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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 27 > Short Stories > Too Lucky?

Too Lucky?

by tenniskat

It was a warm, sunny day in Neopia. A day that most would call pleasant and normal. Sackueraa the Shoyru woke up happily, looking forward to the day's events. You see, Sackueraa hasn't been having the best of luck lately. The other day the Pant Devil stole one of her plushies, and the day before that she got really sick with the NeoBlues. Even so, Sackueraa believed that she was meant to have a good day eventually and would always carry on until that very day happened.

It turns out that this was the day that Sackueraa had been waiting for. After she had eaten a nice breakfast of some Fluffy Faerie Pancakes, she decided to go outside to see if any of the other NeoPets wanted to play. As she was walking to her Drazora's house, she stumbled upon a magical golden Nerkmid. Her mind was racing.

Wow! she thought. These are really rare!

She held on to the Nerkmid tight so no one could steal it as she happily skipped along to her friend's house.

When she got there, she rushed inside and told her friend the great news of what she had found. "Really!!!" exclaimed Drazora when Sackueraa showed her the Nerkmid.

"It's true! I think I am finally going to have a good day!" said Sackueraa enthusiastically.

"Well then," began Drazora, "Why don't we go outside and see if we can find anything else. I want to find something rare too!"

Sackueraa agreed as they both rushed outside. Soon there treasure hunt became a friendly game of tag. They were running around non-stop. All of a sudden a Light Faerie landed on the ground next to Sackueraa. She slowly looked down at the great being, admiring her beauty. The Light Faerie looked up and smiled at Sackueraa. Drazora froze as soon as she realised she was in the presence of a faerie. Then the Light Faerie pulled out her wand and said "Sackueraa! You have now been raised one level!"

Then, in a flash of light, the faerie was gone. "Wow!" Drazora choked.

Sackueraa beamed. "Yes! I am having a good day! I can't believe this luck!"

The two girls played happily the rest of the day. Then it was time for Drazora to go back inside, since she was to eat dinner. Sackueraa began skipping home merrily. On her way she as she was passing a dark alley way, she heard and eerie voice hiss, "Sackueraa! Over here! Over here!"

Sackueraa froze in shock. She looked in the alley way and saw nothing. Assuming it was her imagination, she walked on. Then she heard the same hissing voice. She looked back in the alley way to see a Lupe. She let out a sigh of relief as she realised it was only another NeoPet. She looked at the Lupe and demanded, "What do you want?"

"Be quiet!" the Lupe instantly bellowed. "You don't want to be heard."

He grabbed Sackueraa's arm and dragged her down the alley way until he came to a small door and pushed her inside. They sat down. Just as Sackueraa was about to say something the Lupe whispered, "Shhhhhh! I'll explain everything!"

Sackueraa relaxed and listened as the Lupe told her what was going on. "Here's the deal," he began, "there are some not so good NeoPets out there. Two of them actually. I saw them the other day. They looked so strange, I couldn't tell their species. The point is, they are after you Sackueraa. They want your Neopoints, items--everything. They will leave you with nothing if we don't stop them."

Sackueraa slowly took this all in. In a small voice she asked, "How do we stop them?"

"Well," said the Lupe. "I've been hiding a really rare Battledome net... we could catch them in. I also know their secret location. We better go there now... quickly," added the Lupe.

They walked down the alley way until they came to a hidden small door. They quietly ventured inside. No one was inside. Instead there was a small note on the table that read, I went to get the stuff boss. You know, that stuff you wanted from that Sackueraa kid.

They both froze. "To your NeoHome!" bellowed the Lupe. "And quick!"

They raced to Sackueraa's home. They quietly went inside. No one was home. This was very, very strange. Sackueraa had three sisters who should have been home. They began to examine every room. When they walked into one of the bedroom a creature jumped on the Lupe. Sackueraa screamed.

"Use the net!" the Lupe cried.

Sackueraa grabbed the net, her hands shaking. The creature started to drag the Lupe out of the house. C'mon! C'mon! she thought as she fought with the strange gadget. When the creature had gotten to the front door, Sackueraa shot out the net. To her surprise it made an explosion as it wrapped around the creature. Sackueraa looked at him struggling in the net. She studied him closely and realised he was a rare Krawk.

"We did it!" Sackueraa cried happily.

"Yes we did," answered the Lupe. "But it seems he was holding some of your items and they were damaged in the process."

Sackueraa looked sorrowfully at some of her favourite items that were ruined. "At least he didn't take everything," Sackueraa sighed.

"Ummm... shouldn't we find you sisters and owner now?" the Lupe asked.

"Oh! That's right!" said Sackueraa guiltily.

They found them in the living room, all tied together. Sackueraa quickly untied them and told them of how she caught the robber. The Lupe began to leave as he watched the family reunion.

"Wait!" Sackueraa cried. "Thanks so much for all your help!"

"No problem," said the Lupe. "It's my job."

Sackueraa watched him leave and repeated under her breath, "His job?"

She shrugged it off as she went to rejoin her joyous family. Happy to be such a big part of their lives.

The End

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