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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Hunting, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 1 > Short Stories > Mutating Neopia

Mutating Neopia

by Black_Ace

Hi my Name is Strype_Vyper, and I'm a handsome Shadowed Kougra! I have great stats and great friends, too! Well, anyway, enough about me, now why I'm here. When I was just one hundred hours old something VERY bad happened. Remember the invasion of Sakhmet? Well, Sloth needed warriors to help defeat us Neopians! Let me tell you how a simple day at training school turned into my worst nightmare. . . .

It started out normally, we all took our seats and tuned in to hear what the Techo master had to say. I looked around before class. On one side of me was a Blue Kougra, her name was SnowTempest, according to her collar. On the other side was a yellow Grarrl fast asleep. Looking around, I realised that SnowTempest and I were the only Kougras! I sighed as I concentrated once again on the Techo Master.

BAM! The door exploded and who should appear but Dr Sloth and his Grundo Troopers! I used my Fiery Gaze ability to freeze some of them, but no one else was fighting so it was a lost cause. The other Kougra, SnowTempest was helping a little in my fight, scratching who she could, the rest just cowered back, even the Techo Master! It was a good fight, but it wasn't enough. Soon every one was in nets and loaded onto Sloth's ship.

"Muhahahahaha! With these young NeoPets I can take over the Lost Desert! These puny Neopians have stood in my way for the last time!" Sloth bellowed as he threw the netted NeoPets into his ship.

I watched the door close and the ship bumpily started up. I was scared about what was going to happen to us, and I heard the squeals and crying of some of the younger NeoPets. I looked around, most of the others looked like coloured heaps, all but one. It was that other Kougra. She was sitting up and gnawing at the net. I wish I could, but I guess they knew my stat so those Grundos had tied me up, and put a muzzle on me. I laid my head down and tried to sleep, hopefully I wouldn't have to be awake for what lay ahead.

The ship landed shaky and lurched forward. We were carried out and let into cages in rooms according to species. When I was released from the muzzle and chains, I was thrown into a cage before I could retaliate. I looked around. There were hundreds, maybe thousands of cages! To my surprise, none of them held a Kougra. One wall of cages was Mutant Moehogs, the other Mutant Chias, across from us was Mutant Kikos, and I could only wonder what was in our wall of cages. I watched as a Grundo trooper opened a cage with a young whimpering Kougra in it. He grabbed it and walked out. I heard a zap, a squeal, an evil laugh, and a strange sound like a moan and a roar. The Grundo Trooper walked in, not with a Kougra, but with another Mutant Moehog! I shivered. Now I knew what this was. This was where Sloth turned innocent NeoPets into his mutant slaves. I felt my hackles raise and I let out a thundering roar! The trooper whirled around, and ran out quickly with a smirk on his face.

After a few minutes, he returned with Dr. Sloth by his side, and pointed at my cage. I hissed, growled, lunged, scratched and chomped with all my might, but I still was in my kennel, and Sloth was still going to transmogrify me. Then I heard more hissing, growling and scratching. In the kennel next to me was another Kougra!

As I listened more closely, I realised it was SnowTempest. Sloth smiled and mumbled a few things in his troopers ear, which made me cringe. Within seconds our kennels were thrust open, and before we could attack, we were thrown into smaller cages, barely enough room for us to breathe! I looked at SnowTempest, her fur was raised and she was gnawing on the bars of her cage. I admired her courage, even though it was hopeless.

We arrived a few hours later at a Lab. In one corner were two beds and strange machines connecting them. Shelves of potions covered the dreary stone walls like wallpaper. There was a Laser Ray or something on one side, but something gave me the feeling it wasn't going to make me an improved fighter. Well, not the way I wanted to, anyway. The Grundo trooper handed us to Sloth. A knot tied up in my stomach.

"Be glad, puny mortals. You have been chosen to become generals of my mutant armies! And, to make you more suitable for the job, I am going to.... Alter you a little, ha ha ha!" Sloth sneered as he put SnowTempest's Cage in Front of the Strange Laser Ray.

"You're pathetic, Sloth. I have never been so utterly bored and unentertained in my life!" said SnowTempest, fear vacant from her voice. As Sloth undid the cage, she jumped up and whizzed into the air. She flipped, she leaped, and started tearing apart the entire lab. Vials and bottles broke, spells got soggy, and the mysterious ray got bent out of shape and everything! Sloth fired a blast at her from a strange rod, not like one I've ever seen before. Soon the out of control SnowTempest lay asleep on the floor.

Then Sloth strapped her onto one of the beds and wheeled it over to the bent ray. He then turned it on using a remote controller he had with him. It activated, and a beam hit SnowTempest!

I looked stunned as I saw the once vibrant and resilient Kougra on the floor. Although, she wasn't like before. She was a Desert Kougra, and I knew that wasn't a good thing. Sloth zapped her again with the rod, and she was awake, her eyes from Ice blue to glowing red. She just sat there, waiting for orders. I cringed as Sloth laughed evilly.

The once blue and beautiful SnowTempest was now a desert Slave. Sloth undid my cage, when, all of a sudden.... POW! The door burst open and a snarling Lupe leaped in! He wrestled with SnowTempest, and I took the opportunity to RUN! I usually don't like to run from battle, but this was a rare case! I dashed down corridors, dodging mutant Grundo troopers! I turned a corner to see a Mutant Moehog! Oh, this can NOT be good! I thought, until the Moehog motioned for me to follow him into a hidden panel in the wall! Figuring I had nothing to lose, I followed him into the panel, and found myself in a room with the very Lupe who rescued me! He was a bit battered and beaten, but that could be expected after such I grueling fight! Also there was a yellow Blumaroo, and two Gelerts, both pouring Healing Potions on the Lupe's wounds. Finally, fully healed, the Lupe introduced themselves.

"Hello, My name is Elmaryne, and I am one of the five who have escaped Sloth's experiment," he said, pointing at the other four who were there. I looked around, the Mutant Moehog, a yellow Blumaroo, the Lupe and two Gelerts

"I'm Merusiel, and I'm the only one who was mutated by Sloth. I hope I didn't scare you but there wasn't time to explain. "Merusiel said, sadness playing his voice. I shook my head and he looked a little happier. The Blumaroo started bouncing over to me, and poured a Healing Potion on a wound I had gotten, probably from one of the trooper's gauntlets.

"Clansey is our "healer" he always manages to find the potions for us!" Elmaryne stated as he laid down on the dirt floor, "That cloud Gelert is MochaCappuchino, he helps detecting NeoPets that haven't been enslaved, and over there is Doji_Satsume, our battle expert."

I looked around at the others, all of them looking back at me with a welcoming gaze. The Gelert Named Doji_Satsume walked up to me, and started to ask me some things.

"Did you know what was special about the Kougra you were with earlier?" he asked, his tone was gruff like a warrior's. I shook my head, and he continued to speak. "Her name is SnowTempest, which isn't surprising. She was created during a battle between Sloth and the Snow Faerie. They both fired bolts of powerful magic that created an egg, unlike any before. When it hatched, a Kougra came out and created a blizzard! This blizzard threw Sloth out of the Ice caves and Terror Mountain, and the snow Faerie even had to fly away. Sloth managed to capture her again, and gave her powers of his own, like him, she is an immortal. And now that she is recaptured, Neopia is in grave danger, unless YOU can stop her."

I was shocked. Who wouldn't be? I had just begun to process what had just happened, and I finally figured it out. I had been captured along with SnowTempest at the training school. Why? Because SnowTempest was more powerful than she appeared, and I was the only one who could stop her. Why had the Grundo bring Sloth in to make us his Generals? Because SnowTempest was easily won over because of his power, and I was the only other thing that could stand in his way. I only had one question left.

"Why am I the one to stop her? You all look strong enough to be capable of defeating her. So why am I so special?"

The others glanced around worried, until the little Blumaroo Clansey Spoke.

"Because you were born similarly. You were born during a feud between the Light Faerie and Dark Faerie, the Space Faerie got involved to try and stop them, and when three beams hit, it created a kind of portal. When your owner created you, they used that portal to make you stronger, and you are the only one with that power."

His words hit me like a shot of a Frost Cannon. I was made by light, darkness, and space? Is that why I was a little faster at learning things than others? What happened to the portal after Black_Ace, my owner used it? Why hadn't she told me? And, most importantly, how the heck was I supposed to defeat SnowTempest, an immortal?

Questions raced through my head, but I didn't ask them. I laid down, only to bolt up when I realised there was a scratching at the door! The others glanced around, looked at me, and vanished. The Time had come. I had to fight SnowTempest with nothing but my wits.

The door burst open! The angry SnowTempest was Hissing and spitting much like she was when we were in cages. We circled each other, and I broke the silence. I hurled fireballs at her she ran right through them. I felt a sharp pain up my front left leg.

She had hurled an Ice shard at me, and then fired exploding snowballs at me, ouch that Stings! I used my Fiery Gaze on her. She looked, frozen from them, I healed my self and used a water jet. I only had my abilities, I was unequipped at the time.

Again I felt pain, after becoming unfrozen SnowTempest hurled a Snow Flame at me! I staggered in pain, and then I saw a yellow flash above me! It was Clansey! He poured a Bombaberry Elixir on me which healed me half way, and tossed me another for future injuries.

In another flash I saw a rainbow. A RAINBOW?!?!?! HERE? I looked up to see the electric flash of my not-so-bratty sister, Apatara! She screeched as she fired a shot from the Bow of Vileness, then tossed a fire bomb! I have never been so happy to see her! I continued to fight, using my abilities, and I saw a glass flash above me! It was Shadow_Wingz, my brother, who was carrying a somewhat confused MochaCappuchino.

As I fired another blast at SnowTempest with the magic pebbles, I saw a gold flash whiz by and take Clansey! Of course, Chipiki! My brothers started unloading pets, the ones from the training school and the ones from earlier times here! Apatara struck the final blow using a professional bow! SnowTempest Fell to the ground, turned and turned blue. I crept over to her, the last thing I needed was for her to jump up and fight. She didn't. She moaned, and her eyes were blue again. Apatara pulled two blue furry Neggs from a pouch to heal our opponent.


It's about a week later, and ShowTempest and I are good friends. We play together, and sometimes my brothers and sister join us! Oh, Doji_Satsume, Clansey, Meruseil, MochaCappuchino and Elmaryne are safely back with their owners, who are relieved that they didn't become slaves of Sloth's army! Apatara, SnowTempest and I went back and destroyed that lab and Transmogrification center, and as far as I know most of the Grundos are helping the Faerie Queen!

The End

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