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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Ukin
Owner: frogfrog109
Pet Name: Niku
Breed: Plumpy

About Ukin:
Ukin awoke to the sound of voices. He opened one eye, keeping the other shut, in case he could possibly fall asleep once again after this whole ordeal was over. It was a well-known fact that curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, it just happened to wake it from a nice nap. The light was rather blinding, however, and he could not see who had spoken. Not knowing what was going on around him made him rather grumpy.

The fact that he was woken up from a wonderful nap made him grumpy as well.

Actually, many things made him grumpy. Ukin was very rarely a happy creature, and his attitude was the whole reason he was sleeping in this Petpet shop. His previous owners had given him up as a kitten because he wasn't as lively and energetic as the other Angelpi. In fact, because he was so different from the other Angelpi, he was given his own new species. He was a Plumpy, and that didn't make him happy at all.

He shook his head, trying to get rid of the depressing thoughts in his mind. He lay his head back down on his front paws and shut both his eyes tight in an attempt to resume his nap.

"Aww, he's so adorable! Please, can we have him? Pretty please?"

Oh great, he thought. The voices are back. Ukin repositioned his ears to listen better to the conversation.

"No, Niku... I told you, you had a pet Warf a few years ago, and what happened to him? He..."

"It wasn't my fault he ran away! Besides, he was very lively and energetic, and you and I clearly know that neither of us are like that. This Angelpuss, however, is perfect!"

Half listening, Ukin drifted closer and closer to the nap he had left only moments ago, readjusting his paws. Whoever was talking wanted to adopt one of the many happy, lively, annoying Angelpi this place offered. Good, he thought.

He was much too lazy to consider that this voice probably didn't want an Angelpi that was lively and energetic.

"Hello, may I help you?"

Ukin heard the unmistakable voice of the Petpet shopkeeper. She was a cheerful (too cheerful for his liking, anyway) Usul who had inherited the store from her mother, who was also much too cheery. Ukin knew that the shopkeeper liked him, but he also was aware of the fact that she was desperately trying to sell him to a family. He'd seen the price tag next to his basket drop steadily ever since he arrived months ago.

Ukin, you've got to stop letting your mind wander, he said to himself. Just relax, let your mind empty, and get back to sleep...

"Yes, I would like to adopt an Angelpuss!"

"An Angelpuss? Oh, okay... all of my Angelpi are kept over there, next to the--"

"No, I want this one! I want the one that's sleeping in the basket over there!"

He froze. There were no other Angelpi sleeping in a basket. They were talking about him. That voice was talking about him. Whatever happiness he may have had left in him vanished. I don't want a family, he thought, I just want to have a nice, peaceful nap... is that too much to ask? He dared himself to open an eye. His eyesight was in much better focus; he could see an Aisha pointing right at him, and the shopkeeper standing next to the Aisha in surprise.

He closed his eye again and shoved his head back deeper into his soft fur. Don't pay any attention, Ukin, they'll leave eventually.

"This one? Little girl, are you sure you don't want to check out the other Angelpi over there?"

"I'm sure. I want the one over there! I want that Angelpi!"

"He's actually known as a Plumpy..."

"Very well, then. I want that Plumpy!"

No you don't, Ukin thought to himself. You don't want me; nobody wants me.

The shopkeeper's voice rang out again. "Hmm... well, okay. It's about time he went to a home, anyway. Would you like to hold him?"

The temperature around Ukin seemed to drop a couple of degrees. He started to mentally plead for help from Queen Fyora, King Altador, or just about anybody at all. There were many things he disliked (as he was naturally a very unhappy Plumpy), but if you asked him to choose one thing he disliked the most, it was being held.

He could almost feel the shadow draping over the top of him, and only a few seconds later, he felt himself being lifted from his basket. He opened his eyes and looked at the shopkeeper, who was now holding him. He made his best attempt at an angry meow, to show that he did not like what was going on. Ukin also attempted squirming around a bit, to try and wriggle himself out of the Usul's paws. His attempts were in vain, however, simply because he was much too large and the shopkeeper's grip was much too strong.

This made him even grumpier.

"Aww, how cute, he likes it!" the shopkeeper said.

How can you be so oblivious? he thought to himself.

The shopkeeper handed him to the Aisha, who surprisingly was much better at holding Petpets than the Usul. Ukin finally got a chance to look at the Neopet who wanted to adopt him... and he was rather surprised.

She was a young Aisha, probably not much older than 11 or 12. Her brunette hair was held back with a headband, and the dress she was wearing was a light shade of pink. She was looking at him and smiling with a grin that could warm the deepest caverns of Terror Mountain. For a moment, Ukin felt himself warm with... what was that emotion? Was it... happiness? Joy? He quickly looked away. He could not allow himself to get so happy because of the Aisha.

He still wasn't quite sure why this Aisha wanted him. She didn't look like a Neopian who wanted a grumpy, lazy little Plumpy like himself. Are you sure you don't want to check out all of the doglefoxes over there? he asked in his thoughts. He knew he wasn't going to get a response, but he was still rather curious.

The girl started stroking the fur on the back of his head. For a moment he felt it necessary to purr, but then he stopped himself. After all, he was still mad that his nap had been interrupted by this same Neopet.

"Oh, he's wonderful! I want to adopt him, mom! Right now!"

"Niku, are you sure you don't want to look at the other Petpets in this store, or come back another day?"

"I'm sure! I want this Petpet; I want this Plumpy!"

Niku's mom sighed, which gave him the impression that she had lost the argument and that he was going to be adopted. Today.

He was going to be adopted.

He was...

Ukin started to struggle against Niku's arms, in a desperate attempt for freedom. He even tried using his undersized wings, which were much too small to support his Plumpy self. He meowed once again and tried to make it clear that he did not want to have to do anything with this family.

"Whoa there, Plumpy! It's alright, it's alright. Don't be scared, you're soon going to be my Plumpy. We're going to be best friends forever! Doesn't that sound wonderful, Plumpy?"

He stopped struggling and looked back up at Niku. There she was again, doing the thing where she melted hearts by smiling, and she was doing a successful job at melting his... before he could stop himself, he felt his cheek rub against her arm.

"Aww, he likes me! He really likes me!"

The shopkeeper was stunned. She stood there, surprised by the fact that this grumpy Plumpy was actually, well, happy. She scratched her head, and said, "Wow, I've never seen anything like it. You know what? You can have him. For free. No adoption fees needed, he's yours."

Niku gasped, and said, "Really? Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

While she said this she jumped up and down, shaking Ukin and bringing him back to his grumpy self. He felt himself get dizzy, and made a desperate meow once again.

She stopped bouncing, and said, "Oh yeah... sorry, Plumpy."

The shopkeeper held back a chuckle, and then said, "In case you were wondering, that Plumpy's name is Ukin. Isn't that so ironic?"

"Really?" Niku asked, then looked at the Plumpy in her arms and giggled as well. "That's so funny! Isn't it, Ukin?"

Ukin did not hear what Niku had said, however. After all, he'd been awoken from a rather nice nap only a few moments ago. He had fallen back asleep, right in Niku's arms.

Niku said, "Aww, how adorable!" She then raised Ukin to her face and nuzzled the back of his head with her cheek.

Ukin may have fallen asleep, but there was no mistaking what he did next. The shopkeeper gasped and stared at the Plumpy, for she was now seeing what she thought Ukin would never do, what he would never have done as a grumpy animal... he purred.

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