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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Cerebette
Owner: vonsio
Breed: Plushie Chuchuana

About Cerebette:
"Good evening, unfortunate Neopian. I see that you have stumbled across my humble (and obviously secret) abode... the cardboard box is merely a disguise, of course. As is my deceptive appearance, for plushies are the most deadly force on this planet. My adorable and cuddly exterior hides far darker motives than you can conceive.

Tonight I am going to gift you with the dubious honour of hearing the story of the most dangerous and notorious criminal in Neopian history... me.

Oh, I could talk all night about the horrifying deeds I have committed: my dastardly heist upon the Giant Omelette, the many times I have stolen from the Money Tree, or the day that I plundered lost gold from the Forgotten Shore. Such a talent for evildoing has never been seen before -- the villains and Meepits of the world have been given a run for their money, I can assure you.

Where do I begin in the life of such an extraordinary Petpet like myself? From the early days I suppose... though I may have to be quick, as you won't have long before I feed you to my tank of Arkmites. I have, of course, made sure that they are famished...

My life began in the dark, dank tunnels of the Tomb of Geraptiku, where I spent my days living off insects and attacking any naive Neopets that crossed my path. Their stupidity made me realise how much better the world would be with me ruling it, and after a few years I grew tired of the small world I had grown up in. I longed for a new life outside, and in the shadows, I began to plan my escape and the world domination that would follow.

My chance at freedom appeared when a young Bori crossed my path (or rather fell through a trapdoor and squashed me) and brought me outside. ARES was his name, and he shared my dream of spreading evil throughout the land. From that day forward he became my minion, and thus far he has served me well. We now travel the land, spreading darkness, disorder, and annoyance wherever we go. I have also found allies in his older sister, as well as other Petpets in my little family that wish to aid me in taking over the world. I am now in a comfortable position of power and can find the items I need to become the ruler of Neopia!

Now that my tale is complete, I'm afraid that your time is up. I've told you too much of my plans already. I only need to press a button to drop you into the tank... hmm, I could have sworn that it was on the coffee table earlier. Now, where did I put it...


ARES, Go away! I am trying to silence a prisoner!

"What are you doing with that fish tank?"


"Well, come on! I'm going to go visit the Brain Tree again!"

I shall deal with you another day, Neopet. Know that you have had a lucky escape. However, you will bow before The Dark Lord of Plushies soon enough...

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