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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 10th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 27 > Editorial


How often can you do one of Jhudora's quests??
You can do one of Jhudora's quests every 12 hours.

I want to join the bank, but I can't because I don't have a Neohome?
The information the bank asks for when you sign up is just for fun. That is why it says 'don't worry, you don't enter your real address' it is just a made up place. You can enter anything you wish. Likewise, the jobs it asks you for are just silly fun jobs and are nothing to do with the employment agency. You salary is also just a figure you make up. You do not need to prove you actually earn that much.

Why can't we play the secret level of Meerca Chase??
Because people were using it to cheat so we had to remove it.

How do you add stuff to your shop?
There is a HTML guide which helps you learn how to add colour, change your font, add images and sound etc. You can get to this via the help page. Simply click on 'Help' in the yellow side bar.

Whenever I release a faerie on my pet, and I get a new ability, I don't know what the ability does. Are you going to have a list of all the abilities and what the do anytime in the future?
Yes, we already have a list of all the abilities you can learn and what they do. To access it click on 'Pet Central' and then 'Abilities'. (The link is at the top of the page, it is a red Chia)

I really like The Neopian Times, but I was just wondering if you get any trophy or reward for sending in comics, or do you just get trophies for sending in stories and articles?
You get a trophy for comics, stories, continued series or articles.

You mentioned that a new war is coming, the Tyrannian Land War. Is this going to be a war or a rushed plot?
Hmpf... rushed plot indeed! Well TLW is going to be very interesting, and you WILL be able to agressively compete with other players, as for anymore details... you will just have to wait :)

What happens when someone tells you to change your email address to whatever?
They are trying to scam you, do not change your email address. If you do they can request your password and claim your account for themselves. Instead, simply email stating what account asked you to change your email address and exactly what they said.

What is the point of the Beast of the Caves? IT HAS BEEN BUGGING ME FOREVER!!!!!!! ARGGGG!!!!!?
He he... there is no point, it is just for fun!

I must have tried every way to beat the Haunted House game, but I can't win! Is it even possible to beat it?
Yes, it is possible, but it is VERY hard.

Click here to try again

Mika and Carassa (Garage shop owners on terror mountain) must have a pretty big garage! How big is it exactly? And are they ever going to move?
Yes Mika and Carassa have a luxury igloo with a VERY large garage. They may move eventually, but right now they have so much to sell they can't possibly think about leaving.

Say you had a petpet with rarity between 90 and 100. If you fed it to a Skeith (since they'll eat anything), would it count as a gourmet food?
You meany! Feeding Petpets to Skeiths is wrong :) No, it has to be a food in order for it to count.

Who is this adam character...I hear about it and of it but never knew exactly who or what it is...?
You can find out who Adam and the rest of the Neopets team are by clicking on the 'About Us' link at the bottom of each page.

Why doesn't it show how many NP a person has on their user lookup?
This would be unfair as then people would try to pick on the richest Neopians.

Do any Petpet shops sell Krawks?
Yes, the Tyrannian Petpet shop sells Krawks.

OH MY!!! I fought Punchbag Bob and he used an Ultimate Chive of Death on me!
I am afraid you fought Punchbag Bob's evil twin Punchbag Sid. Sometimes he poses as Bob in the Battledome to trick innocent Neopets.


Will you ever be able to change your Neopet's name after it has already been born?
No, I am afraid names are final so you must choose your pet's name wisely.

What are Krawps? You mention that they are coming soon in the World section. Is this just a typo for Krawks?
No it is not a typo. It is a new feature for Krawk Island that should be launched next week.

Is the Scritchy Sketchy Paint Brush really retired? No one seems to be doing anything and the prices aren't going up like they usually do.
Yes, the Sketch paint brush REALLY is retired. I guess it must be unpopular so no one is prepared to pay much for it.

When you look my username up it says Name:none. How do you enter your name?
If you didn't enter your name when you signed up, you can change it at a later date. Click on 'Help' in the yellow side bar, and then click on the 'change your password often' button. You will be taken to your User Info page. Here you can change your password, email address, name and interests.

Is the Kacheek the Shoyru's best friend?
Each Neopet is an individual, so maybe some Kacheeks are best friends with some Shoyrus, but as a whole Shoyrus do not get along any better with Kacheeks than any other species.

Need more help?
If you have a question that you think should be answered here, e-mail it to The most common questions will appear here next week.

Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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