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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Flippy, Bitey, etc.
Owner: crescendo
Pet Name: Maxarooni
Breed: Seamonkeys

About Flippy, Bitey, etc.:
Maxarooni grinned excitedly as he grabbed the last issue of Super Roo - The Comic off the shelf of the Magical Bookshop. He had trekked all the way to Neopia from his home in Meridell, where he made his meager wage working as a lowly street sweeper (though he came from more noble roots). Max thought himself to be especially lucky to still find one for sale, as this was the special 100th issue of the comic. As he handed his Neopoints to the kindly blue Nimmo who owned the book shop, little did he know that he would gain so much more from this particular issue than just the adventure and good deeds of his favorite Neopian hero.

Max ran all the way home and curled up in his favorite chair and began poring over the book. Though the plot was quite enthralling, something on page 36 made his eyes come to a screeching halt. It was nothing in the story that had caused his sudden cessation. It was a brilliantly colored full-page ad. The little Blumaroo gazed in amazement at an illustration of a family of peculiar-looking sea creatures standing in front of a gorgeous castle made of coral. The father wore a magnificent jewel-encrusted golden crown and a lustrous smile. He seemed to Max to be the ideal patriarch, unlike his own, the cruel and vindictive Count Von Roo. Max had been shunned by his father at an early age for not being ruthless. This kindly sea king seemed to rule his underwater haven with tenderness and compassion.

After staring at the ad for what must have been a good 5-10 minutes, Max noticed some text that read:

Buy your very own Sea Kingdom with Seamonkeys included. Only 900 Neopoints! Sea monkeys entertain for hours with their antics and acrobatics. Inexpensive to feed and don't leave a mess to clean up! They are the perfect Petpet for the busy Neopian!"

That amount of Neopoints was nothing to scoff at for Maxarooni, but the Blumaroo had always wanted a Petpet and longed for companionship. Maxarooni tore out the page before even finishing his comic, filled out the order form, and enclosed the payment.

Every day, Max anxiously awaited the arrival of his new Petpets, walking to the mailbox and then back to his front door with a feeling of disappointment. By the 32nd day, he had almost given up the hope of ever receiving the camaraderie he so desperately yearned for. As he peered into the mailbox, he noticed a medium sized box. He rushed back inside his home and, slowly and carefully, tore open the box. Inside was a small bowl, a packet of yeasty bread crumbs, a vial of pure water, and a small envelope containing the Seamonkey eggs. He wasted no time in getting the baby Seamonkeys into their new home. He named each and every one: Flippy, Bitey, etc.

Over the years, Max has watched his Petpets grow to be slightly larger than they had been when he first received them and watched them hatch. Although they are not as extravagant as the ad had promised, Max loves them as if they were the rarest and most coveted Petpet in Neopia. Curling up with the latest issue of Super Roo - The Comic, Max sits in his favorite chair and lets out a happy sigh as he glances over at his Petpets, knowing that he will never be alone again.

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