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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Almost Whittled
Owner: blazingcatwings
Pet Name: Geosamatic
Breed: Mutant Fir

About Almost Whittled:
It's a scary business, living in a swamp. Such is how the tale of a most fortunate Mutant Fir begins.

His story starts in a little forgotten marsh nestled in the far reaches of The Forgotten Shore. The Fir didn't remember how he got there. Perhaps he simply drifted ashore, like the old piece of driftwood he was. He was a wanderer now, inching about on his little root-feet exploring.

The Fir often marveled at the trees. The tall, tall trees that towered all about him! He wondered if he could become one someday, but no, that was silly. After all, he was a Petpet, and Petpets -- no matter the species -- simply didn't turn into trees.

That didn't stop him from trying, though. One day the Fir, bored of his wanderings, dug his little feet into the ground and tried to take root. He squinted his eyes and clenched his little branch-hands from the effort, but despite his best attempts, nothing happened. He grumbled and tore his little roots out of the ground. Just then, the soil gave way beneath him, and the too-close river spilled over and touched him. Suddenly the little Fir was carried away by the current!

The river carried him out of the swamp, on and on and finally into a cave. The little Fir was helpless, kicking meekly with his tiny wooden limbs only to create small splashes. It was only by miraculous luck that something picked him out of the water.

A marvelous mechanical hand grasped itself around the Fir and pulled him from the water. The Fir could hear the whir of gears and pistons from within the metal marvel, so much more complex than he. It put him down on a sandy bank, and now the Fir had a better look at his savior.

It was a robot Krawk! He had a wild, pearly grin on his metal face. Glassy green eyes flared out from his head. Olive, gold, and silver armor caught light from the far-off entrance of the cave. He waggled his tail and tilted his expressionless head, looking the Petpet over.

"Hmm, now what shall you be?" he whined in a monotone voice. The voice seemed almost giddy despite its mechanical tone. With half a mind the Krawk turned the Fir around and around in the sand, observing him. Why was he doing that? As the Krawk turned the Fir, the Petpet got a better look at his surroundings. The cave walls were decorated with tiny, wooden figurines. They added a whimsical feel to an otherwise dismal place. The curious wooden eyes of a Xepru stared at the Fir from across the sand, an Airax just beside it. Petpets of every name and form dotted the cavern walls, their poses and profiles etched forever on old pieces of driftwood. They were so lifelike and charming, the Fir almost forgot what it meant.

This Krawk was a whittler, and he was next for carving!

The little Petpet squealed and shook, eyeing the Krawk's glinted metal claws, thinking what they had in store for him. No, no! He didn't want to be carved! Frantically the Petpet waddled away, trying to escape.

"Oh, no you don't!" the Krawk said while smiling deviously, grabbing the slow creature once more. "You're going to be a Scamander! I've made up my mind."

The Fir stared up with terrified red eyes and whimpered. He didn't want to be whittled by this deranged machine. He shook his head and yelped out pleadings, opening his tiny mouth to futilely gnaw on the Krawk's metal hand. To his dismay, all he got in response was a giggle, hollow and mechanical like its owner.

"This driftwood has some spirit in it, eh?" the Krawk said and then laughed, showing a lot more personality than the Fir ever thought a robot could have. To the Petpet's relief, the Krawk set him down on the sand once more. He slumped over and stared at him, maniacal metal teeth flashing with every word.

The Fir, still shaking, awaited a response. Finally the Krawk spoke. "Bah, you're already a Petpet, so I guess making you look like one would be redundant, eh?" The Krawk smiled. "You can stay here, if ye want." The petpet's eyes perked at the words. "I have lots of wooden Petpets, but never a Petpet MADE of wood, heheh. Does that make sense?"

The Fir squealed quietly and looked at his new owner, confused.

"Oh well, it doesn't matter, you can be my Fir from now on." Another bout of laughter sent the Krawk on his back, rolling about in the sand. "I can't believe I almost whittled you!"

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