Harumph, how can he buy [u][i]me[/i][/u] a cursed petpet" Over the din of the pteri grumbling, the ball of hair suddenly unfurled and found itself facing a spotted pteri, the creature squeaked, and turned away from the pteri and huddled up, the pteri went over to it and patted it, and said" It's alright little fella, I'm no harm to you" the trembling furball turned towards the pteri and showed to him the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. The pteri instantly fell in love with the little mat.

A few years later and back in the neohome, all our pets were happy and loved in a warm, cosy, little cottage on the outskirts of The Grand Country of Meridell, with all their happy little petpets including, of course, little Oathkeeper, with his great pal, furby_dude190. Of course, after the first three days we had figured out poor little oathkeeper's curse, it was clumsiness. Oh, the fuzzy little critter has gotten into so many accidents, you couldn't count them using all the piles of dung in the whole of neopia. Trips, spills, splats, bonks, cuts, bleeding noses, even the odd regurgitation, but this week is special because it is Oathkeepers birthday on Thursday, and it is Wednesday, anyway, today is one of Oathy's unluckiest days ever, hes rolled out of bed numerous times in the night, fallen down the stairs, fallen [i]up[/i] the stairs, blown up his cereal (don't even think about asking), and a list that goes on, but there is one thing he has never done, that he will do very soon, and that is catch fire, you see, we have always tried to prevent him of that, but he always manges to nearly do it, but this time, he has done it, and as he runs around the lawn fervently, we all watch and laugh, except ,of course, furby_dude 190, who is trying to put him out. As Oathkeeper is covered is a cloak of water, so are we as he shakes his matted fur and covers us in water. We all spend the rest of the afternoon lying on the front yard, drying out, into the small hours of the day and wait for what tomorrow will bring.

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