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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Promise
Owner: stemmed
Pet Name: cutiebun444
Breed: Faerie Pofew

About Promise:
"What would he do without me?" I ask myself that every day as I float up to Cutiebun444's bedroom to wake him up.

Oh! Excuse me, where are my manners? My name is Promise, and I am a very special Petpet. Not because I am a Pofew and not because I am painted faerie, but because I belong to a rather absentminded little Cybunny named Cutiebun444, or Cutie for short. For such a little fellow, Cutie sure can get into a ton of trouble! Rather than hear me ramble on and on, however, how about I tell you about the most special day I've ever had with my Neopet owner?

Well, MY day began when the sun rose over the hills and shone into our Neopia Central home. Cutie, on the other hand, would've slept until noon if I had let him, but no-can-do! There were dailies to be done and adventures to be had! First, I prepared a delicious meal of carrot soup for Cutie with a side of carrot juice and his favorite, Cybunny Negg cookies! Then it was off to wake up the sleepy head!

Usually at this time, his snores could still be heard throughout the house. What a lazy bunny! It used to be so difficult to wake him, but as time has passed I'd figured out what worked. Cutie can sleep through all of his alarms and no amount of banging and clanging will wake him, either, BUT just opening his bedroom door and letting the sweet scent of breakfast waft in is enough to have him merrily springing out of bed! Hee hee, sometimes the simplest way is what works best, so I gently nudged his door open and flapped my wings so that the tasty smell of the carrot soup met his little Cybunny nose.

And just as if by a magic spell, his eyes opened wide and he bounced out of bed! I was greeted with a hasty "Mornin', Promise!" as he dashed for the kitchen in a whirlwind of fur and speed, his favorite plushie in tow. When I finally made it back downstairs, he was finishing up his his soup.

"Mmm, Promise! You've outdone yourself this time!" he exclaimed, just like he does every morning as he's licking the extra soup from his mouth. Hee hee, it really gives me a great feeling to see him enjoy my cooking so much! After breakfast, Cutie and I got ready to set out for our dailies. Before we left, however, I reminded him (like I always do) to take his Adventure Bag! I never forget to pack a little snack in the bag, a map of Neopia that shows all of our destinations, and Muffins, Cutie's favorite Red Cybunny Plushie. Cutie would never goes anywhere without Muffins! I remember when he lost that tattered old thing and he cried for a week! Needless to say I had to go find it, BAH!

After the adventure bag was all packed, we headed out the door, ready to face Neopia! First on our map was the Snowager. Visiting him is always the scariest thing ever, but Cutie loves the thrill of pilfering a piece of treasure. Most of the time he gets something nice, but today...

ROARRRRR!!! That scary Snowager blasted Cutie with a face full of ice! Ouch! Whenever the Snowager blasts him, we get to go to one of MY favorite places, the Healing Springs.

I love going to see the Healing Springs faerie; she's so smart and kind and, believe it or not, she's a great cook. While Cutie thaws out in the spring, she and I can swap recipes! It's wonderful; I am always sad to leave.

The final stop on our daily map is usually a place that both of us enjoy, Coltzan's Shrine. Although we have to cross the Lost Desert to get there, it is worth it! The place is so magical, every time that we go there the ghost king, Coltzan, rewards us... and today was no different! We got a pretty lens that magnifies the light beautifully when the sun hits it.

After our dailies are all done, we usually head home for a yummy dinner and some games. On this day, however, as I turned toward home, Cutie called to me, saying, "Promise! W-wait, there is one more stop I want to make before going home."

Something about the uncertainty in Cutie's voice scared me a little, but I followed him as we headed away from our home. After some time, we arrive at the Money Tree. We hadn't been here in ages! I hardly recognized the old tree, what with his new look and all, but he still had that same benevolent smile.

I snapped out of my daze at the sound of Cutie rummaging through our Adventure Bag. Items flew here and there and then...

"Ahah! I found 'im!" Cutie resurfaced from the bag with Muffins. It took me a few moments to realize what exactly was going on as Cutie stepped in front of the Money Tree with Muffins in hand. He was giving up Muffins?!? How could this be? He loved that tattered old plushie to pieces. I rushed to him in an effort to stop him, flapping my wings frantically. If he gave up Muffins now, the tears would never stop!

As if he had read my mind, Cutie said, "Promise, I bet you're surprised to see Muffins go, huh? Well, the truth is, I've been thinking about this a lot lately, how much I've been needing him less and less with each passing day. I'm not so scared anymore; I go on many fun adventures and make lots of new friends. I don't think I could have done any of that without you. You've made me into a better Cybunny. Now, I think it's time that Muffins helped out some Neopet that isn't lucky enough to have a Petpet as great as you."

With that, Cutie gave his most beloved plushie to the Money Tree and then turned to leave. At that moment, I saw my silly little absent minded Cybunny owner grow up just a little, and I was proud to be his Petpet.

That moment lasted all but five seconds, as he tripped on one of the Money Tree’s roots and cried out as his face met the ground. I rushed to help him up and, as I did, he beamed at me and said, "What would I do without you, Promise? What would I do without you?"

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