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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Resurrection
Owner: angel_of_heaven84
Pet Name: Angelitzcuintli
Breed: Nedler

About Resurrection:
In the beginning, when Neopets was created, I was birthed into existence.

Then I was alone, physically and emotionally. Suspended in the molten core of a travelling comet, the world surrounding me was hot and dark. There I was, with my eyes sealed shut, curled into a little ball. Suspended, floating in a liquid space. There was nothing to do, and nothing I could do, and so I slept on and on for a duration that could probably span eons.

Finally, one day, the change that I had been quietly anticipating finally arrived. In the 22nd day of Relaxing, Year 9, the comet that I called my home had crash landed on the moon of Kreludor and become a meteor.

Ever since then, life became a lot less quiet, or peaceful, I should say. Many from all around Neopia would come and poke my home with a stick, hoping to get a prize. Even with my eyes closed, from time to time I could see a glimmer of light when the meteor cracked open. Unfortunately, the light did not last long, as the exposed molten core would harden under the cold air on the Kreludor moon, and darkness filled my life once again. Each time I saw the glimmer, for some reason it got brighter and brighter, as if I was moving from the darkness into the light.

That fateful day came in Year 10 when the light was so bright that I felt swallowed by it, and I felt myself fall onto solid ground for the first time ever. My surrounding was much cooler. Slowly, I opened my eyes and saw someone standing over me with a stick in her hand. A great pair of wings grew from her back, and her crown shone.

She knelt down, and with the sweetest of voices, said, "Hello, I am Angel the Enlightened. If it is knowledge and wisdom that you seek, then please, follow me. I will guide and protect you." I didn't really know what she was talking about, but I really wanted to follow her and grow as strong and powerful as I could get.

We travelled around Neopia many, many times to gain experience and knowledge... from the heights of Faerieland (long before it literally dove south in Year 13 – The Faerie’s Ruin) to the depths of Moltara, we've been to every single continent apart from Lutari Island.

All this while I've stayed by her side, and have trusted her completely. Sometimes she hands me tasks and challenges that I do not understand, but finally those tasks made me a stronger Nedler. Under the shadow of her wings, I feel safe. Most importantly, though, I am no longer alone. She saw strength in me that I, myself, couldn't see.

Physically, I am exactly the same as when I first left my meteor, my old home. Deep down, however, I know my encounter with my master Angel has changed my life forever, and I am thankful for our special friendship and eternal bond.

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