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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Bob
Owner: dewdropzz
Pet Name: Claare
Breed: Plushie Warf

About Bob:
The white Aisha whistled happily to herself as she skipped down the sidewalk, bright green purse in hand. She was heading to the Toy Shop, to spend the 3,000 Neopoints she'd made from babysitting earlier that day. The Aisha's friend, a baby Xweetok with pinkish fur, trotted along behind her.

"So what are you going to buy, Claare?" the Xweetok, whose name was Zami, asked.

"Hmm.. I think I'll get a new plushie for my collection."

Zami laughed. "You mean a plushie exists that you don't already have?"

The Aisha loved plushies, just as much as she loved everyone and everything in Neopia. She had many collections, but none were as big or as impressive as her plushie collection.

"I heard they were getting Petpet ones in today. I only have nine of those!"

Why anyone needed so many was beyond Zami, but she wasn't going to question. She was used to her friend's odd habits. At least she had given up collecting triangles...

"Here we are!"

The two Neopets were now outside the Toy Shop, gazing excitedly into the window.

"Come on, let's go in!"

Claare darted through the door and was across the shop before her friend knew what was happening.

"They have them! Look, Zami!"

Sitting on a shelf at the back of the shop were plushies of Petpets of all different paint brush colours. Hung above the shelf was a sign that said "ALL PETPET PLUSHIES -- 3,000 NEOPOINTS." They had toy Symols, Pandaphants, Puppyblews, Angelpi, Doglefoxes... the one that caught Claare's huge blue eye, however, was a chubby Plushie Warf Plushie that looked like it was sleeping.

"Aww, look at this adorable little guy!"

She scooped it up in her arms and was preparing to bring it to the checkout when...

"Uh, Claare? D-Did that toy just open its eyes?"


The toy HAD opened its eyes, and was now trying to bury its head in Claare's coat!

"This isn't a plushie!"

Indeed, it was not. What Claare held in her arms was a real live Warf. It was looking up at her with its round black eyes and blinking sleepily.

"How did a real Petpet get in here?"

"Let's go ask the shopkeeper if they know anything."

The Aisha and Xweetok took the Petpet to the checkout desk and explained what happened to the clerk.

"Someone brought that Warf plushie, or rather, plushie Warf, here few hours ago. They said they found it just sitting on the sidewalk, and figured some kid ran off with it and dumped it out there to cause trouble," the shopkeeper explained.

"He was just sitting there? You don't think he's hurt, do you?"

"He doesn't seem to be. When the person brought him in, actually, he was sleeping. They must have found him like that to think he was a plushie."

Zami giggled. "Imagine how tired he must be to sleep through all that! Another Petpet would have been terrified!"

"But what was he doing out there? Do you think someone abandoned him?" Claare wondered.

"However he got there, he can't stay here. This shop isn't equipped for keeping Petpets."

Claare was worried. She had already gotten attached to the chubby little Warf. What was going to happen to him, now that we wasn't a plushie anymore? She had an idea.

"In that case, I'd like to buy him from you." She handed over a small bag of Neopoints.
"I'm afraid I can't sell you anything that isn't a toy. Plushie Warfs are worth much more than Warf plushies."

"He was on the shelf at the back that said '3,000 Neopoints.'" Zami brought the sign to show the shopkeeper, who appeared to be deep in thought.

"You girls are right," the clerk decided, accepting Claare's 3,000 NP.

A few minutes later, the girls were waving goodbye and starting on their way home. Claare was cradling her new Petpet, who had fallen asleep again.

"Do you know what you're going to call him?" her friend asked.

I'm not sure. It has to be perfect."

"How about Patches? He looks like a Patches."

No, there are probably a billion plushie Warfs named that. I want it to be something original. Original and fitting... and cute."

"What about Sleepy, then?"

"I hope he's not tired all the time. A name like 'Sleepy' might encourage him to be lazy."

"How about Mr. Fluffinstuff?"

"Nah... it's a cute name, but it's kind of long and, well, how would you feel if you had to go through life being called Mr. Fluffinstuff?"

Zami wasn't sure what kind of name Claare was looking for. She didn't want a silly name, but she wanted it to be original. She didn't want something that described the Warf, but she wanted something fitting. She also didn't want it to be too long.

"Why don't you just call him Bob, then?" she said sarcastically.

"That's a great idea, Zami! I'll call him Bob! It's the perfect name. It's not long, not an adjective, and it really suits him! Also, it's such a common name, I bet nobody would call their Petpet that! Everyone wants to be original, you know."

Zami was surprised, though she knew she shouldn't be. Claare's way of thinking wasn't quite the same as most peoples', after all.

"Bob," the Aisha repeated the name. "My own Petpet, Bob."

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