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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 27 > New Series > The Ice Scorchstone: Part One

The Ice Scorchstone: Part One

by fire_faerie_8080

The Sighting and Discovery
Chloe52598 turned over in her bed looking over at her sister sleeping peacefully. I sighed breathing deeply feeling glad that my sisters silent slumber wasn't interrupted by her nightmares. My sister is none other than Air_Faerie_8080. My sister had been plagued with dreams before her ordeal but they still came not as often as before but still they came. Poor fire_faerie_8080. I understood her reasons for not wanting to take another vacation. I turned so I was laying on my back. I felt odd as if something were amiss. I shook my head and reassured myself that nothing could be happening. The Uber-Dark Faerie had learned her lesson and nothing odd had been happening lately except my feeling. I shook my head again and fell into a dreamless sleep.

I awoke the next morning before anyone was up. I ventured outside doubly checking the new security system so not to set off a false alarm. I went and laid in my favourite spot in my yard looked up in the shy it was still partially twilight. Then I saw the strangest sight a small meteor then it broke into two pieces one heading off over into the heart of Terror Mountain one heading straight for me.

I jumped out of the way just as the small piece of the meteor made a small crater in my favourite spot. I went over and looked curiously at the red hot glowing object. I ran to get some water to cool off whatever it was. I poured on the water. I gasped at the object I saw before me it was a small round pendant with a small icy coloured stone set into it. It looked exactly like the one my sister Air_Faerie_8080 had except I felt for sure this was actually real and had dangerous magical powers. Then my stomach suddenly lurched at the thought of what was the that other piece of the supposed meteor and where exactly did it go.

5:30 NST: Ice Caves: The Snowager's Lair

"Well done my fiendish friend. You summoned the exact thing I need to extract revenge on that Shoyru and her family and take over Neopia. Muhahaha!!" cackled the evil voice of the Uber-Dark Faerie, "That Shoyru thought she had defeated me but now with this all of her attempts were in vain. Muhaha!!"

"Ah yesssss my missstressss the Ssspacce Faerie thought she had banished these tools of destruction from my icy grip but thankssss to you I wasss able to ssssummon them back to me," hissed the Snowager grinning evilly.

"Wait, where is the pendant??" questioned the Dark Faerie.

"Ah yessss it ssseems to have fallen in Neopia Central but no worries I am sure you can easily get it back my mistress," hissed the Snowager.

"Then I shall retrieve it and pity the fool who tries to stop me. Muhahaha!!" cackled the Dark Faerie disappearing in a puff of dark purple smoke heading toward Neopia Central to claim the necklace little did she know who had discovered it.


I sat down dumbfounded and hoping beyond hope nothing evil had anything to do with this. She carefully picked up the pendant it was slightly warm to the touch and faintly vibrating. I clasped it around my neck thinking maybe if I wore it I could prevent any evil that could be after it from taking it. I turned around I suddenly felt very cold and chilled to the bone I looked down at my feet and saw the faintest wisps of purple smoke. I was scared I slowly turned and looked back where I had been previously standing. I sucked in my breath in ragged gasps from the deep cold and from the sight I saw in front of me. It was the Dark Faerie standing in the remnants of her purple smoke. I put on a brave face and said in a bold voice.

"What are you doing here and what do you want?" I asked staring at her with fiery anger in my eyes.

"You!" she screeched, "Urrrg!! Of all the Neopians my pendent had to end up with you the one I plan to destroy with it."

"You want it you monster," I cried at her angrily, "well I won't give it to you. I won't let you hurt my family again you, you purple beast. We'll destroy your plans we did it before we will do it again."

"Despicable Meerca," she spat bellowing at me, "no matter what you do nothing will save you this time I already have the Icy Scorchstone and unfortunately unlike the Rainbow Scorchstone it doesn't just control this pendant it works together with it. So hand it over Meerca!!"

"Hah! Come and get it you old bat. My sister took you before but I've grown stronger since then," I sneered at the Dark Faerie.

Meanwhile, while I was busy exchanging words with the Dark Faerie, my sister had come down stairs to get a bottle of water. She walked past the window that allowed clear view of the impending battle. She lazily took a glance and walked a few paces before she stopped short and went back and took a double take at was she was seeing. It was the Dark Faerie with her sister.

"Oh no!" she thought. She ran toward the door and quickly disarmed the security and got just in time to see the Dark Faerie throw an attack at her older sister.

"Look out Chloe!" she shouted at her sister quickly summoning her Spark attack hurling it just in time to block the Dark Faeries attack. I quickly whirled around at my sisters cry and saw a whirr of electricity hitting the Dark Faeries attack. Air_Faerie_8080 ran up to me and used Air Shield to protect us from further attacks.

"I was wondering when you would show up," sneered the Dark Faerie, "just in case of this situation I came prepared." She snapped her fingers and four fire Lupes appeared in a puff of purple smoke.

"We are at your command," they all barked at once to the Dark Faerie.

"Attack those pets!" she screeched.

We were surrounded and out numbered. Air Faerie quickly whispered a strategy to me. I nodded to her and got into a fighting stance. Then I lashed out I poked the one on the left in his eyes and kicked the one on the right multiple times. They both ran away whining while the two my sister took on ran away smoking and yelping. The Dark Faerie screamed.

"I wouldn't call that prepared," I sneered at her.

She disappeared into a puff of purple smoke and violently screamed, "You may have won the battle but you haven't won the war!!"

I sat down breathing heavily wondering what in Neopia was going to happen next. I walked inside with my sister set the security system. I went to our room crawled into bed and fell into a fitful sleep.

To be continued...

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