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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Rosie
Owner: loba_negra
Pet Name: Daphli
Breed: Red Yooyu

About Rosie:
The JubJub shuffled uncomfortably on the porch as she waited. She peered into the home and watched the creaky Ixi shuffle his way across the floor.

"Well, well..." he said, grinning as he reached her. "You did a lovely job raking the leaves, Daphli."

"Thank you!" Daphli replied, smiling politely. "I'm always happy to help..."

Though her words were sincere, she strained to see as he reached into his small pocketbook.

"I'm sure you are, but you still deserve a little something..." He pulled out a handful of Neopoints to give her. "You know, for your trouble. Here you are, dear! Don’t spend them all in one place!"

He handed her the coins and gave her one last smile as he closed the door. Daphli looked down at the coins cupped in her foot and grinned. This was it -- she finally had enough. Despite the elderly Ixi's advice, Daphli knew exactly what these coins were going to be spent on... the thing she'd wanted since she was a little girl. Now it was finally within reach, and she couldn't wait any longer. From her home in the Haunted Woods, the JubJub made the long voyage to Altador. Fortunately, she'd taken travel expenses into account when she was saving, for it wasn't a cheap journey.

When she finally reached Altador, she resisted the urge to sightsee. She'd been there before with her family, but it had been a very long time ago, and the city was grander than she had remembered it. She took her pouch of Neopets and headed straight for the stadium, knowing it was the best place to find what she wanted. Although it was off season, the colosseum was crowded with tourists and vendors. The same items that were sold during the Altador Cup could be bought now for much cheaper. She hurried to a cluster of cages she found, knowing they had what she sought.

Inside the cages Yooyus rolled, bounced, and hopped around. Daphli's eyes lit up as she saw them. She'd wanted a Yooyu for so long, and now she would finally get one.

"Excuse me!" she called out to one of the vendors.

The vendor whirled around, eventually spotting the customer as his eyes drifted down.

"Hello there, dear!" he said, grinning. "How can I help you?"

"I'd like to buy a Yooyu!" Daphli chirped excitedly.

"Of course, of course!" the vendor said with a nod. "Well, you can see the pick of the litter here -- each one carefully and lovingly raised, fed the finest Yooyu feed and trained for the Altador Cup..."

Daphli stared into the cage, her eyes as wide as they'd ever been. She was trembling with excitement.

"And for only four hundred thousand Neopoints each!"

As the words sunk in, Daphli's little heart dropped. She looked back to the vendor who was smiling brightly, blind to her distress.

"F-four hundred thousand?" Daphli stammered. "But that's insane!"

The vendor's face wrinkled into a frown. Daphli's mere existence suddenly seemed to irritate him.

"Look... if you want quality, you've got to pay the price." He motioned toward a metallic seal on the cage. "See this? These Yooyus are officially certified by the Altador Cup Committee! Only the elite get to own these. If you're looking for a bargain, you'd better find one without this seal."

The vendor quickly turned his back to her and faced a new customer. Daphli sighed. She'd taken everything into account while she was saving... but she'd never heard of this certification thing before. As she browsed the marketplace, however, she began to see that it was a pretty big deal. Every single Yooyu cage bore the fancy shiny sticker, and every Yooyu held the same ludicrous price tag.

Her heart was officially broken by the time she settled onto a bench, sipping a slushie. It looked like she was going to be heading home alone. Sure, she could save up more Neopoints, but it had taken her years just to get what she had. Fyora knew how long it would take her to save up enough for one of those fancy Yooyus.

"Pardon me, miss!"

Daphli took another sip of her slushie.

"Ah... miss?"

Daphli turned around as she realized the voice was directed at her. She spotted a rather well-dressed Lenny smiling at her. In his wings he carried something buried beneath a blanket.

"What is it?" she asked, her depression clear in her melancholy tone.

"I was just wondering if you had any interest in this fine Yooyu I have here... only four hundred thousand Neopoints!"

The Lenny whipped the blanket off of what turned out to be a small cage. Inside was a red Yooyu. The Yooyu seemed shy, quickly curling into a ball as soon as it saw the light. Daphli stared at the little creature longingly. As she did, she noticed something. Her heart skipped a beat as it regained a new hope. She suddenly had a plan. She straightened herself up and took on a more professional tone as she hopped off the bench.

"Hmm... she's quite a cutie," she commented as she stared into the cage. "Is she Altador Cup certified?"

The Lenny frowned, looking down at the seal-less cage.

"Well, ah, no... she's not," he muttered. "It only takes a few years of training to get certified, though!"

"Sorry," Daphli shrugged. "If she's not certified, then I'm not interested."

She started to walk away, but the Lenny quickly stopped her.

"Alright, I understand. The training can be rather expensive, so how 'bout I knock a few Neopoints off the price? How does... three hundred fifty thousand sound?"

"No thanks," Daphli replied, shaking her head.

"Alright, alright. How about... three hundred forty?" the Lenny asked with a desperate grin.

"I don't think so..." Daphli told him. "For an uncertified Yooyu, I wouldn't go higher than two hundred thousand."

The Lenny groaned. He looked at the cage, then back at Daphli. Daphli kept a stern, determined expression. Her eyes narrowed confidently.

"Well... I-I suppose I can part with her for that," he conceded with a frown, "but only 'cause I like you!"

Daphli smiled. She quickly tossed the coins at him and he dropped the cage. With the Neopoints finally in his hands, the vendor scurried off. Daphi looked into the cage. The Yooyu inside was still curled up.

"Hi, there!" Daphli cooed gently. "You can come out now!"

The Yooyu stirred slightly.

"I won't hurt you," Daphli quickly added. "You're my Petpet now... I'll never let anything hurt you. Ever."

The Yooyu slowly opened herself up. She stared at Daphli with her big, blue eyes. Daphli greeted her with a soft smile. The Yooyu let out a shy chirp. Daphli quickly opened the cage and let her out.

"You won't need this cage anymore," Daphli told her. "You won't have to live in a cage ever again."

The Yooyu nervously hopped out. Daphli reached out a foot and the Yooyu slowly crawled toward it. The Petpet didn't resist as Daphli scooped it up. She stared at her new Petpet for a moment. By now the Altador sun was setting, and the glow of the retreating sunlight was beautiful against the Yooyu's shell.

"I think I'll call you Rosie..." Daphli remarked, admiring the rosy glow of the shell. "Do you like that?"

The Yooyu chirped in the affirmative, to which Daphli giggled. She gently placed Rosie on her head and the two hopped off together, leaving Rosie's cage and past in the dirt...

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