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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 27 > Continuing Series > The Fine Line: Breaking Reality - Part Twelve

The Fine Line: Breaking Reality - Part Twelve

by gundamblaze

Back to the Other Side
It had been about three hours after we left the Field of Ether when Sakari finally woke up. I said, "Welcome back," when she woke up.

"Huh? Where am I?" she said to me.

"Do you remember anything?" I said.

"Yes... I remember up to when you asked me why I wanted people to travel to Neopia... then later on, I remember saying, 'I just want people to be happy,' or something like that."

We had a lot of explaining to do. So she just sat back while we mapped out the entire situation for her.


"That's really... weird." She was really freaked out by the stuff we had just told her. Now I had a question for her.

"So, if you're the one that brought us here, I guess you're the one that can send us back, right?"

"If you destroyed my NeoP0rt, the NeoP0rtal should open soon or already be open. The NeoP0rt was the only thing keeping it closed. But, without a NeoP0rt... I can't get back." Kage put his NeoP0rt out.

"Here. You can use mine, I'll stay here. Just promise me that you'll make yourself a new one some time and bring mine back."

She nodded. "I will."

Just then we saw a glowing come in through the window. The NeoP0rtal was open.


We all just stood outside the portal, in disbelief that we would have to say good-bye to our NeoPets and each other. But all our families must have been looking for us, especially Ryo's.

"We all promise to stay in contact with each other, right?" I asked them all. They all nodded.

"Hey Brad," Sakari said to me. "Thanks for looking out for me back there in the Field of Ether."

And then she kissed me on the cheek. Causing me to blush, and everyone else there to laugh.

"Uh… your welcome," I said, trying to comprehend what had just happened. Ryo, Willie, and I all walked over to our NeoPets to say our final good-byes.

"Brad, I don't want you to go!!!" Orichalkon said, near crying.

"Sorry buddy, but I have too. I know it won't be the same with me on the other side, but I promise I'll still take good care of you." I was holding back tears, it was almost impossible to go back to it being a game. SnowOhki, on the other hand, had no trouble crying.

"DON'T GO! DON'T GO! DON'T GO! DON'T GO!!!!!" she cried out.

"Come on, SnowOhki, don't be that way. You'll be okay on your own. You were okay before I came, I'm sure you'll be okay after I leave." Ryo was probably the toughest one of all of us, but I knew that he had to be sad inside. How could he not be? And then there was Willie and Cubix.

"I know I've only been here for a few days, but I am really going to miss you Cubix."

"I know... I'll miss you too. Let's make a deal Willie."


"We'll win every Battledome match we ever fight in!"

"Will do."

Sakari didn't have anyone to say goodbye too, and Kage didn't have to say goodbye to anyone. We all gave each other our NeoPets user names, e-mails, addresses, and phone numbers. We had all shared too much to lose complete contact with each other. Then I remembered something.

"Hey Kage... here's your dagger back," I said as I held out his dagger.

"It's okay, keep it, as something to remember this journey by."

I nodded. "I will never forget." But we had stalled long enough. It was time for us to go. We all let Sakari go through first.

"Bye everyone! Stay in touch!" she said as she winked and disappeared through the NeoP0rtal. Willie was up next.

"I'll never forget you guys! Make sure to call! goodbye Cubix!" Willie had vanished through to the other side now too. Ryo was up just before me.

"Keep in touch Brad. Sorry I was such a jerk before! goodbye SnowOhki!" Ryo had disappeared through now too. I walked up to the portal.

"Don't worry Kage, we'll be back some day! Bye bye Ritsuzen! Bye Orichalkon!" I then stepped through... and found myself back into the Internet. And after some careful tracking, I found myself back in my room. My home. My world.


It took a LOT of excuses to explain this to my mum, considering she didn't believe the fact I went traveling through the network of computers all over the world to a place full of wolf sorceresses and fantastic beasts. But I eventually calmed her down by telling her I went outside and got lost in the woods. I'm not sure Ryo was so convincing though. I wonder what Kage's parents think... anyway, we all still talk to each other all the time. Sakari talks to us time to time on improvements on the site that she made on the NeoP0rts. We look after our pets much more carefully we did before, although that costs a lot of Neopoints. We all continue to avidly play NeoPets, but it's not the same. I'm sure that some day we'll be able to return to Neopia, and that others will make it there some day too. Only one question is left in my mind: when?

The End

Storyline composed by Gundamblaze
Written by Gundamblaze
Ryo's character based on Ry0__0hki
Willie's character based on Olaf_the_magicdragon
Brad's character based on Gundamblaze

Proof reading by:
Epiphanypix, Ry0__0hki, Zulu316
(I needed better proof readers XD)
Support from The Shoyru Shrine

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