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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Bullseye
Owner: angel_of_heaven84
Pet Name: Jaidelyn
Breed: Chuchuana

About Bullseye:
*turns on translator, which starts to make crackling sounds*

There once was a Zafara whose (foul) breath is STILL the STUFF OF LEGEND.

I'd heard of this story from the other side of Neopia a long time ago, about a beautiful Zafara who was rejected by everyone around her because of her... gift, and therefore was forced to wander around alone. I initially dismissed the story as the sort that elderly Neopet gossips told each other, and never did I imagine that my life would be forever changed by it.

I've always lived a carefree life, in a lake surrounded by forests. There are many others who live like this. Although I feel as though I am not one of them, I suppose I actually am. Well, apart from the fact that I have different-coloured hair, I don't buy into the lie that each individual is unique and everyone is special. Titles like that should be bestowed after achievements have been made, not before.

Every now and then, I'd be taken to the Neopian market to be sold, only to find myself back in the lake soon after.

So, there I was, relaxing on the lake bed in middle of my home, when I looked up and saw the familiar ominous pink fog that had started to cover the surface of the lake.

For the first time in her life, Jaidelyn sang with all her heart. "Who made the stars, who made the sea? If you are out there, can you hear me? If every tear I cry is precious in your eye, would you come and comfort me..."

I heard a beautiful voice singing a sad song. It was calling out to me. Before long, I found myself breaking the surface of the water and swimming toward the source of that singing.

And there she sat, her eyes swollen from all that crying. She said hi and blew her pink fog into my face. Thankfully I have no nostrils, so it's just pink fog and nothing more. I greeted her by bobbing my head up and down.

The next day when she left, I left with her, and ever since then we have been travelling. During her journeys she spoke about her past, and where we're headed.

Jaidelyn is someone who gives the word unique its sparkle. Despite all that she has gone through, she is still cheerful, hopeful, and harbours no grudge against anybody. Professor Clodbottle invites her to teach soldiers how to fight pests, and there her ability is shown in all its glory. Many still shun her, but she harbours no ill will against them.

We tried looking for Jaidelyn’s old town where she was born but, being the nomadic type, her town had moved on a long time ago. Nevertheless, Jaidelyn believes that they will meet again.

Jaidelyn has often said, "When things don't go my way, I know that I can choose to be positive or negative about it. I always choose to be positive in all that I encounter," and her wisdom shall always live on in my heart.

* the translator crackles and stops working*

Ribbit ribbit ribbit?

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