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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Gabriel
Owner: silvergullmon77
Pet Name: Ciare
Breed: 유칼리

About Gabriel:
In a cottage in a village by a river, there lives a Draik who loves flowers.

The Draik is very small, and very shy, but she is also very sweet. Her name is Ciare and she lives in the cottage with her Petpet, an Ukali named Gabriel. Sometimes the Ukali is called Gabe for short (it's much easier to shout than his full three-syllable name). Gabe is Ciare's only helper; he knows the garden and greenhouse almost as well as she does. He also has a very important task: keeping stray Petpets and Petpetpets away from the more delicate plants in the garden.

Once every week, Ciare and Gabe would trek into the village to open up their stall to sell flowers and bouquets, as well as various plant dyes and herbs. Villagers would come and glance at the flowers, buying some to brighten up their homes. Others would buy her plant dyes for their clothing, or herbs for medicine. Most of all, though, they would come to marvel at the bouquets and praise Ciare for her color matching talent.

Little did they know, however, that Ciare could only see the world in black and white and in shades of grey -- it was really Gabe who was the one that picked the colors and flowers for the bouquets.

It was always a mission. Gabe would swiftly and carefully maneuver between flower beds, picking the best and the brightest flowers. He would carry them around in his mouth until he found Ciare, who would carefully bundle them together for the market. Oftentimes, it would take several trips inside both their greenhouse and their garden to find just the perfect flowers, but each and every time, Gabe would trot back to Ciare to proudly lay the flowers he had picked that day by her feet. She would gasp in delight and scratch Gabe by his wings every time he brought her flowers. This simple joy was what kept Gabe flower hunting; each bouquet had to be better than the previous one.

Rarely was his bouquet-making ritual an easy task. Their days together were filled; there was never a dull moment. In the morning, there were daily waterings, soil tilling, and seed planting. Their afternoons were then spent separately, when Ciare would be busy making dyes from the flowers while Gabe would patrol the garden. He would carefully monitor the growth of his favourite flowers (the Rainbow Morning Flower, thank you for asking) while digging up weeds and picking flowers for the bouquets.

More often than not, there would be various pests and visitors who would get in Gabe's way. Gabe would hiss and claw at the Petpets and Petpetpets that would try to get a free meal from the garden. As a result of his daily trials, Gabe's snout and claws would be splattered with dirt and scratch marks. He would never mention this bit of difficulty to Ciare, though; Gabe would simply walk toward her with pristine flowers in his mouth, despite the mud on his snout and wings. Ciare was none the wiser.

He never told her.

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