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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 28 > Continuing Series > Doomsday Rider: The Final Rush - Part Two

Doomsday Rider: The Final Rush - Part Two

by yugo149

Last time on Doomsday Rider IV, our heroes defeated the evil Emperor Kaltex in the first attack of the Vela-Sei invasion of Neopia. With the forces defeated, our heroes believed they could go back to normal life. However, once they noticed that Kaltex's ship was still in Neopia's atmosphere, they knew they couldn't stop just yet...

Anubis was staring at the silhouette of Kaltex's ship and snarling almost like he was on the brink of insanity. Midnight was looking at it, too, but she wasn't snarling.

"Well," I said, "I guess we should figure out how to go up there and take out Kaltex again," I started walking toward the NeoHome, and tripped over something sticking out of the ground. I rolled over onto my back and looked at what I'd tripped on. It was an escape pod from the Needle Floater with Zing-Lau's emblem on it. Out of the sides came two guns, one on each side. The guns were exactly like the ones on Kaltex's ship. "This will be perfect!" I said. "Now we just need to fix it up."

In Kaltex's ship...

"I think I'll help the laser destroy Neopia," Kaltex said, heading toward the Pod Storage room. When he reached it, he typed the access code, 986-5230-471, into the key pad. As the door slid open, he jumped out into the atmosphere and floated around to the front of the ship, then stretched out his arms and legs right in front of the ship's laser, and waited for it to gather enough energy for the blast.

Back on the ground...

Me, Boomdogg, Midnight, and Anubis were ready to go up in the atmosphere using the pod we found. We were having Tical watch Kentan for a while. As Anubis got in, I was tinkering with the controls to try and figure out how to get the thing to go. I figured out how to get the thing to go, and Boomdogg was going to control the guns. I typed in the command to make the pod take off, and it shot up like a missile. We were probably going 90 miles a minute in the pod. When we saw Kaltex's ship not far away, I typed the commands to stop, and the pod halted almost immediately.

We were ready to face off against Kaltex and his ship. Boomdogg held down the fire buttons on the gun controls. Most of our bullets were hitting the laser, and not Kaltex. After taking seven minutes of the abuse from our bullets, the laser finally exploded, and Kaltex rushed us. He hammered our pod over and over again, cracking the front.

"He's going to destroy us!" Midnight said. Boomdogg and Anubis were enjoying themselves. They hadn't had this much fun since the final battle with Zing-Lau. I turned so the guns were facing Kaltex, and Boomdogg started firing them. Our bullets weren't doing much damage to Kaltex, so Anubis popped open the door, jumped out, and shape-shifted into the thing he was before when he defeated Kaltex. Anubis started firing the bullets again, and forced Kaltex away. Anubis returned to the door, returned to his normal form, and got back in the pod, and closed the door behind him.

"Way to go Anubis," I said, giving him a high-five. But then, we felt a force hit us toward Kaltex's ship. The front of his ship opened wide, and our pod was thrown in. When the pod stopped flipping and rolling, the ship closed. I was the first to get out, then Boomdogg, and Anubis and Midnight came out at the same time.

"This is weird," I said, tapping the floor with my Million Degree Sword. "This whole thing sounds like it's hollow. No reinforcements or anything." I put the sword back in the sheath. "What's that?" I asked, squinting at something in the corner of the chamber. I walked over to it. I read the labels out loud. "Name: Majin Shadow, status: reincarnation. Oh my god. You guys, this is Shadow!" I told everybody. If you don't remember, Shadow was destroyed by Zing-Lau during the second Phoenician invasion.

"Wasn't Shadow the one Zing-Lau destroyed during his first attack on Neopia?" Boomdogg asked.

"Yes he was," I told him. "Apparently these guys are bringing him back to life, but why I have no clue." Suddenly, the entire ship shook like it had taken a massive jolt. We ran to the front of the chamber and looked out the window. We were drawing near a planet, although which one we couldn't be sure.

"This planet is amazing," Midnight said as she stared out the window at the ground that was flying by. I looked out the window, and at one point saw a giant castle, and at another I saw a small junkyard. Anubis walked up behind us.

"The junkyard was the base of the rebels last time I was here," he told us. "But by now Koujii is probably either dead or captured. I have no idea what may have happened to Geicjo."

"You guys, Shadow's waking up!" Boomdogg shouted. We all turned around and walked over the container where Shadow was, and sure enough, his eyes were opening. As the ship drew closer to the ground, it began experiencing stronger truculence. When it finally landed, the jolt was so powerful, it knocked all of us over, and even knocked over the tube Shadow was in and broke it. When he stood up, we stared each other down for a few minutes, then I yanked out my sword and held it up to his throat.

"Shadow, what do you know about Vela-Sei?" I asked him, ready to destroy him if the need arose. Shadow only lifted his hand, and pulled my sword away from his throat, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't budge it.

"Listen Doomsday_Rider, I'm much more powerful than you, so just put your sword back and I won't have to do any damage," he said while red marks were forming along the sides of his head. "Besides, if you tried to attack me from behind, I could destroy you in seconds with the three spikes on the back of my head." I loosened my grip and put my sword back in it's sheath.

"Shadow, what do you know about Vela-Sei, and don't you even try to attack me. Anubis III over there is a master shape-shifter," I said as calmly as I could.

"Doomsday_Rider, I'm on your side. I may have been allied to Prince Zing-Lau, but that was to find the Shadowstone," Shadow answered. "And I don't know much about the landscape, but when I was living here shortly after Emperor Kaltex's first downfall, I began part of the rebellion. When I was forced to leave here when Zing-Lau invaded, Koujii and Geicjo were building another fortress. And they were moving Casi, too."

"Who's Casi?" Midnight asked.

"It's the name of the computer at the rebel base," Anubis answered. The front of Kaltex's ship opened, and we all ran out, and had Shadow lead us to where the new rebel base was.

About 3 hours later...

"Finally, we're here," Shadow said, stopping in front of a large tower. "They call it the Air Tower." Shadow walked up to the key pad, typed in 589-6342-710, and a window of light a lot like Kaltex appeared in front of us with the picture of a human girl on it. "Casi, it's me, Shadow, and Anubis III is here, too," Shadow told her.

"Well Shadow, Anubis, I didn't think I would see you two again. All right Shadow, Anubis, and whoever else is with you, you may all enter," Casi said, and then the window vanished, and the door slowly slid open. When we all got in, Casi's image reappeared on a computer screen toward the front of the first room. "By the way, Koujii and Geicjo left a message for you," she told us.

"Let's hear it," Anubis said.

"All right," Casi said, then her image faded and a recording appeared. It depicted a young Lupe standing on his hind legs at the command area, and a mutant Techo trying to hold the door shut.

"Anubis," The Lupe said, we all assumed it was Koujii. "If you're watching this, it means you got to Vela-Sei, just like Ako predicted. I don't have much time to finish this message. Kaltex, Reo, and Enoma are trying to break into the tower, and by the time Casi gives you this message, me and Geicjo will be gone. But Ako might still be at the top of the tower." Geicjo was losing his grip, and the door began to slide open, but he closed the doors again. "Kaltex is after the Firestone, Thunderstone, and Shadowstone. If he gets his hands on the three Final Gemstones, the universe will be doomed. The stones combined form enough abundant energy to turn a simple being like Casi, me or you into a demigod. But if Kaltex gets his hands on them, he will be powerful enough to destroy entire planets simply by punching them, but first he needs to stabilise the awesome amount of energy. That may give you enough time to destroy him once and for all." A drill poked through the door and started cutting. "Anubis, I have to help Geicjo now! Once you read this message, you must battle Kaltex and end his reign of power for all eternity!" The door was knocked down, and then a mutant Kacheek leapt into the room, knocked over Koujii, and started beating on the screen. The message was overcome with static, and faded from the screen. Then Casi's image reappeared on the screen.

"Oh my god," Shadow and Anubis said in unison.

"Casi, how do we get to the top of the tower?" Anubis asked. Casi pointed to the left.

"The stairs lead up to the second floor, then you can take the ladder up to the third floor, and the second flight of stairs to get to the top. Ako should be waiting there," Casi said.

"Thanks, Casi," Anubis said. We all followed her instructions, and ended up on the fourth and final floor of the tower.

"Anubis, is that you?" Ako asked. He was a small Eyrie that had straps around his leg joints, and on the end of each strap were a set of three spikes, each jutting out in different directions.

"You bet it is, Ako. Any report on how close to the Final Gemstones Kaltex is?" Anubis asked.

"I don't know, but at the moment, he doesn't realise that we have the Thunderstone," Ako answered, swatting his tail on the ground.

"Ako, how long have Koujii and Geicjo been gone?" Anubis asked.

"They were taken just yesterday," Ako replied. Out of nowhere, Anubis started clenching his head and his eyes were flickering blue and red. The symbol that was on Kaltex's ship began forming on Anubis' forehead, and then it faded, and kept appearing and fading.

"Get out of my head!" Anubis shouted. He let go of his head for a moment, still gritting his teeth, then the symbol faded again and his eyes turned blue, then he was normal again.

At Kaltex's castle...

"I almost got him under my control!" Kaltex shouted, slamming his fist against his throne. "Anubis has incredible willpower. Oh well, I'll bring him down soon enough." He glanced over to Koujii and Geicjo who were tied up and set to the side of the chamber.

"Kaltex, Anubis will bring you down again!" Koujii shouted.

"I doubt that. I've already gotten a hold of the Firestone. And I know exactly where the Shadowstone is. So, why don't you just make it easy on yourselves and tell me where the Thunderstone is?" Kaltex asked.

"What? No way!" Koujii answered. "If you want the last gemstone so bad, find it on your own." Geicjo glanced over to him.

"What are you, crazy?" Geicjo asked. "The Thunderstone is in a cryogenic freeze at the bottom of the Sunken City," Geicjo said, subtly winking at Koujii.

"Geicjo, why'd you tell him? Now he will become as powerful as a god," Koujii said, subtly winking to Geicjo.

"Very well, I'll get it later on," Kaltex said, trying to take over Anubis' mind again. He was not going to give up until he got Anubis under his control.

To be continued...

Next time on Doomsday Rider IV, Kaltex hacks into Anubis III's mind once again, and finally takes partial control of him. Kaltex's new plan will truly need Anubis to work. If Kaltex gains total control of Anubis III, the entire universe will fall under a dark shadow unlike any other seen before through the ages.
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