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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Ploosh
Owner: austintex66
Pet Name: blu_cantrell_2004
Breed: Plushie Spyder

About Ploosh:
Hi, my name is Ploosh and I'm a Plushie Spyder. Let me tell you my life experience, and how I met the best owner in the world...

I started out as a normal Spyder, catching Vernaxes in my web. I had a nice comfy corner in a classic Neohome, whose owner was moving to the Lost Desert, until I accidentally fell off of my web and landed in a packing crate. The box was closed up, and I laid in darkness waiting for the box to open so I could escape.

My captors opened the box and, while they were not looking, I leapt out of the box and crawled out to hide behind some big black, soft, and tasty (for I was hungry) rocks, which later I was told to be doughnut holes.

After tasting the rocks, I decided they were just as good as a Vernax, so I munched what I could before I could continue. Suddenly, I then felt a cold flipper lift me up, and I could see I was heading for a large, dark cave. I hissed in delight, for I loved the darkness. I was then thrown to the ground.

"Aahh!" screamed a voice. " I just almost ate a Spyder! Squish it!"

"Relax," a booming voice said; it belonged to a large magma Tonu.

"Yeah sis, it's just a bug!" said an annoying blue Jetsam. "Let's just squish it and be done."
Then, out of nowhere, a grey hoof appeared in front of me.

It was a grey Moehog. He was wearing a monocle in his left eye, a green Asparagus Scarf, a belt of gears, a similar type of pocket watch, and a green cane in his other hoof. "Hey there," he said in a dreary, monotone voice, one that spoke of wisdom beyond it's years. I hissed at the figure of the grey Moehog, but was curious at what he would do.

"So, you hungry? I saw you leap from one of the packing boxes. Do you want some of this?" the Moehog asked. He broke apart the boulder that I had tasted and set it in front of me, which I quickly gobbled up. "Hey, so you like it then? Good."

"Eww, how can you like that thing... it's so creepy!" said a magma Koi, which I identified as the voice that screamed.

I stuck my tongue out at the Koi and blew a raspberry. "Hahaha," the Moehog chuckled. "He has a sense of humor too! My name is blu_cantrell_2004, but you can call me Blu," Blu said. I stared at him, looking at the kindness behind the dreary outward appearance. I saw a Neopet that had a soul yearning for freedom, and a friend. "Would you like to stay with us?" Blu asked.

Yes I said to myself in a hiss. I would like a home with you.

"Good, then you shall be my Petpet. what do you think?" he said.

What?!? I hissed. Can you understand me?

"Yes. I'm an inventor, and one of my creations is a Petpet translator," he replied. "I think that we are gonna get along quite well, my friend."

Yes I hissed in agreement. Yes, we were.

Two weeks later and he had an offer for me.

"Would you like a change in color my friend, something that would make you more approachable?" Blu asked me one day.

What do you have in mind? I hissed in reply, now used to someone who could understand me.

"How about snow?"




"How about plushie?"

Hmm... yes.

"Okay, then!"

Before I knew it, I now stood in front of a small puddle of colorful rainbow water. "Well, here we go!" Blu said, dipping the Plushie Paint Brush he bought and painting the color onto me. "Well, you look amazing!" he said, holding up a mirror for me to see.

Yes, I do look good! I said.

How about a new name with your new look? he asked me.

Sure I eagerly replied.

"Ploosh?" he suggested.

Yeah... I replied.

"Ploosh it is, then!"

Now I live with the best owner in the world!

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