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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Yura
Owner: polkadotzz
Pet Name: mizuuneko
Breed: Naleap

About Yura:
Greetings, traveler! I am Yura, and I am a Naleap. I belong to a wonderful little girl, a baby Aisha named Mizuuneko. I am very wise. I have been all over the world with my owner and her family, and have seen many things. But why don't I start at the very beginning?Naleaps are originally from Shenkuu, you know, and that's where my story begins.

I was hatched on a lovely sunny afternoon in the springtime. My three sisters hatched the same day as I, and for the first few weeks we were all very happy in our nest in a Shenkuuvian cherry blossom tree. The weeks passed and we grew older, and before I knew it we were big enough to start learning how to fly. I was content in the nest, and had no desire to fly. If it hadn't been for those worms -- those delicious, juicy worms that didn't climb trees and therefore never came close enough for me to reach -- if it hadn't been for them, I would never have tried to fly out of our tree and down to the ground. It was those temptingly tasty worms' fault that I fell out of our tree and down to the ground.

Luckily, I never actually hit the ground. Before I could, I was caught by a pair of tiny, gentle hands. That was the moment I met my beloved owner, Mizuuneko. Wild Naleaps are usually wary of Neopets, but her I trusted immediately. There was just something about her. We became fast friends, and I let her take me home with her.

Soon after, I heard that Mizuuneko and her family were leaving Shenkuu. Because of the father's career, they moved every few years to a different part of Neopia. I didn't want to go. Shenkuu was my home, and I didn't like to travel. I couldn't leave Mizuun, though. So, my new family and I packed our bags (well, they packed their bags...) and got on a large boat that brought us to the Haunted Woods.

At first Mizuuneko and I were afraid to be living in the Haunted Woods. We soon learned, though, that the place wasn't nearly as scary as its name implies. We played at the Haunted Fairgrounds, and bobbed for apples on a regular basis. We even made friends with the Esophagor! We'd been living there quite happily for some time when Mizuun's papa's job required us to move to Altador.

I enjoyed our home in Altador. There were many tall statues to perch on, and there seemed to be an endless supply of olives to eat. Our time in the great city was short, however, as we soon needed to move to Mystery Island.

Mystery Island was the perfect place for a Naleap to live. The ground there was always moist, and there was an abundance of yummy worms to eat. The weather was warm all year round, and there were lots of other birds to keep me company while Mizuuneko was in Neoschool. We had lived there for two and a half years when it was time for us to move on. I was sad to be leaving such a wonderful home, but our new home in Meridell turned out to be just as nice.

In our current Meridellian home, Mizuuneko has a splendid garden with a tree that looks exactly like the one I hatched in all those years ago. Like Mystery Island, Meridell has lots of other birds to play with, and just as many worms to eat. There are lots of aged trees and pretty flowers, and the air smells so sweet and clean. I am very happy here, and I am pleased to say that we won't be leaving this beautiful place anytime soon.

Well, kind traveler, I appreciate you taking the time to listen to my life story. I hope you enjoyed it. I must go now and help my owner with her gardening, but I plan to see you around Neopia. Be sure to stop by and see us the next time you're in Meridell!

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