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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 27 > New Series > Doomsday Rider: The Final Rush - Part One

Doomsday Rider: The Final Rush - Part One

by yugo149

Welcome, this is the final piece of the Doomsday Rider Saga I have completed. The new threat arrives just mere hours after Zing-Lau, ShenDogg, Mechanicore, and Achinarak are defeated. And now, Doomsday Rider: The Final Rush.

I was back home, washing a cut I had gotten from the final battle with Achinarak. Boomdogg was there, too. Trying to get rid of some of his wounds. Finishing off Zing-Lau was by far the most difficult thing we've done yet. I started pouring some water Yugo had taken from the Healing Springs on the cut, and it burned.

"Boomdogg, our group is going to need a name," I said, turning to him.

"How about... um... I can't think of anything," Boomdogg said, tapping his forehead. "Can you think of one?"

"No. Let's just enjoy the peace. Zing-Lau has been destroyed," I said.

On a planet far, far away...

"Emperor Kaltex, we have discovered where the four Sacred Gemstones are. They are on a planet called Neopia. I suggest we invade it, get the Gemstones, and conquer the universe like we've planned for so long." A shadowy figure said, bowing to the emperor of a far away planet.

"Enoma, I don't have time for your co-ordinate errors. You've told me you found the Gemstones at least thirty times by now," Kaltex said, drumming his fingers on his throne. "I want the right co-ordinates."

"Emperor, I realise you have been anxious to reclaim the universe since the coup d'etat, but this may be better than the Gemstones," Enoma said. "Neopia is the home of Anubis III."

"What?! Anubis lives on Neopia? You're right, Enoma. This is better than the Gemstones. If I get him out of my hair, the coup d'etat will have proven useless," Kaltex said, standing up and walking to his ship. "Enoma."

"Yes, Emperor?" Enoma replied.

"Get the others. We're conquering tonight," Kaltex said with a smirk on his face.

"Yes, sir!" Enoma said, saluting Kaltex.

"Idiot," Kaltex whispered to himself as he walked away.

Back on Neopia...

We were at Anubis' spot in the San-katahn Forest when a screen of light appeared out of nowhere.

"Well, Anubis. So nice to see you again," Kaltex said.

"Kaltex, how did you find out I was here?" Anubis asked.

"It was easy, Anubis. Enoma tracked down your energy pattern," Kaltex said, leaning against one arm on his throne. "I hope you realise the coup d'etat you led on Vela-Sei proved totally futile."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Anubis asked.

"It means I'm still in control of Vela-Sei, and I'm on my way to Neopia right now," Kaltex said.

"Well, at least Specter has been destroyed," Anubis said.

"Wrong again, Anubis. Specter is here on the ship, but he's still healing from the coup d'etat," Kaltex told him.

"I knew I should have set off that Warhead," Anubis said. "It would have taken you all out, and I could finally live in peace."

"Well, I'm afraid your heart was too kind to take out the highest ranking warrior in the universe," Kaltex said, no longer leaning on his hand. "Anubis, you will be under my control again."

"Kaltex, I'm through with you. You don't have the guts to come here to Neopia because you know we defeated Scorpio and his gang, and Zing-Lau and his gang," Anubis said.

"Well, either way, Anubis, I'll be there in about 4 hours. And when I get there, you can expect to see me a whole lot," Kaltex said. "Is it off yet? What do you mean no?! Shut it off Enoma!" The screen flickered away.

"Well, him and his crew are the same old idiots," Anubis said. Me, Boomdogg, and Midnight walked up to him.

"Anubis, who was that?" Midnight asked.

"That was Emperor Kaltex. I fought him on his home planet, Vela-Sei, one year ago. I led the coup d'etat against his evil ambitions. We managed to defeat him, but my will power wouldn't let me destroy Kaltex and his minions. And now he's coming here to conquer Neopia. He's the most powerful person in the universe," Anubis explained. "Lately, I've been feeling an evil force trying to take over my body, but I keep fighting it off. I think it's Kaltex's evil magic."

"Anubis, we're behind you all the way," I said.

4 hours later...

"Are we there yet?" Enoma asked, sighing. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

"No, no, no," Kaltex said.

"Are we there yet?" Enoma asked again.

"Yes," Kaltex said, turning to Enoma. "Now will you shut up?"

"Yup," Enoma said, cheering up.

"I'm going to make sure the landing crew landed on the right planet," Kaltex said, standing up. "Those idiots barely ever land on the right planet."


Me, Anubis, Midnight, and Boomdogg were all sitting in Boomdogg's room watching TV. Chao and Evanda had some errands to run, so we had to watch Kentan. I finished my soda, and threw the can in Boomdogg's garbage. We were watching recordings of the End Game. I began experiencing a flashback of the fight with Armos, and how he was destroyed. Experiencing the flashback was like experiencing the fight all over again. The memory played again and again in my head. Tical burst into the room, breathing heavily.

"You guys, a ship is landing outside!" Tical said between breaths. "It's got a strange symbol engraved on it, too." Everybody but Anubis rushed outside. I stopped in the doorway.

"Come on, Anubis!" I said.

"Oh! Right," he replied, and we ran out the door and saw a person who looked like a cross between Mechanicore and Zing-Lau without the armour and mask, and with a strange marking on his forehead.

"I am Emperor Kaltex, emperor of the foreign planet Vela-Sei," he said. "I have come here to conquer the planet just as the Phoenicians did. But I plan on surviving."

"I should have known it was your ship by the symbol on it," Anubis said. "I'll never forget the chaos you caused on Vela-Sei. I'm glad I led the coup d'etat there. Especially against you. But I should have destroyed you then so I wouldn't have to deal with you again." We were all standing ready for a fight. Even Kentan was ready. But Midnight shooed him off into Boomdogg's room. Kaltex raised his hand and held it aimed forward at us. He grinned slightly, and out of his hand, he shot small, razor-sharp blue needles of light at us. Anubis dropped to the ground, and then me and Boomdogg did the same, but Midnight was still inside Boomdogg's room making sure Kentan didn't leave.

"Kaltex, I'm going to make you wish you'd never been born!" Boomdogg said, jumping up and rushing Kaltex to knock him out. When Boomdogg hit the punch, it didn't even make Kaltex flinch.

"I'm not as weak as Zing-Lau was. That punch didn't even itch," Kaltex said, grinning evilly. I jumped up and rushed Kaltex, and slashed his stomach with the Million Degree Sword I had been carrying for over three years now. It didn't even leave a bruise on him.

I jumped back to the rest of the group. "Well, I'm all out of ideas," I said. Anubis stood up and began to shape-shift into something I hadn't seen him do before. What he was becoming was not of Neopia. It was something much more powerful than we could have ever imagined. He was becoming a beast of Vela-Sei that even Kaltex was afraid of. We have no idea what it's called, but it could shoot balls of light out of its nose, and it had incredibly sharp claws.

"It's pay back time," Anubis said, his eyes narrowing to mere slits on his face. He clenched his fists tight, and shot blue and red balls of light at Kaltex, and we could tell it was doing a lot of damage. "No fair!" Kaltex shouted, keeping his forearms up in a blocking position. "I'm out of here!" He shouted, turning around and running into his ship. Anubis returned to his normal form, and we watched Kaltex's ship blast off back into space. We had won the battle.

"Yes!" Boomdogg shouted, raising his fist in triumph. Anubis only stared at Kaltex's ship as it was leaving orbit. Midnight came out of Boomdogg's room and saw the destruction Kaltex had caused in his very short stay.

"Anubis, what's wrong?" Midnight asked.

"Nothing Midnight," Anubis said, turning to face us. A small screen of light appeared out of nowhere. It was Kaltex again.

"Well, you all were fun to fight, but I'm afraid that since you won, I'll have to destroy Neopia," Kaltex said, leaning against one arm in his throne. "Enoma, prepare the laser. I'm going to enjoy this."

To be continued...

Next time on Doomsday Rider IV, Kaltex, and his minions are preparing to destroy Neopia. But our heroes have launched a small ship into outer space to battle Emperor Kaltex in the skies of Neopia.
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