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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Jimmy
Owner: bluebellzz
Pet Name: medis
Breed: Vacana

About Jimmy:
Heya there, Neopians! My name's Medis, and I'm a baby kougra. I live in the Brightvale countryside with my family, on a farm that raises lots of different kinds of Petpets. Of all the Petpets we have here, my favourite are the Vacanas, and of all the Vacanas, my favourite is a little brownish red one. I call him Jimmy, and he's my very own Petpet. He's a funny lookin' thing, who always looks like he has a big grin on his face. He's also got long hair that goes right over his eyes, and he's always bumpin' into things because of it. My dad and me try to trim it all the time, but it just keeps on growing. It's almost like it was meant to be like that.

Even though he looks kinda goofy, and he is sorta clumsy, I love my Vacana Jimmy. He's super smart in his own way, and sometimes it seems like he can read my mind. Lemme tell you a story about something he did last Valentine's Day.

So you know how, on February 14th, Neopians are always giving their friends cards they call "Valentines"? Well, I always thought it was pretty silly... until I met my best friend Reyela. She loved the holiday, and as soon as the Day of Giving was over, she was going crazy getting all ready, making hearts out of paper and stringing them up like garlands, drawing pictures of weird little creatures with wings, buying candy and decorating everything in different shades of red and pink. Of course, at first I thought she'd gone nuts. Why did she think this day was so important? What was so much fun about makin' those silly little pink and red heart-shaped cards? I then started paying attention to what she said about them.

"Fiffle is going to love this! I taped some of his favourite doggy biscuits to the inside."

"I can't wait to give this to my papa. I bet he's going to love it! I drew a picture of me and him on it."

"Purple is Aunt Darcy's favourite colour, so I did her card in purple. She's going to be so happy when she gets this!"

I realized that making Valentines was Reyela's way of showing those she loved that she cared about them. She made special ones for each one of them, knowin' how happy they would make them... and that gave me an idea. If Neopians gave cards to those they cared about on February 14th, then I was gonna give my best friend the greatest card ever.

So, I made one. It didn't look like other valentines. It was shaped like a heart, but I was so tired of seeing pink and red that I decided to make it blue. I cut two holes in the top and strung a purple ribbon through them, and then I tied the ribbon in a bow. On the inside I wrote a little poem, and by the time the card was finished, I was convinced my paws were good for nothin' but raking and hoeing, and taking care of Vacanas. I was downright embarrassed by how it had turned out. So embarrassed, in fact, that I didn't even have the nerve to give it to Reyela. I was so upset. I really wanted to make her happy, and I had failed.

Now, you're probably wondering when Jimmy comes into this story. I forgot to mention that I was in the barn when I was making the card. What? You think that's weird? I like it in there; in fact, it's where I spend most of my time. Anyway, it turns out that Jimmy was watching the whole time.

"I guess she won't be getting a card from her best friend this year."

Jimmy picked up the card in his mouth and tried to get me to take it.

"What do you mean I should give it to her? She'll think it's some kind of joke. Her cards are so much better than mine."

With the valentine still in his mouth, he shoved his big Vacana head into my hand.

"I wanna give it to her, Jimmy," I told him. "But what if she doesn't like it?"

I thought he had given up when he turned around and walked away with the card. I should have known better. Jimmy knew I was the shy type of Neopet, and that even if I'd made the world's best card, I never would have given it to her. I guess that's why he decided to take matters into his own hooves.

I wish I could have been there when he was walking down the road to Reyela's house. I can just imagine the neighbours' faces when they saw a Vacana all by himself, proudly marching through the streets with his head held high, carrying a blue piece of paper in his mouth. It must have been quite a sight for someone who doesn't know my Jimmy!

What I really wish I could have been there for is when Jimmy knocked on Reyela's door.

"Jimmy! What are you doing here?" I'm sure she would have said.

Jimmy probably would have handed -- or rather, mouthed -- my valentine to her.

Reyela then might have said: "From Medis? But I thought he didn't like Valentine's Day!"

I'm not sure what happened next, but Reyela must have been really happy with her card, because when Jimmy got home that day he was carrying a card she had made for me! It was dark blue and heart shaped, and on the front there was a picture of a reddish brown Vacana with hair that went right over his eyes. On the inside there was a rhyme, which went something like this:

I made this special card for you, my best and truest friend,
I sent it home with Jimmy just to keep up with the trend
I hope you like your heart-shaped card as much as I like mine,
From this year on, we'll always share Vacana valentines!

I laughed like I hadn't laughed in a long time, and Jimmy smiled his big goofy grin. I told Reyela when I saw her the next day that I wasn't even gonna give her the card. That I was too afraid to give it to her, and that it was Jimmy's idea to bring it to her himself. She couldn't get over how clever he was! She said she had known he was smart since she first saw him herd Babaas, but now she thinks he's some kind of Vacana genius! She still had one question, though.

"How did he get all the way to my house without being able to see anything?"

The answer to that will always be a mystery, but the point is, he did it and he did it for me. Jimmy and I are just connected somehow. We understand each other so well, it's like we're the same person. That makes me think of another question, though... does that mean I'm part Vacana?

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