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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Hera
Owner: _the_spardel_queen_
Pet Name: QueenAphridite
Breed: Plushie Faellie

About Hera:
"Hello there! Do you have an appointment?" The royal Aisha receptionist says to you as you enter the shop.

"Yes, my new Petpet Mew is here for a makeover from Hera. I found her while walking to the mall; the poor thing was rummaging through garbage cans looking for food," you say as you hold up a Pink Kadoatie.

"How adorable!" the Aisha says as she reaches her hand out to give Mew a Kadoatie treat. "Don't you worry, she will be in good hands. Hera will do a deep clean, including shampoo, conditioning, exfoliation, and fur and nail trimming, pampering little Mew like she is a princess! You are free to come around back and have a seat if you would like, or you can stay out here in the lobby."

"I would like to be seated with Mew, if you don't mind; she is still a little scared and I want to be with her to ensure her she is in good hands."

"No problem. Right this way!" she says as she leads you down the hallway to your right. You pass a certificate on the wall that says "Neopia Central's Best Petpet Beautician," and another that says "Best Customer Service in Neopia Central." The rest of the wall is covered in framed Neopian Times five-star review clippings.

Hmm... I'm glad I chose this place instead of Balthazar Salon... you think to yourself.

"Here we are! This is the bamboo room, one of our most peaceful and relaxing rooms in the spa," the Aisha says, holding the door open for you. You look around and notice the running water fountain and the soft and subtle music playing in the background.

"Here is a chair for you... and I will take Mew for you," she says as she reaches out to pick her up. "You can sit right here Mew, and Hera will be in momentarily. Would you like any coffee or water?"

"Water would be great, thank you," you say to her. She nods her head and exits the room. Moments later she returns with an ice-cool glass of water and a side plate with mint and freshly-cut lemon wedges. Just as she exits the room, a small little Petpet walks in.

"Squeak squeak, squeakety squeak squeak," she says to Mew. You can't understand anything, but Mew sure seems to.

"Mew mew mew, mew mew," she responds back.

You watch in amazement as the two communicate. After a few minutes of chatting, Hera takes Mew to the corner of the room and begins to scrub her clean with soapy water. You giggle to yourself as Mew makes a sad and wide-eyed face while she gets soaking wet from the water. Hera works in the soap and warm water until all of the dirt and grime is out of the little Kadoatie's coat. She then shampoos and conditions the fur, rinses off Mew, and dries her off with a towel and leads her back to her hair cutter's chair.

You pick up and begin reading the latest issue of The Neopian Times; the article about the Altador Cup and ways to save Neopoints this summer intrigues you. You look up and watch as Hera works her magic on Mew. You finish the article and then reach out for something else to read, picking up a pamphlet about the Hera Spa and beginning to read.

"The Hera Spa was created in Year 12, during the month of Relaxing. It was founded by Hera, a Plushie Faellie, with help from her owner QueenAphridite.

Hera trained for years under the Grooming Parlor Usul, learning all of her tips and tricks and becoming the first Petpet to operate a full-service spa in Neopia Central. Hera is known land-wide for her exceptional services and spectacular skills.

Hera's Spa offers a wide array of services! We love to make your Petpet happy, so we offer them at low and affordable prices. Check out our prices and find out about how to get special member discounts.

Want to hear some feedback from some of our clientele?

'Hera's Spa is simply the best spa in Neopia. You can't beat the low price and the great service you get!'--The Faerie Queen

'Petpets are wonderful creatures who deserve to be pampered every once in a while. Hera's makes it easy for you to give them a day at the spa, with flexible scheduling and great prices. Thank you!'--Princess Amira"

You finish reading the pamphlet and look up at your Kadoatie. She is gorgeous! Her fur is sparkling, her eyes are glistening, and she looks so relaxed! Hera adds the final touch, a brand new white collar with a gold name tag around the neck of the Kadoatie.

"Squeak squeak!" she says to Mew.

"Mew mew mew!" she responds back.

Mew jumps off the chair and runs to you, leaping into your arms in a warm, tender embrace. You hug your Kadoatie tight and thank the little Faellie for everything, then walk out and pay for the service.

The Aisha picks up Hera in her arms and says, "Goodbye! Thank you for coming to Hera's! We hope to see you again soon!"

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