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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Biscuit
Owner: cheesecakezz
Pet Name: Elbele
Breed: Warf

About Biscuit:
Hey there! I'm Elbele, and this is-- oh, wait. *Elbele runs around the corner and comes back holding a Warf wearing a red Santa hat* You can't run off during your Petpet Spotlight! Haha... ahem, I'm Elbele, and this is my Petpet, Biscuit. Biscuit is here to tell you a bit about himself, but since he can only speak Petpet language, I'll be doing the talking. *Biscuit barks in the direction of the Christmas tree* Hmm, unfortunately I don't speak Petpet, so I'm not positive what he's saying, but I think he wants me to tell you that he was my Christmas present last year. *Biscuit wags his tail* Also, I'm guessing he wants me to tell you the story of how that came to be. Alrighty, then!

Well, I'd always wanted a Petpet, but because I was living in an orphanage, that wasn't possible. When I came to work here at Annie's Bed and Breakfast, however, they said that Petpets were allowed, as long as the owners were one hundred percent responsible for them. I'll admit I wasn't exactly what they called "responsible" when I first got here. I slept late, didn't always look my best, and made a few messes trying to make my job as a maid more interesting... well, one day I got fed up with being yelled at and decided that I had to work harder. Over time, I actually became a better employee. I kept my daydreaming until after hours, only took food from the kitchen when I was supposed to, and even got up early to help with extra chores. Annie, my boss, said she saw a huge difference in me, and we started to become friends. That year, she invited me to spend Christmas with her and her family. I had told her all about how I wanted a Petpet, but I was still in shock when I was presented with a wiggling Petpet-sized box!

"Annie, you didn't!"

"Open it and see!"

I untied the bow on the green and red striped box and, before I could open the lid, it was knocked off by a Warf popping his head out!

"You got me a Warf puppy!" I screamed like a little kid and hugged my new puppy. It was then that I learned that hard work really did pay off!

*Biscuit barks and wags his tail* Ever since I got Biscuit, I've done my best to take care of him. Sometimes he's hard to handle, 'cause he's so hyper. He needs to be walked at least four times a day, which I don't have time for, so I got him a treadmill and taught him how to turn it on. He hasn't figured out how to turn it off himself yet, so me or one of the other staff has to do it for him. We don't mind, though. It's better than having him run wild around the building. Isn't that right, boy? *Biscuit scratches at a present, trying to unwrap it* No, don't do that!

Yeeeah, so he can be quite the little bundle of trouble, but still he's better than any Petpet I could've ever imagined. He's my best friend. We've been through so much together, and we've had so much fun. I'm looking forward to another great Christmas with Biscuit, and many more after that!

Well, I promised to help bake cookies, so I'd better get going. *Biscuit licks Elbele's face* Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Biscuit and I thank you for reading his Petpet Spotlight, and we wish you a very merry holiday season!

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