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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 31 > Continuing Series > Doomsday Rider: The Final Rush - Part Five

Doomsday Rider: The Final Rush - Part Five

by yugo149

Last time on Doomsday Rider IV, three of Kaltex's minions, Enoma, Reo, and Draegon, were defeated. But now, our heroes may be facing an obstacle they do not want to fight. And so now it begins...

We all stared at the newly opened chamber. There was a faint blue light shining through the darkness, and there was no one on the floor, but something was on the ceiling of that chamber, and we all knew who it was. He dropped down, and we noticed he was in a scorpion form. His entire body was changed, except his torso and his head. Anubis III walked out, snapping his pincers at me, Amun-Ra, Shadow, Boomdogg, Ako, and even Midnight.

"Finally, I shall have my revenge," he said.

"Anubis, we're still your friends," Boomdogg said.

"No you're not," Anubis said. His voice was deep and booming.

"Anubis, listen to yourself! What has gotten into you?" Midnight asked.

"Midnight, he's completely under Kaltex's control, there's nothing we can do," Ako said. "Actually, we could negate Kaltex's spell by defeating either Anubis or Kaltex."

"You can't negate the truth, Ako," Anubis said. "Kaltex showed me what you were going to do to me."

"Anubis, I know that's the spell talking. Anubis you can help to negate the spell," Ako said. Anubis ignored everything Ako said, and tried to grab him with his pincers. He barely missed Ako. "You fool!" Ako shouted, tripping Anubis, and then punching him into the back wall. Considering Anubis' enormous size, it was incredible. A small trickle of blood flowed down Anubis' head.

"I can't believe it. You... you will pay!" Anubis shouted, getting back up. Ako got into his fighting stance, and prepared for a battle with Anubis. They were both ready for a fight to the death. Ako jumped up and slammed his fist down onto Anubis' forehead. The force of the hit sent Anubis crashing to the floor. "How did you get so strong?" Anubis asked, starting to get up.

"I don't know," Ako answered. "All I know is that I'm stronger than you, Anubis." Ako jumped up, slammed his knee into Anubis' forehead, then grabbed his face, and slammed his fist down, sending electricity surging through Anubis' body. Anubis held his face, shouting in pain, fell back and returned to his normal form, still clenching his forehead.

"I-impossible!" Anubis said, pulling his hands away from his head and looking at them. "That does it! I'm more than mad now!" Anubis shouted, his eyes beginning to glow red. He turned pure black, and shot out across the room. Eventually, the darkness came back and formed a circle on the floor. Anubis' upper body emerged form the shadow, still pure black with his eyes still glowing red. He held his paws up in the air, and the shadow lifted off the floor, and began to take the shape of something. Anubis broke away from the shadow, and it began to take the form of something that seemed really familiar to me.

"Meet the shadow of Prince Zing-Lau," Anubis said, backing away toward the spot Kaltex was in before he left. "Now, destroy them!" Anubis shouted. The shadow formed a two sided axe in its hands, and threw it at Ako. Ako ducked under the axe, and it went straight back to the shadow. Anubis' body was returning to its white colour, but Anubis' eyes were still glowing red. Boomdogg ran over to Anubis, and they started fighting while Ako was fighting Zing-Lau's shadow.

"I don't know why you think you're going to win this fight," Anubis said, blocking every shot Boomdogg threw at him. Neither Anubis or Boomdogg were retreating an inch. But while that fight was raging, Ako was throwing everything he could at Zing-Lau's shadow. He did manage to land a few shots, but most of Ako's attacks were going right through it. Ako jumped up and kicked the shadow right in the side of the head, knocking it down. Ako then raised his fist, and slammed it through Zing-Lau's shadow, causing it to slowly fade away.

"Way to go Ako!" Amun-Ra shouted.

"I've got to go help Boomdogg now," Ako said, running over to where Anubis and Boomdogg were fighting. When Ako arrived at the battlefield, Anubis' eyes were slowly returning to normal. Anubis slammed his forehead into Boomdogg's face, and jumped away from the fight. His eyes started to glow red again, and he floated up, taking the form of Mechanicore. He held his hands together, and thousands of small beams of light began to collect into a ball of pure energy in front of his hands.

"Your end is near, Ako!" Anubis shouted, firing a huge laser of energy at him. When the beam hit, Ako was thrown across the room, and into the wall, which was left in shambles. Anubis slowly floated back to the ground. Ako was unconscious, and was bleeding from his mouth. Anubis began to approach Boomdogg. Boomdogg used his Phoenix Uprising, and it sent Anubis crashing to the floor. Anubis stood up, then jumped up, and stomped on Boomdogg's head.

Anubis turned to face us. "You're next!" He shouted, pointing straight at me. He started to walk toward us, then fell forward and returned to his normal form. Ako had gotten back up and punched Anubis in the head. Ako fell to one knee, clenching his shoulder, and then fell over. Anubis rolled over onto his back and jumped back up. Boomdogg ran forward and rammed Anubis right in the throat. Anubis slid across the room, and hit the wall. The symbol on his forehead faded away.

"We did it!" Boomdogg shouted. He was right, we had defeated Anubis III.

"Well, you broke the spell. You are all stronger than I'd suspected. I must give you all credit for that. Now, if you feel like you can defeat me, I'll be waiting in the Main Tower." We decided to go to the Main Tower, and take him down once and for all.

A few hours later...

We had finally made it to the top room of the Main Tower, but Kaltex was nowhere to be seen.

"I remember this tower," Anubis said. "There should be a staircase along the northern wall that leads up to the roof." Amun-Ra looked along the northern wall for a staircase, and a few moments later, he found it.

"Here it is!" Amun-Ra shouted, pointing to an opening in the wall. He let us go through first, and then went up to the roof behind Midnight.

"Well, it's about time you all showed up. I've been waiting for you. I wanted you to see me conquer the universe," Kaltex told us. "Now, who'll be the first to challenge my power?" Ako stepped forward.

"I will," Ako answered. "And if you lose, you have to undo everything you've done."

"Lose?!" Kaltex asked, surprised. "Me? Lose? You are stupider than you look. Very well, if I lose, I undo everything I've done. But before we start, I'd like to say one sentence. Ey vu ko er ka vek de amunara!" Kaltex shouted, and Ako's eyes began to glow fiery red.

"No, I won't let you control me!" Ako shouted, negating the spell, and throwing Kaltex over.

"What? H-how did you do that? The gemstones have given me unimaginable power, and you simply throw off the spell? That's impossible!" Kaltex shouted. He stood up and started gathering energy between his hands, and threw it up into the air. We heard a sort of an explosion, and it started raining fireballs. "This is only the smallest fraction of my power," he said, starting to float up. "I am no longer Emperor Kaltex. I am Hyper Kaltex, ruler of the universe!" He shouted, holding his fist into the air. He stretched his arms out, and started gathering more energy.

"First you, then the universe!" Kaltex shouted as he began to change into a bolt of lightning. He shot straight into Ako, and zapped him, shot back out, and returned to his normal form, and Ako fell to the ground, unconscious. Hyper Kaltex simply floated around, waiting for somebody else to step up. This time it was Amun-Ra. When Amun-Ra entered the arena, Kaltex grabbed him, opened his own mouth, and Amun-Ra's mouth snapped open, and a beam of light went into Kaltex's mouth. He swallowed it, and dropped Amun-Ra. Hyper Kaltex was far more powerful than we'd expected.

"I can't believe how powerful he is. It's almost like he's a god," Midnight said. Hyper Kaltex truly was like a god. He was waiting for somebody else to step up. For a moment, nobody challenged Hyper Kaltex. Then, very cautiously, Boomdogg stepped forward. We all knew we had to defeat Hyper Kaltex, but we also knew none of us except Anubis or Amun-Ra were strong enough.

"You will never escape this planet alive!" Kaltex shouted, stretching his hands toward Boomdogg, and then lifting him up. Using some of his extra energy, Kaltex threw Boomdogg back at us. Midnight jumped out of the way. Anubis ran down the stairs back into the tower, probably to free Koujii and Geicjo. A few minutes later, Boomdogg and Hyper Kaltex were still fighting, and Anubis returned with Koujii and Geicjo.

"I'm not going to let you do any more damage!" Boomdogg shouted, punching Hyper Kaltex in the stomach. It didn't do much damage, but it was enough to drain some of his energy.

"I know exactly how we can beat him," Koujii said.

"How?" I asked.

"He's got the energy of the Hyper Phoenix running through his body. If we let Kaltex use up all of the energy, he'll be a lot weaker, and then we'll be able to do more damage," Koujii explained.

"Oh. I never would have thought of that," I said, turning back to watch the fight between Boomdogg and Hyper Kaltex. Kaltex had just set down an electrified mine field around Boomdogg. He set them off, and Boomdogg was knocked out almost instantly. Hyper Kaltex turned to us, and waited for somebody to step forward.

"Shadow, you go, he should be almost out of energy for attacks now," Koujii said. Shadow stepped forward. Kaltex tried to throw an energy ball at Shadow, but it didn't go any farther than two inches, then it dropped to the floor, and exploded. We didn't know what Hyper Kaltex was fully capable of. He changed into a lightning bolt again, and struck Shadow. In a few moments, Shadow had turned fiery red. He had been forced to merge with Hyper Kaltex, forming Hyper Shadow. Kaltex's energy was fully restored. And in addition, we had no idea what he was capable of now.

"Finally, my strength is fully renewed, and I've got a new form. This day just keeps getting better and better!" He shouted.

"Just stop it, Kaltex!" Ako shouted. He had gotten back up only a few moments ago. "Why are you so determined to conquer the universe? It's us you want."

"Fool! This was never about you! This was about power!" Kaltex shouted. "And now I have more than enough." He began to change back into a shadow colour, and this time he had the ability to shape-shift. He began to take the form of a sorcerer. "I have taken the form of Agahnim, the greatest sorcerer in the universe!" He shouted, beginning to gather energy for a fireball. When he had enough, he threw it. It came straight to me, and I hit it back with my Million Degree Sword. When the fireball hit him, he stumbled back.

"How does it feel to have taken some of your own damage, Kaltex?" Ako asked. Kaltex threw another fireball at me, determined to destroy me. I hit it back like I did before, and Kaltex lost his balance and flipped over backwards, returning to Shadow's body on collision. He stood up, and started to shape-shift into something else. This time it was the form of a large knight with a two-sided axe, a lot like the one Anubis used against us earlier.

"Now I've taken the form of my former soldier, Gryffin," Kaltex said. He threw the axe, and Boomdogg ducked under it. Kaltex threw it again, and this time Boomdogg caught it, and threw it back at him. It sliced right through the darkness of Hyper Shadow, and sent Shadow hurtling out, unconscious, and Hyper Kaltex stumbled out the back, dazed. Anubis charged forward, and slammed his arm into Hyper Kaltex, knocking him over, and winning the fight. The helmet Kaltex had on exploded, and the energy of the Hyper Phoenix returned to the Final Gemstones. Kaltex, the strongest warrior in the universe, had been defeated.

Three days later...

"I just have to thank you guys again for fighting Kaltex like that," Ako said.

"Yeah, you guys did pretty good against him," Koujii said, shaking Boomdogg's hand. Casi had been freed from the computer two days after we beat Kaltex, and it turns out she was an Usul. Amun-Ra was at the front doors of the Air Tower, talking with Anubis.

"You guys must be some of Neopia's bravest," Geicjo said. Shadow had a bandage over a cut in his forehead he'd gotten from the fight.

"Anubis, are you ready?" Midnight asked.

"Yeah, I'm ready," Anubis said, walking back toward us. Anubis turned back to Casi, Koujii, Geicjo, Ako, and Amun-Ra. "You guys be careful, okay?" He asked. All of them nodded. "Okay then, let's head back home," Anubis said, getting into our pod. Midnight got in next, then Shadow, Boomdogg, and then I got in.

"We'll see you again, sometime," Ako shouted out. We all waved, closed the door to the pod, and took off for home.

The End

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